She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 33 - He Knows Now!

Chapter 33 - He Knows Now!

Chapter 33 - He Knows Now!

Nora didn't expect to meet the man's family here. At the sight of the gratitude on the woman's kindly countenance, she replied unhurriedly, "I'm here to visit relatives."

Lawrence stepped forward hesitantly and asked uncertainly, "Mrs. Anderson…?"

A smiling Melissa did the introductions. "It's alright now, Mr. Zimmer! This is the kind young lady that saved my husband's life during the emergency yesterday!"

Lawrence looked at Nora in surprise and asked, "You're medically trained?"

Nora raised an eyebrow. It seemed like Lawrence hadn't taken what she said the day before seriously?

During their conversation, Justin, who heard their voices from inside the ward, came out. Upon seeing Nora, he paused for a moment. Then, he asked, "Are you the one who saved Uncle Simon?"

The look in his eyes as he watched Nora suddenly became deep and unfathomable, which made one feel as though someone had seen right through them.

Nora didn't know what he was thinking, but since she had bumped into him, she might as well just ask him about the matter. She asked, "Have you given my proposal from yesterday any thought, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin frowned. What proposal?

Nora could tell that he didn't understand what she was saying. She deliberately looked at Lawrence and said a little sarcastically, "Did you not convey my message to Mr. Hunt, Mr. Zimmer?"

As soon as she said that, Justin's displeased gaze fell on Lawrence!

Lawrence wiped the beads of perspiration off his brow and swallowed hard. He looked at Justin and explained, "Yesterday, Ms. Smith said that she can treat the elderly Mrs. Hunt's illness."

But after he said that, he couldn't help but add, "Even if you really are medically trained, Miss Smith, you likely picked it up during the five years you spent abroad, so your medical experience is rather short. I've asked about Mr. Anderson's condition; his operation is considered one that's within a reasonable scope of difficulty. But do you know what Mrs. Hunt's condition is?"

Nora raised an eyebrow and replied coldly, "How would you know whether I can do it or not if we don't give it a go?"

At once, Lawrence said, "Dr. Anti is currently the only person who's capable of performing her surgery. An inexperienced doctor like you who's new to medical trainin—"

"Shut up."

Justin's rebuke made Lawrence flinch. After that, Justin stepped forward and stared at Nora and asked, "When will you be free, Miss Smith? It's not advisable to transfer the patient, so we'll have to head to New York."

So, she'd even have to go over to New York…

As expected, it really was very troublesome.

Then again, he had agreed even though she hadn't revealed her identity yet? That man certainly was a little narcissistic, but he was also pretty considerate, wasn't he?

For the very first time, Nora didn't find him as much of an eyesore. She thought for a moment and replied, "Let's do it two days later."

She needed to observe her aunt's condition for another two days.

Justin nodded. In a deep and mellow voice, he said, "I'll take care of the itinerary. Do you have any requests?"

It was a five-hour flight from California to New York.

Nora thought for a moment and lazily made her request: "I have to sleep during the flight, so just make sure it's quiet."

After she spoke, she turned around to leave. However, Justin suddenly stopped her. "Miss Smith. Why did you change your mind and agree to help?"

Nora paused.

Like what she had thought, he really had guessed her identity.

Thinking about it carefully again, even if she didn't reveal her identity, it probably would have been really hard to keep it a secret from him anyway.

She cast her eyes down and suddenly said, "I have a condition."

"What is it?"

"If I cure Mrs. Hunt, please help me look for someone."

"Who are you looking for?"

"I'll tell you after I cure Mrs. Hunt."

The anonymous email was something that she had no choice but to believe. However, she mustn't place her full trust in it, either.

It would be most ideal if her son showed up in front of her after she cured Mrs. Hunt, but if he didn't…

Well, Justin was capable of finding even her. In which case, it shouldn't be hard for him to use his connections to find her son, right?

After Nora entered Irene's ward, Justin withdrew his scrutinizing gaze from the woman and looked at Lawrence.

The realization had slowly dawned upon Lawrence when he was listening to the conversation between the two. His head was currently down as he said, "I was wrong, Mr. Hunt."

Justin asked coldly, "Where did you go wrong?"

Lawrence looked at him and answered, "I was too stupid and didn't realize Miss Smith's true identity…"

Justin scoffed. "It doesn't matter if you're stupid, but how dare you intercept her message to me?"

Lawrence was flabbergasted.

He still remembered when he had first joined the company. Because he didn't dare to make decisions on behalf of the company president, when a woman had asked him to convey her message to Justin, he had done so accordingly. At that time, Justin had called him an answering machine and asked him why he didn't filter the messages before dumping everything on him as if he was emptying the trash.

Therefore, during the last few years, Lawrence had acted on his own and blocked a lot of unwanted propositions from women for Justin.

But why were things different when it came to Miss Smith? Sob…

Justin stared at him and said frostily, "You must have too much spare time on your hands. There happens to be a business dealing that requires attention in Burundi. Go and handle it."

Lawrence was shocked.

What kind of place was Burundi? It was the poorest country in the world! However, he knew he was in the wrong, so he didn't even dare to beg for mercy!

Justin turned around. When he saw Melissa staring after Nora in a daze, he asked, "Aunt Melissa? What's the matter?"

Melissa came back to her senses. She replied, "What? Oh, it's nothing. I just found Miss Smith a bit familiar to the eye… I'm probably over-thinking it, though."

She shook her head and followed him back into the ward.

The man lying on the hospital bed had bandages around his chest, but he was already out of danger. At the sight of them coming in, Simon smiled gracefully and said, "Justin, I know you're really busy, so you don't have to come and visit anymore. I'm fine now."

Justin said politely, "Feel free to come to me if there's anything you need, Uncle Simon."

Simon heaved a sigh. "I came here to look for my eldest sister. It's been more than twenty years, but I finally found a lead on her whereabouts."

A sorrowful look came over his face as he went on. "I found out that she married a man named Smith. In their second year of marriage, she died of an illness after giving birth to a daughter."

He choked back a sob as he spoke of his sister.

Back then, his sister had protected him in every way possible. It was also because of her that the Andersons hadn't fallen into decline back then. How could she leave them so early more than twenty years ago?

Melissa walked over and held his hand. "Take care of your health, Simon. Your sister might be gone, but at least she still has a daughter."

At once, Simon looked up and nodded with his eyes red. "Yes, that's right! The Smiths are just a middle-class family, but back then, Sis was such an outstanding woman… Let's bring her daughter back home and nurture her well, lest the Smiths hold her back!"

Unable to wait any further, he tried to get up. "Let's go to the Smiths now."

Melissa held his arm and pressed him back down. She said, "You're just so impatient. Why are you immediately acting out? Her daughter is right there; it's not like she's going to run off somewhere… Forget it, I'll pay them a visit for you. Will that do?"

Simon coughed a couple of times. Then, he took out his wallet, plucked out a photo, and handed it to Melissa. "Here's a picture of Sis. When you go over, have a look at her daughter for me and see if she resembles her or not…"

Melissa took the photo from him and looked at it. Suddenly, she was stunned.

She was just thinking why Miss Smith had looked so familiar to her just now. As it turned out, she bore a 90% resemblance to the woman in the photo!

Her last name was also Smith. Could it be that…