She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 338 - Admit Defeat?

Chapter 338 - Admit Defeat?

Chapter 338: Admit Defeat?

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Victor did not want to waste too much time and wanted to end this quickly.

Therefore, he gathered all his strength in this punch. He did not care that the other party was a woman at all, nor did he have any intention of being gentle toward her.

The woman in front of him could still dodge with her thin body.

However, 028 did not dodge. She even stretched out her hand to block his punch!

“You’re really courting death!”

As Victor thought this, he sneered.

Their faction walked the path of strength. As the disciple of the boxing champion, he was definitely the strongest in terms of strength. This was also the reason why he had provoked Quinn School of Martial Arts. After all, Irvin School of Martial Arts’s movement techniques were agile, so he might not necessarily be able to compare.

However, Quinn School of Martial Arts fought with real strength.

But a woman was competing in strength with him?


As Victor thought this, he increased his speed. The impact of his body and the strength he had originally accumulated made this punch reach the imposing aura of a mountain.

Those who were standing a little closer could feel the murderous intent in his fists. They looked at Nora worriedly.

Although Nora had won with one punch in the first few matches, they were still worried for her now.

The next moment, however…

The two fists had already collided in the air!


When the heavy force hit each other, just hearing it made one feel like their bones were about to break.

Quentin could not help but frown. His mind was even beginning to wonder which hospital in New York had the best surgical skills. He could now help 028 reconnect her bones.

However, when he looked over, he saw the two standing there with their fists still clenched…

However, Nora’s eyes under the silver mask did not change much. Instead, Victor’s face was filled with surprise and hesitation. He stared at the two touching fists in disbelief.

10 seconds later, Victor’s leg went soft and he took two steps back. His clenched hand had already drooped down weakly. It was obvious that he had broken a bone.

He stared at his hand in shock and looked at Nora again.

However, the woman, who had not taken the initiative all this while, suddenly rushed over. Her lips curled into a cold smile as she stretched out her slender and fair legs…

Everyone only saw Nora stretch out her leg. Her red dress fluttered up. Then, with a bang, Victor was kicked to the ground and could not get up no matter what.

While everyone was worried about Nora, Justin’s bright eyes looked at that leg…

This woman was really… Why was she wearing a dress when she was fighting? It was fine if it affected her performance, but once she lifted her leg, her insides… As he thought about this, he saw Nora wearing safety pants that covered the scenery inside.

He finally heaved a heavy sigh of relief.


Her fair thighs and calves were still too exposed.

Next time, he would prepare some pants for her!


As he thought this, the surrounding crowd had already erupted in applause!

Then, someone from Quinn School of Martial Arts shouted, “Quinn School of Martial Arts is mighty! Quinn School of Martial Arts is invincible!”

The others followed.

“Invincible Quinn School of Martial Arts!”

“Invincible Quinn School of Martial Arts!”

Nora did not care about these voices. She only patted her fists lightly and immediately looked at Victor, who was lying on the ground and could not get up. She asked, “Do you admit defeat?”

Victor’s abdomen had been kicked, and he felt as if his organs had shifted.

He was about to speak when Nora’s fist hit his face again!

He had nowhere to hide from this punch!


Nora knocked out four of his front teeth.

The woman flexed her shoulders and asked, “Do you admit defeat?”

Victor: “…”

For some reason, the red-dressed woman standing in front of him suddenly became terrifying.

In the end, Victor was carried off by the other three from Benevolence Hall. When they left in a hurry, the martial arts arena was filled with cheers.

Nora let Victor off.

After all, it was difficult to teach manners to a dead person.

However, this could also be considered revenge for Randy.

She gave Linda a comforting look. When she got off the stage, Quentin grabbed her arm.. He looked at her with a complicated expression. “Who are you?”