She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 319 - A Man Can't Say No

Chapter 319 - A Man Can't Say No

Chapter 319: A Man Can’t Say No


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Nora thought about this and hurriedly stood up to follow.

But before she could take two steps, Justin followed her. “What’s wrong?”

“I saw an acquaintance,” Nora replied simply and continued walking forward. However, she realized that Old Maddy had already disappeared.

She was very confident that she had not mistaken him.

After all, she did not like to fantasize.

But why was Old Maddy here? The Smith villa was an hour away from here.

As she frowned in thought, it was her turn to go on stage. “This competition is between 028 and Milk Lover. Please come on stage.”

Nora could only give up on looking for Old Maddy and went on stage.

A woman had subdued “Tired Reno” the moment she made a move. This had attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone wanted to know what had just happened.

Some people even felt that Nora might have been lucky just now. Tired Reno must have made a mistake to be hit by her.

Furthermore, it was her first time on stage. Perhaps Tired Reno had underestimated her.

Just like Tired Reno, Milk Lover had already won eight or nine rounds and was not bad. At least he was not a simple Class A.

Before Milk Lover went on stage, he was warned by a kind person to be wary of 028.

However, after he went on stage, he saw that Nora was still wearing that dress. She did not change her clothes at all.

With her eye-catchingly beautiful figure and slender waist, she did not look like a trained person.

Milk Lover raised his guard.

He said, “028, what’s your name?”

Everyone would give themselves a name. For example, Tired Reno and Milk Lover were Internet aliases. Of course, if someone wanted to use their real name, it was not a problem.

Nora: “028.”

Milk Lover: “I’m asking for your real name. I want to know which sect you’re from.”

Nora was silent for a moment. “You don’t need to know.”

On such an occasion, she would be in the limelight sooner or later. She must not leave her name.

When Milk Lover saw her distant look, he frowned. “Alright, since you don’t want to say anything, don’t blame me for being rude! You don’t use your legs, right? Heh!”

With that, he leaped and kicked.

This kick was very strong. In addition, he ran a short distance to gain more strength in his kick. If Nora was kicked, she would definitely be injured. Everyone thought that Nora would dodge easily and find another opportunity to counterattack.

However, they did not expect Nora to suddenly take a small step back and stretch out her fist.


Nora’s fist landed on the soles of Milk Lover’s feet. She directly sent him flying out of the ring.


Milk Lover prostrated on the ground below the ring.


The entire venue was in an uproar.

This time, everyone was certain that 028 was not just lucky. She was really a martial arts expert!

“028 wins this competition!”

With his previous experience, the referee did not stutter this time.

Nora walked down from the stage.

She ignored the surrounding voices trying to curry favor with her and walked toward Justin again.

Quentin, who was hiding in the crowd and watching her compete, narrowed his eyes. This woman was not bad.

He walked towards her.

Nora had completed her mission today and was prepared to go home.

After all, she had to fight two matches a day. She needed to fight 60 times and 30 days to reach Class F and fight against Irvin School of Martial Arts’ Big Brother.

She sighed silently.

It was a waste of time.

How good would it be if she could finish all the competitions in one day?

As she was thinking about this, she suddenly heard praise from behind her. “Your performance just now was not bad. You impressed me.”


She pursed her lips and turned around. Sure enough, Quentin was standing behind her, staring at her seriously. “I now announce that I was wrong. You can be my opponent.”


Why did this stupid vibe make her want to attack?

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

She was about to say something when Quentin suddenly said, “I seriously considered it. I think you can become my teammate. We can team up and level up together.”

Nora: “?”

Team up to level up?

She frowned. “I’m not interested in all that.”

She did not have time to team up with him!

As she thought about this, Quentin’s calm voice sounded. “Is that so? Forget it then. I originally didn’t think we should team up. After all, I’m so powerful. I can definitely advance all the way. If not for saving time, I wouldn’t have considered this. Sorry to disturb you.”

With that, he turned to leave, but his arm was suddenly grabbed. He turned back hesitantly and saw the woman in the silver mask staring at him. “Save time? What do you mean? Explain clearly before you leave.”

Quentin: “???”

He was surprised. “Didn’t you see the competition rules?”

Nora blinked and answered confidently, “No.”

Why would she bother seeing the rules? Wasn’t it just fighting!

Quentin: “…”

The corners of his lips twitched. “In a one-on-one competition, you have to win ten rounds before you can advance. But in a team competition, you can advance collectively after winning five rounds. I came to register for the competition today. It will take a month to enter Class F, but if we team up, it will take half a month. Of course, after entering Class F, the team will automatically disband, and we will still be opponents.”

Nora: “!!”

Why didn’t she know there was such a system!

“Let’s team up,” she agreed happily.

Quentin frowned. “Team up? You really want to enter Class F? Why do you want to enter Class F?”

Nora replied, “To fight with Irvin School of Martial Arts’s Big Brother.”

“Impressive.” Quentin gave her a thumbs up. “Just now, I thought that your IQ was a little low and that you were not worthy of being my match. But your ambition is not small, it has made up for your IQ.”

Nora, who had outstanding intelligence, was speechless.

Seeing her staring at him, Quentin raised his chin as well. “I just made an agreement with Big Sister. When I enter Class F, I’ll spar with her. Looks like we have the same goal. That way, we’ll save ourselves a lot of trouble.”

“Then let’s team up,” Nora replied.

“Not yet.” Quentin sighed. “There have to be three people in a team. We’re still short of one person.”

Nora: “??”

She looked around and finally looked at Justin. She grabbed his arm and pushed him forward. “Add him.”

Justin, the top disciple of Irvin School of Martial Arts, was just standing at the side and listening to them talk. At the moment, he was speechless.

“Can he do it?”

Quentin said in disdain.

When Justin, who had originally planned to reject them, heard this, he immediately sneered. Just as he was about to speak, Nora said, “He definitely can.”

Men could not say no.

Quentin: “?”

He hesitated. “Have you tried it before?”


“Alright then, let’s team up.”


Justin, who was standing beside them, seriously suspected that these two people were in cahoots!

However, the two of them were clearly fine and did not say anything. He could only retract his suspicions.

Nora leaned in and whispered, “Help me out, I have to meet Big Brother in the tournament as quickly as I can.”

Justin, who would rather not meet Nora in a match, looked at her almond-shaped eyes. “… Okay.”

Therefore, the three of them walked to the registration area and prepared to switch to the team competition.

However, halfway through, Nora suddenly saw Old Maddy again!

He secretly sneaked into the room beside him, making Nora narrow her eyes. She gave Justin a look and sneaked over.

She wanted to see what Old Maddy was up to!!