She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 36 - Two Petes?!

Chapter 36 - Two Petes?!

Chapter 36 - Two Petes?!

The presidential suite's exclusive elevator and the normal elevator were built side by side. The former was slightly more toward the inside, so Justin and the other two would have to walk past the normal elevator to reach the restaurant.

Justin's movements were very purposeful, so he always kept his gaze straight while walking. He stood straight and tall like a tower and had a chilly air around him when he walked. His countenance was covered with a layer of frost and that iconic mole of his exuded nobility and alienation toward others.

Next to him, Pete, who was a miniature of Justin, had the exact same expression. It was just that that he was too young, so his young visage looked a little cuter.

Overshadowed by them, Chester, who was a little less dazzling, walked beside them energetically. He was overjoyed that he could tag along with his leader and freeload.

He was a cheerful and animated person and looked around when he walked. When he glimpsed at the person in the elevator, he suddenly froze. When he looked again, he saw the face that was identical to Pete's!

He swallowed hard and slowly looked down, only to see his nephew right next to him. He was so shocked that he exclaimed, "Justin!"

Justin turned and looked at him unhurriedly, his deep and bottomless gaze landing with dissatisfaction on the person making a ruckus. Chester pointed to the normal elevator and said, "There are two Petes!"

Chester looked at the elevator again after his exclamation. This time, however, he only saw a few adults inside. The child that he saw just now was nowhere in sight.

He rubbed his eyes and looked over again, but there still wasn't any child in the elevator. Puzzled, he said, "I really saw Pete in the elevator just now. Why is he goneā€¦"

A look of worry appeared on his face. "Oh no, has my condition gotten worse? Should I get my eyes checked?"

He was actually seeing thingsā€¦

Justin said coldly, "You should be getting your brain checked instead."

Chester looked aghast. That was such a harmless but insulting comment!

After the three of them walked past the elevator and turned into the hallway to the restaurant, Cherry, who was hiding behind a few hotel guests, finally peeked out and patted her chest in relief.

She had almost been discovered!

She darted out of the elevator and secretly ran over to the corner. She was just in time to hear the service staff saying respectfully, "Good evening, Mr. Hunt. The VVIP room is this way."

The VVIP room?

That was exactly what Mommy had told her to go when she called just now!

If Pete went in, wouldn't everything be exposed?

They had already reached the door to the VVIP room and were about to open the door. It was too late even if she called her brother now!

Cherry hurriedly shouted, "Hey!"

Pete was about to follow the tyrant into the room when he suddenly heard her voice. His heart suddenly skipped a beat and he hurriedly turned around. The corner of his mouth spasmed a little when he saw the little runt running toward him.

Cherry had a scarf wrapped all around her head and was wearing a pair of sunglasses, which made her look very comical.

However, Cherry didn't have the luxury of caring that much. She grabbed Pete's hand and said, "You're the boy that stays upstairs, right? Is your father here to have dinner with Mommy? Let's go and play at the playground!"

It was only when Pete heard what she said that he understood why his sister had suddenly appeared.

It was fortunate that he hadn't entered yet, otherwise, everything would have been exposed!

He reacted very quickly and nodded. "Okay."

Justin, who was about to open the door, looked down. His eyes narrowed when he saw the child who had wrapped the scarf all around her head.

So, she's that woman's daughter?

Sure enough, she was just as weird as her.

After seeing his son silently asking for permission with his eyes, Justin, who had never liked Pete associating with outsiders, paused. At last, he said, "Go ahead."

He didn't know why, but he subconsciously felt that it would be nice for the two children to play together.

There was a small children's playground inside the restaurant that was specially meant for the restaurant's young guests. There was also special service staff there that watched over the place.

There were absolutely no issues with Hotel Finest's service and safety standards. This was also the reason why Nora dared to let Cherry come downstairs by herself.

After the two children ran off, Justin opened the door to the private room and strode in, leaving only Chester who was still standing there and staring at the two children from the back.

It seemed like the child he saw in the normal elevator just now who looked identical to Pete was wearing that exact same Spider-Man outfit?

When he thought of that, Chester said, "Go on inside, Justin. I'll go and look after Pete."

He quickly walked toward the children's playground after saying that.

Inside the private room.

Although there was a door separating them, Nora could still hear what was happening outside. That young voice just now was probably Cherry, right?

Nora stood up. She was about to go out and take a look when the door opened to reveal Justin outside.

The man's exquisite facial features were flawless. His deep-set eyes narrowed slightly upon making eye contact with her. The corners of his thin lips quirked slightly and the icy aura around him slowly melted. He said, "We meet again, Miss Smith."

Nora looked down nonchalantly. Was he the person that her uncle wanted to treat to a meal?

The boy that Cherry invited to play with her just now was his son?

Judging from that man's numerous warnings to her, it was obvious that he was very protective of his son. Cherry was mischievous and had an unforgiving tongue. She'd best not thoughtlessly make the boy cry and bring them more unnecessary trouble.

In a slightly deep voice, Nora said, "Let me go over and talk to Cherry a little, Mr. Hunt."

After she spoke, she went past him and then straight out.

With his eyes downcast, the smile at the corners of Justin's lips widened. So, her daughter's name was Cherry? His son's name was Pete. If one connected the names, it would sound likeā€¦ What a coincidence!

In the hallway.

Anthony paced about anxiously with his hands behind his back as he thought about how he could create a chance to meet with the Andersons and make their acquaintance. But while he didn't meet any of the Andersons, he did spy a familiar figure.

The girl wore a simple T-shirt and jeans and was dragging her feet lazily as she walked. She looked half-asleep, but even that raw and unpolished appearance couldn't hide how attractive she was.

It was actually Nora!

Anthony clenched his fists. During these past few days, her form had kept popping up in his mind. Upon meeting her again, his gaze continued to subconsciously be captured by her.

It was then that Anthony finally realized that he had really fallen in love with her.

He took a step forward and stood in front of Nora. "Why are you here, Nora?"

Nora, who found her path suddenly blocked, frowned. The look in her eyes was a little cold when she saw Anthony. She replied, "Surely I don't have to explain my whereabouts to you?"

Seeing how distant she was being, Anthony suddenly lifted his chin and said arrogantly, "Do you know what I'm doing here, Nora?"

His words puzzled Nora. She wasn't interested in knowing.

However, without waiting for her response, Anthony continued and said, "The Andersons from New York are also here today. I'm here for a business meeting with them! When the Grays form a connection with the Andersons, we'll definitely become even bigger and become the wealthiest family in California.. If you do what I say, I can choose to forgive you."