She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 336 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts!

Chapter 336 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts!

Chapter 336: The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts!

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Nora did not say anything and continued to watch the competition on the stage.

Quentin’s nagging kept ringing in her ears.

“F*ck! He can dodge such a trick? Not only has his speed increased, but his strength has also increased a lot!”

“I think Randy is definitely going to lose!”

“I even bullied this kid before. Why didn’t I feel that he was so strong? That’s not right. Logically speaking, if he had talent in martial arts, he should have shown it two years ago!”

Quentin had been living in the dark all along and knew these forces very well.

He definitely knew where a powerful little hooligan came from in New York.

Looking at Victor’s current state, it was obvious that his ability was on par with his. However, it had to be known that among the seven boys of the Smith generation, Ian had only chosen him because he was naturally suited to practicing martial arts!

But he had been practicing for so many years, and someone else had used just two years to catch up?

Quentin was indignant!

“Randy, defeat him!”

Quentin led the surrounding audience and shouted.

Unfortunately, Randy was not Victor’s match. He was defeated in less than five minutes!

Randy fell onto the stage. His entire body hurt so much that he could not stand up. He stretched out his hand and planned to say, “I admit…”

Before he could say the word “defeat,” Victor took a step forward and kicked him in the abdomen, causing him to roll a few times on the ground.

Randy spat out a mouthful of blood from the pain.

Someone beside him shouted, “Victor, what are you doing? Randy has already admitted defeat!”

Victor stood on stage and grinned. “Is that so? Why didn’t I hear that? Did he say anything?”


Randy did not finish his sentence!

Victor looked at Randy. “Did you admit defeat?”

Randy wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he spat out another mouthful of blood. Victor spread out his hands. “Did you see that? He didn’t say anything at all. That means the competition will continue.”

With that, he rushed in front of Randy and kicked him again. This time, Randy slammed into the railing at the edge.

Being blocked by the railing, Randy did not fall off the stage.

If he fell off the stage, the competition would end.

However, he did not. It only made his entire body hurt even more. He opened his mouth and coughed up blood. He could not speak at all. He raised his hand, intending to surrender. However, just as he stretched his trembling hand out, Victor grabbed it and pulled him hard.

Randy was thrown into the middle of the ring again!

Victor flexed his wrist and slowly walked in front of Randy. “What a tough nut. Since you’re so tough, don’t blame me for being rude!”

With that, he extended his leg and stepped on Randy’s raised hand! Then, he crushed it!

Randy cried out in pain and fainted.

“Enough! He lost! Referee!”

As everyone shouted, the referee walked over. “Randy has already fainted. You won. Let him go…”

Victor raised his eyebrows. “Who said he fainted?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he exerted more force with his feet.

The fingers were connected to the heart. Randy had actually woken up from the pain. His entire body was trembling, and he could no longer speak or use any strength.

“Referee, look. He’s still awake. He must still want to fight me.”

Victor said ruthlessly.

The referee was speechless.

This Victor had captured all the loopholes in the competition.

Randy was a disciple of the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Nora narrowed her eyes and revealed a fierce look.

She was about to attack when a voice sounded. “Stop!”


With this voice, the crowd automatically moved aside. Linda, who had been pretending to be her, rushed out. When she saw the stage, she frowned. “Are you challenging Quinn School of Martial Arts?”

Victor lowered his eyes. “So it’s Big Sister. Why? Do you want to fight me on his behalf? Sure. But do you dare?”

Linda choked on her words.

Would she dare?

On stage, Randy was Linda’s martial uncle! He was more powerful than her!

Wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing for the Quinn School of Martial Arts if she went on stage?

However, Victor was still provoking her. “Tsk, I think Quinn School of Martial Arts’s Big Sister is just an embroidered pillow, right? You don’t even dare to do this?”