She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 323 - Stealing The Limelight

Chapter 323 - Stealing The Limelight

Chapter 323: Stealing The Limelight

Seeing how confident the delusional Quentin was, Nora couldn’t be bothered to say anything to crush his confidence.

A short while later, Justin arrived.

He was wearing a black mask that covered half of his face.

Quentin looked at him for a while before he confirmed that he was indeed the person from the day before. He said, “You sure kinda resemble Big Brother. If no one told me otherwise, I might have mistaken you for him! Big Brother doesn’t have kids, though.”

He glanced at Cherry and asked, “Why did you bring your kid here when you’re competing in the tournament?”

Cherry curled her lips disdainfully. “Why can’t he bring his child here?”

“With you around, how is he supposed to fight? Where is he going to put you when he fights later?”

As soon as he said that, Justin said, “I’m bringing her into the ring.”

Quentin: “???”

He was stunned at first, but a moment later, he burst into laughter. “You’re bringing your kid into the ring? Have you gone silly?”

He shook his head and said, “It’s dangerous in the ring. What if she gets hurt? But it’s true that there are a lot of people here, so it’s also unsafe to leave her here.”

Justin said leisurely, “I’m just here to make up the numbers.”

Even if he didn’t do anything, Nora would still be able to handle Class A and Class B opponents by herself.

Quentin unexpectedly misunderstood, though.

He thought for a moment and then nodded. “You’re right. You can just stand behind me later. I’ll take on two opponents.”

Justin: “???”

The more Quentin thought about it, the more he felt that it would be astounding.

Perhaps because he had kept himself hidden and suppressed himself for too long, he liked the idea of showing off and stealing the limelight very much. He stroked his chin and said, “With that, everyone will definitely notice our team. By the way, what is our team’s name?”

Justin was about to speak when Quentin snapped his fingers and suggested, “How about Third In The World?”

Nora: “?”

Justin: “?”

Seeing how confused both of them looked, Quentin sneered, lifted his chin, and said, “Don’t forget this—I’m the best fighter after Big Brother and Big Sister. Since the third most powerful fighter in the world is in our team, Third In The World is a very apt name!”


Nora couldn’t be bothered to pay him any more attention. She said, “It’s up to you.”

As a result…

“Team Third In The World, please enter the ring. They shall be facing Team Contractor next. There are two Class C contestants in Team Contractor, so they will be a much trickier opponent than the Class A opponents yesterday. However, Smithin from Team Third In The World has given us an amazing performance yesterday. It is not known whose disciple he is. No. 028 also gave us a surprise and won every match of hers with just a punch each, so no one knows just how strong she is even now. Please welcome the two teams!”

Together with the host’s announcement, Quentin puffed out his chest, held his head high, and led the way in front.

Nora was in the middle. She walked with a lazy gait and was still wearing a dress.

She usually wore trousers most of the time, so it was relatively unlikely for people to recognize her if she wore a dress in the tournament. One could consider it a little trick that she had prepared for the tournament.

Justin caused an even bigger sensation when he went into the ring—because he was carrying a child in his arms!

The child was about five to six years old and was wearing a princess dress. Even with a mask on, one could still see a pair of astonishingly dark eyes behind it.

The crowd went into a furor all at once.

Quentin was awfully satisfied when he sensed their astonishment.

It simply felt wonderful to bask in the center of attention!

Quentin had always lived in the darkness ever since he was a child. In fact, outsiders didn’t even know that someone like him existed among the Smiths. This made Quentin sometimes long to stand where the light gathered.

As a result, he loved being in the limelight when he was doing things anonymously.

He gave a wave and the cheers around them became even louder. Quentin was very satisfied with the effect. It seemed that his performance the day before was passable.

He was still thinking about it when the crowd started to shout, “One Punch Beauty! One Punch Beauty! No. 028 ‘The Beauty’ wins with one punch!”

‘One punch’?

Quentin was taken aback for a moment. Only then did he realize that Nora had actually gained fans in the tournament the day before.

On top of that, most of her fans were female!

“One Punch Beauty! Ahhh! I’m your fan!”

Nora, who had been given a nickname for some strange reason: “???”

She raised her eyebrows and smiled at the female fan nearest to her. Her lazy and unorthodox appearance immediately made the fan scream. “Ahhhhh! She’s so suave!”

Quentin: “???”

He slowly looked behind at No. 028. He had approached her to form a team the day before because she was indeed skilled in martial arts. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to win Class A contestants with just a single punch, either.

Besides, there were ultimately only a few female contestants in the tournament. With her around, it would highlight his aura and strength in the team even further.

But why did it unexpectedly seem like she had attracted more fans than he did?

Fortunately, there was still her husband, who was pretty much invisible.

The thought had only just formed when the fans at the bottom of the ring started screaming madly again. “Ahhhh! The guy carrying the little girl is so handsome! Don’t you think that he has a sense of abstinence around him? The combination of his black clothes with the white princess dress makes them look like a little princess and her knight! He can actually bring his kid with him into the ring!”

Quentin: “!!!!”

Why hadn’t he ever thought of bringing a child with him when he fought?

His way of stealing the limelight was simply too unique!!!

He rubbed his wrists, looked back at Nora and Justin, and decided that he had to end the match as soon as possible. That was the only way he could win back the glory that belonged to him.

As the referee announced the start of the match, Quentin said coldly, “Hold the other two back. Once I finish off one of them, I’ll come over and take care of the other… Never mind, you have a child in your arms while you’re wearing a dress. The two of you can just stand behind me. I’ll take care of…”

He had only just spoken when…!!