She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 361 - The Pill Was Taken from Miss Yvonne’s Room!

Chapter 361 - The Pill Was Taken from Miss Yvonne’s Room!

Chapter 361: The Pill Was Taken from Miss Yvonne’s Room!

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When Morris heard this, a fierce look flashed across his dark eyes.

He took a look at the situation in the interrogation room.

After placing Nora on the bench inside, Justing stood guard there. Although he did not speak, it was obvious that no one could disturb him.

He could only take two steps to the side and walk around the interrogation room before asking, “Who is it?”

After the person reported, Morris lowered his eyes.

Finally, he nodded. “Okay, I understand.”

With that, he walked toward the interrogation room. As he walked over, he saw a bodyguard in a black suit walking in with a blanket.

Morris: “?”

While he was in a daze, he saw another bodyguard walk in with a single mattress. Then, someone walked in with a pillow.


Morris: !!

The corners of his lips twitched. He stood at the door and realized that the hard bench in the interrogation room had already been set up as a soft bed. Nora mumbled something and turned around to continue sleeping.

Justin wrapped her in a blanket.

Morris was speechless.

He took a deep breath and walked in after building up his thoughts. He lowered his voice and said, “I’ve already found out that this has nothing to do with Miss Nora. She can go home and sleep.”


Justin gestured for him to keep quiet and said, “We’ll leave after she wakes up.”

Morris: “?”

That’s enough! What kind of place did he think this was? They would leave after she wakes up?

It was too humiliating!

As Morris thought about this, he turned around and walked out with a dark expression. When he reached the door, he paused for a moment and closed it.

The soundproofing in the interrogation room was very good. After the door was closed, it isolated all sound from the outside world. It was quieter inside, and it was more suitable for sleeping.

Justin was very satisfied.

At the Smiths.

Old Maddy’s life was no longer in danger for the time being. He had been transferred to the intensive care unit to be guarded, and the people who stayed in the hospital left one after another.

After all, Old Maddy was only a servant at home.

After returning home, Yvonne entered his room in a daze. Just as she was about to close the door, someone pushed the door open and Florence walked in.

She frowned and said with a slightly angry expression, “Miss Yvonne, that illegitimate daughter is actually a very famous divine doctor! It’s unbelievable! But so what? She’s just a doctor. Someone who serves others can’t be shown off! Which wealthy family cares about a doctor?”

As she spoke, she mumbled indignantly, “I really don’t know how Yvette gave birth to this child. She actually inherited her mother’s medical talent. She became the most famous surgeon at such a young age. I think she was also carved out from the same mold as her mother. She’s a b*tch deep down! Otherwise, why would she get pregnant before marriage? I don’t know what kind of drug she used on Mr. Hunt to make him fall in love with this kind of woman with a burden! How can a man raise someone else’s child? Just like the old sir, why did he soften his heart and acknowledge Nora back into the Smiths? Her existence is a humiliation to him!”

Hearing this, Yvonne lowered her eyes and said indifferently, “It’s because Mr. Hunt and Nora like each other! The Smiths and Hunts need a marriage alliance, so even if dad is forced to lower his head, he’ll still acknowledge her.”

These words made Florence’s eyes turn red again. “Old Sir has really sacrificed too much for the Smiths!”

As she spoke, she almost cried. “Back then, Yvette ran away and left the old sir alone. He was unmarried throughout his life, and his family forced him to adopt a child. The old sir disagreed and asked Joel to come over, but he had never changed his name on the genealogy. The old sir even said that after he died, his ashes would be scattered into the sea so that he could look for Yvette… But the old sir was so devoted. How could Yvette betray him?”

Florence wiped her tears. “I’m just angry at Yvette. Why did she betray the old sir? The old sir’s body that she messed with back then has now collapsed. Now that her daughter is back, she has caused chaos in the Smiths!”

“Old sir personally ordered Old Maddy to stay behind. Who in our family doesn’t take care of Old Maddy? But she actually attacked Old Maddy… This is too much!”

“So is that Captain Ford. He said that Old Maddy was poisoned by someone. Old Maddy eats and wears the same as us. How could he be the only one who was poisoned?”

As Florence spoke, she sneered. “I think she might have been the one who poisoned him. She planned to save Old Maddy at the critical moment and increase her reputation!”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a sudden movement downstairs.

Yvonne and Florence looked at each other and left the room. When they went downstairs, they saw the police chief standing there with a few police officers.

The butler’s expression was dark. “Isn’t Miss Nora at the police station? Why are you guys here again?”

The captain took out a search warrant. “We have detected pesticides in Old Maddy’s blood. By monitoring his diet during this period, we determined that Old Maddy had taken this drug!”

With that, he took out a pill. “This pill looks like traditional medicine, but it’s actually a pesticide! So, we need to investigate who gave this pill to Old Maddy.”

The butler was stunned and looked at the pill.

Immediately, he turned around and looked at Florence!

One night, Florence secretly went to Old Maddy’s room and fed him this pill. The butler had seen it with his own eyes!

Florence widened her eyes in shock. She even subconsciously shouted, “Isn’t… isn’t this the Carefree Pill?”

The police instantly turned towards her. “Did you feed Old Maddy this medicine?”

Florence nodded in a daze.

She then explained in a shaking voice, “Police officers, you’re mistaken. This is a Carefree Pill. It’s for treating Old Maddy. This pill was invented by the Harmonia Pharmacy! It’s more than 3,000 dollars. It’s very expensive!”

As she spoke, she took a step forward. “How is this some pesticide? It’s really a Carefree Pill! It was invented by the Andersons. Nora knows about it! At that time, she was treating Old Maddy’s illness. I saw that Old Maddy was unconscious every day and was worried that something would happen to him, so I fed him this pill…”

The more she spoke, the paler her face became.

Florence was not stupid. As an internal butler, she had handled many things. At this moment, she seemed to have understood something and looked at Yvonne in disbelief!

The policeman frowned. “Where did you get this pill?”

Florence stretched out her trembling hand and pointed at Yvonne.. “I, I took it from Miss Yvonne’s room.”