She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 325 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 325 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 325: The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Big Sister?

Nora paused and exchanged a look with Justin. Then, the two of them went to the ring where Big Sister would be competing.

Quentin was already there. At the sight of the two of them, he whispered, “You guys have come, too? Are you also here to admire Big Sister’s graceful form?”


Seeing that neither of them was speaking, Quentin coughed and said, “Big Brother participated in the previous tournament and emerged as champion, so he’s automatically assigned to Class F. Big Sister didn’t, so based on the regulations, she has to start from Class A. She didn’t lose any of her matches the last few days, though, so she’ll advance to Class C once she finishes this match.”

Nora hesitated for a moment and asked, “How many days has the tournament been ongoing for?”

“Five days!”

Quentin understood what Nora meant after he answered, so he immediately said, “Big Sister is special, so they scheduled four matches a day for her. This way, she can advance as quickly as possible. Once she reaches Class F, she can just wait for the rest of the contestants to finish advancing before she competes again.”

Nora: “…”

Why wasn’t she given the same treatment? On top of that, she even had to form a team with other people.

She was clearly the real Big Sister of the Quinn School of Martial Arts here!

A touch of resentment welled up in Nora. Why hadn’t Quinn used any special privileges when he signed her up for the tournament?

She didn’t believe that Quinn wouldn’t be able to do that, given his status in the circle.

She was still thinking about it when Quentin asked, “Envious, aren’t you?”

Nora nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“It’s pointless even if you are. Only Big Brother and Big Sister can enjoy that sort of privilege. Back then, Big Brother was also able to take part in four matches a day, so he reached Class F earlier than the others!”


Quentin patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t let that discourage you, though. We, Team Third In The World, have already made a name for ourselves with just one battle. Once we enter Class F, Class E will be the lowest we can be downgraded to. When we participate in the next tournament ten years later, we’ll start straight from Class E, so it’ll be very convenient.”

Nora: “…”

“Also,” Quentin patted his chest and said, “When I come in third place at the end, everyone will envy the two of you—for having teamed up with me before.”

Even with a mask in between, Nora nevertheless couldn’t help but feel like light was about to overflow and spill out from the delusional young man’s face that he had raised up high!

Who gave a damn about his Team Third In The World?!

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed. The match started at this point, and the big, fleshy woman entered the ring.

The whole place went into a furor right away.

“Big Sister! Big Sister!”

Everyone yelled excitedly.

“Big Sister is so burly and muscular! No wonder she’s Big Sister! All those muscles on her aren’t that easy to build!”

“Yeah! I’m really looking forward to Big Sister and Big Brother facing off now! Who’s the stronger of the two?”

“I reckon Big Sister can bulldoze her way into Class F. I wonder what the organizers are thinking. How can they make Big Sister fight? Can’t they just assign her to Class F straightaway? I wanna watch the ultimate showdown!”

“Tsk, isn’t it better to watch Big Sister advance step by step to Class F instead?”

The group of people spoke enthusiastically.

Nora stroked her chin and observed the fake Big Sister. The muscles all over her body really were very solid, and really were the product of a lot of hard work and training. It was already harder for women to build muscles than men. Her body was comparable to a man’s muscles, so it was indeed very amazing.

Even though she wasn’t the real Big Sister, she was admirable.

While Nora was thinking about it, the Class B martial artist facing off with ‘Big Sister’ stepped into the ring.

He saluted her and said, “It is an honor to be able to fight with Big Sister.”

Big Sister nodded and said, “I look forward to your guidance.”

Although she was prideful, she still spoke rather politely.

Or at least, she wasn’t that loathsome.

After exchanging some pleasantries, they began to fight.

The fake Big Sister did have a certain level of foundational skills. Based on her observation, she was actually using the Quinn School of Martial Arts’ moves!

Nora narrowed her eyes.

After exchanging about twenty moves, the fake Big Sister won.

Fervent applause broke out from the audience at the bottom of the ring.

“Big Sister has won!”

“Isn’t that very normal? It feels like there was no doubt about it from the start!”

“Is it just my illusion? Why does it feel like Big Sister is struggling a little?”

“It’s because Big Sister is too fat, right? She looks clumsy, but she actually has a lot of physical strength…”

“Don’t tell anyone, but I think No. 028’s match was more interesting than Big Sister’s…”

“I think so, too…”

“Shh, how can a newcomer like No. 028 compare with Big Sister?”

Amidst everyone’s speculations, the fake Big Sister exited the ring panting, and went backstage to prepare for her next three matches.

After thinking for a while, Nora went over, too.

The door to the fake Big Sister’s lounge was open, so she slipped in.

The fake Big Sister looked over. “Who’s there?”