She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 400: Their Child

Chapter 400: Their Child

Chapter 400: Their Child


Tanya looked into the kitchen and felt like she was really dreaming.

When she had left sadly five years ago, she thought that she would never have the chance to be with this man in her life. This man was going to disappear from her life.

Who would have thought that five years later, he would be cooking food for her?

As Tanya was thinking, Hillary's voice was heard again. "Why aren't you saying anything? Are you really going to degrade yourself to be a third wheel and come between us? Let me tell you, you better return to Switzerland. Joel chose me five years ago, he'll definitely choose me again. When that time comes, how embarrassed would you be?"

As she spoke, Joel had already walked out of the kitchen.

The villa was very quiet, and there were no car horns around.

Joel had heard the voice on the phone from the beginning.

He looked at Tanya.

Tanya was also looking at him. The slender girl just stood there, her body a little thin from dancing for a long time.

She looked at Joel with her deep eyes and suddenly raised her eyebrows. "She said I'm the third wheel. May I ask Mr. Smith, what's your relationship with Madam Hillary now?"

As soon as she said this, Hillary's voice stopped. However, she then sneered. "What are you doing? Do you think you can scare me like this? Let me tell you, I'm with Joel. If you want to talk to him, I can help you send a message…"

Amidst her chattering, Joel's originally angry eyes froze for a moment when they met the Tanya's. All his anger seemed to dissipate with an evil smile on her lips.

He took a step forward and said, "I have nothing to do with Madam Hillary. The engagement has been broken off. Madam Tanya, what kind of braised noodles do you want to eat? Tomato eggs or green pepper pork?"

The voice on the phone instantly fell silent!

Hillary: "!!"

The entire villa fell silent. Tanya smiled and said, "Green pepper pork. But no ginger, you remember my preferences, right?"

Joel nodded. "Of course. Just wait 10 minutes."

With that, he glanced at the phone. Just as he was about to return to the kitchen, Hillary smiled mockingly. "Tanya, are you lying to me? How can Joel cook? I've been with him for five years, but I've never seen him cook! He doesn't know how to cook at all! Did you find someone with a similar voice to anger me? I'm telling you, I won't fall for it!"

Tanya recalled how Hillary had deliberately chased him to the restaurant and taken a photo to post on her Facebook. She was not surprised by her way of thinking.

She only smiled and suddenly turned on the camera. She raised her phone and aimed it at Joel. "Here, let me show you. The man I'm looking at not only has a similar voice to Joel, but his appearance is also very similar!"

Her voice was filled with mockery.

When Hillary saw Joel wearing an apron, she was stunned.

She had stayed with the Smiths for five years. Joel had never allowed her to enter his room, and every time she saw him, he was always the high and mighty leader who could stir up New York's economic scene with just a move of his finger.

Since when was that man willing to fall from grace and start doing housework?

Furthermore, he was holding a tomato in one hand and green pepper in the other. He was clearly cooking!

As Tanya had turned on the camera, he looked up.

His light eyes, which were always smiling, suddenly became sharp as he stared at the camera.

He said calmly, "Miss Hillary, is there anything else?"

Tanya looked at the camera and saw that the camera on Hillary's side suddenly shook and fell to the ground. Her hands must have gone soft from shock.

This woman had been like this since she was young. She was a fox exploiting the tiger's might and was extremely hypocritical.

Tanya could not be bothered to talk to her anymore and hung up.

She chuckled softly. She looked up and realized that Joel had not entered the kitchen but was staring at her.

The man was wearing a white shirt and an apron, looking just like he did five years ago.

Tanya suddenly realized that the five years overseas seemed to have lost their distance.

As she was thinking, she saw Joel's eyes gradually turn deep and hot, making her heart beat wildly.

She hurriedly looked away and said, "There are still eight minutes!"

Only then did Joel retract his gaze and nod.

After he left, Tanya hurriedly patted her chest and cheeks.

She must stay alert!

She could not be attracted by his stunning beauty!

Eight minutes later, the noodles were done.

Tanya went upstairs and had already changed into her casual home clothes. Looking at the two bowls of steaming noodles on the dining table, she picked up her fork. Just as she was about to eat, she heard Joel say, "Wait a minute."

She paused and realized that Joel had brought a bottle of hot sauce over.

Tanya stared at the bottle and suddenly thought of a time five years ago.

At that time, she was still in university. As the living expenses from her mother were not enough, she often had to cook for herself.

Noodles were her favorite.

However, she only had one pot back then, so it was inconvenient to stir-fry vegetables. Therefore, every time, she would add a sufficient amount of noodles and vegetables before adding hot sauce.

Joel had always known this habit of hers.

In the past five years, after she went overseas, the thing she was most unused to was eating. Occasionally, she would want to eat noodles, but without hot sauce, it was as if something was missing.

While she was in a daze, Joel opened the bottle and handed it to her.

She dug a big spoonful and put it in the bowl of noodles. The thick sauce immediately floated on it and the fragrance wafted over.

She picked some noodles up with her fork and took a bite excitedly—but she was stunned.

She looked up slowly at the bottle of hot sauce.

The packaging had already changed.

As for the taste of the sauce, although it was still her favorite flavor, it was no longer the same as before.

For some reason, her heart suddenly sank.

A broken mood instantly attacked her, making her lower her head.


In five years, everything familiar had changed.

Nothing would stand there and wait for her.

It was like losing her child.

Even if she had returned to the country and she and Joel were still the same as they were five years ago, this fact could not be hidden.

She became depressed.

Joel looked at her and panic surged in his heart. He asked carefully, "What's wrong? The noodles don't taste good?"

A hot tear fell into the bowl.

Tanya suddenly looked up. "There's something I need to tell you."