She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 321 - Yvette?

Chapter 321 - Yvette?

Chapter 321: Yvette?

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Old Maddy sat there. No, to be more specific, he was squatting there and eating the food beside him. He ate the cake until his face was full, and he stuffed juice and meat into his mouth. He looked like he had not eaten anything good for a long time.

Nora: “!!”

So he had sneaked here to steal food?

While she was in a daze, a worker saw her and walked over with a frown. “What are you doing? This is Big Sister’s resting place. You…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Old Maddy in the room. He immediately rushed in anxiously. “Beggar? Why are you here? Get lost! This is not a place for you to stay. This is the place for Quinn School of Martial Arts’s Big Sister!”

He grabbed Old Maddy’s arm in disdain.

Old Maddy’s clothes were rolled up, and his arm was covered in scars, as if they had been burned. He smiled at the staff and stuffed food into his mouth crazily.

Nora: “!”

The staff member was anxious. “Quickly call security. How can we let the beggar in? This is not a place he can come as he pleases!”

When he was about to leave, Nora stopped him. “Wait a minute. I know this person. I’ll take him away.”

The staff frowned and reprimanded, “You brought him in? Watch the person you brought in. Take him away quickly. This is Big Sister’s waiting room! This is Big Sister’s first time on stage this year. Her status is very noble! These desserts were all prepared for her, how dare he eat them! He’s going overboard!”

When Old Maddy heard this, he looked at her and grinned. “Delicious.”

One could not tell his looks from his face, but he looked really ugly when he was eating.

Nora took a deep breath. “Follow me.”

Old Maddy still seemed to remember her. Perhaps it was because, even if he was crazy, he knew that he had made a mistake and followed Nora obediently.

The two of them walked through the crowd and out of the basement, then went to the parking lot.

Old Maddy had been eating all along the way. It was hard to tell if he was doing it on purpose.

When they arrived at the car park, there was no one around. Nora suddenly reached out and grabbed Old Maddy’s arm, pressing against his pulse.

His pulse was strong but chaotic.

He was indeed crazy.

Was Old Maddy really a lunatic?

But the Smith villa was so far away. How did he get here?

Nora simply asked, “Old Maddy, why are you here?”

Old Maddy raised his hand and ate half of the cake. He held it tightly in his hand and handed it to Nora. “It’s delicious. Eat…”

The cake was rotten from his grip. It was disgusting.

Nora stared at it for a while. “You came here for food?”

Old Maddy nodded. Seeing that she was not eating, he stuffed the cake in his hand into his mouth.

Nora clenched her jaw.

She stared at him for a long time before sighing deeply. “I’ll take you back.”

It was unknown if Old Maddy understood what she meant. He followed behind Nora and the two of them got into the car. Nora drove him back to the Smiths villa.

On the way, she sent Justin a message and told him that she had left.

Justin replied, reminding her to participate in the competition tomorrow. Moreover, the person who was teaming up with them was called Smithin.

Nora expressed that she understood.

On the way, she observed Old Maddy through the rearview mirror.

He sat in the backseat obediently and quietly. His legs were relaxed and he subconsciously revealed the posture of a big boss. However, when she looked at his face, he was reserved and curiously touching everything.

When he met Nora’s gaze, he jumped in shock and curled up obediently.

This person gave off a very contradictory feeling.

Nora thought of what Old Maddy had said when he found her last time. She asked tentatively, “Old Maddy, do you know Ryan?”

“Ryan…” Old Maddy muttered the name silently before shaking his head in confusion.” I don’t know him…”

He had clearly mentioned Ryan previously.

Nora frowned and said, “Then do you know Ian?”

Old Maddy nodded immediately. “Ian is a good person!”

With that, he seemed excited. “He has a daughter! He has a daughter!”

Nora: “…”

She suddenly asked, “Who’s his daughter?”

Old Maddy pointed at her. “It’s you, it’s you, it’s you!”

Nora followed his lead. “But everyone says I’m Ryan’s daughter.”

“You’re not like him.”

Old Maddy grinned. “You look like Ian. You’re Ian’s daughter! Ian has a daughter! Ian’s daughter has returned home!”

Nora narrowed her eyes.

These words made her feel that Old Maddy knew something. This person’s identity was definitely not simple.

Furthermore… could he be Ryan?


Nora seemed to have suddenly thought of something. She sped up and the car dashed directly into the Smiths’ residence. When they reached home, she grabbed Old Maddy.

Then, she took a few strands of his hair and rushed into the room, heading upstairs.

After entering her bedroom, she put the hair in a special bag and called Lily. She sent Lily the samples overnight for her to test Old Maddy’s DNA.

Although the possibility of Old Maddy being Ryan was not high, she still had to confirm it.

She did not notice that after she left, Old Maddy was still standing at the same spot. After staring at Nora’s back for a long time, his eyes suddenly became clear.

He seemed to not understand what was going on as he muttered, “Yvette…”