She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 317 - I Won’t Use My Legs

Chapter 317 - I Won’t Use My Legs

Chapter 317: I Won’t Use My Legs

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Quentin sounded as full of delusions of grandeur as ever.

Nora couldn’t help but hold her forehead. She asked, “Are you this helpful and enthusiastic to everyone?”

Quentin: “??”

Her question stunned Quentin.

He stared at Nora blankly. For a moment, he also felt like he was behaving a little strangely.

When had he become such a busybody? What was he showing a stranger so much concern for?

To be honest, he couldn’t quite describe what he was feeling, either. It was just that the woman’s calm and collected attitude kept making him feel as if she was Nora.

After all, he had been tailing and protecting Nora for very long.

He snorted and said, “I guess I was being unnecessarily nosy.”

He walked off after saying that.

Nora: “…”

Had her words offended Quentin just now? Otherwise, why would that guy with delusions of grandeur suddenly become so distant?

She didn’t think too deeply into it, though, because she was about to go into the ring.

Before she did, she looked back and glanced at Cherry.

Cherry immediately took the hint and stretched out her hands and covered her eyes. She said, “Don’t worry, Mommy, I’m all ready. I will sing rhymes for Daddy later!”

Nora then looked at Justin. She was about to speak when Justin nodded and said, “I will report the rhymes she sang to you later.”


Nora nodded. While walking to the ring, she couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss. It was not until she got into the ring that she suddenly realized something—was their rapport a little too good just now?

It was as if they were a family of three.

She coughed.

When her imagination was running wild, Tired Reno opposite her said, “Not only are you a woman, but you’re even coming into the ring dressed like that? Are you here to fight, or are you here to look for a boyfriend?”

Nora, who was a little taken aback, lowered her head and looked at what she was wearing.

All the places that should be covered, were. There shouldn’t be any problem, right?

She broke into a frown.

The audience, however, burst into loud laughter. “Yeah, it’s actually a woman! What’s a woman here to join in the fun for!”

Although there were a lot of girls learning martial arts nowadays, they were naturally weaker than men in physical strength. While women had managed to occupy a certain position in other respects, truly powerful women were still a minority in the world of martial arts.

There were also women among the spectators, and their words filled them with indignation. They said, “What’s wrong with women? Have you forgotten the Quinn School of Martial Arts’ Big Sister?”

“Exactly! Are women incapable of fighting just because they are women? If you’re that great, why don’t you challenge the Quinn School of Martial Arts’ Big Sister to a one-on-one duel?!”


The women spoke up. They were all either someone’s wives or sisters, or one of the few outstanding people in the martial arts circle. The men around them didn’t dare to antagonize them anymore.

All of them changed the subject with a smile and said, “No, that’s not what we meant. We’re just talking about the fact that she’s wearing a dress.”

“Yeah, isn’t it inconvenient for her to move her legs if she’s wearing a dress? She’s going to have wardrobe malfunctions later when she lifts her legs into the air! I’m saying it for her sake.”

“Tsk, it’s rare to see a woman in one-on-one duels. Of course, we would love to watch! It won’t be interesting anymore if it’s all men! I just think that she shouldn’t have worn a dress!”

In the ring.

Tired Reno also frowned as he looked at Nora. He said, “Let’s start?”

Nora stood where she was leisurely. “Yeah, let’s start!”

Tired Reno frowned and said, “Do you want to go and change? I can wait for you.”

Nora was a little taken aback. “Why?”

Tired Reno felt a headache coming on. “Didn’t you hear what the audience said? If you continue to wear that, you… won’t be able to move your legs freely.”

Nora lowered her head again and looked at her dress. Only then did she realize what they were talking about. “Oh, that’s what you meant,” she said.

Tired Reno nodded.

Everyone else also breathed sighs of relief. Even Quentin, who was among the audience, curled his lips disdainfully.

What a stupid woman. There were so many wretched men down here, yet she had worn a dress to fight. Let’s see what she was gonna do!

While he was thinking about it, he heard Nora say, “Oh, it’s okay even if I don’t use my legs.”

Everyone: “??”

Everyone was stunned. They stared at her incredulously, wondering if the woman was out of her mind. She wasn’t going to use her legs? Did that mean she was only going to use her fists? But how powerful could a woman’s fists be?

Moreover, without using the legs, she wouldn’t be able to do movements such as swooping toward the opponent and so on.

Quentin scoffed.

She wasn’t going to use her legs? Was it because she thought flapping her lips would be enough?

Well, if she were to admit defeat before Tired Reno rushed over, she indeed wouldn’t have to use her legs. In fact, she wouldn’t even need her hands!

While he was thinking about it, Tired Reno frowned. “You—”

“Let’s cut the crap and start.”

Nora had become annoyed. She could have already ended the match while they were talking. What a huge waste of her energy.

She stretched out a finger and made a hooking gesture at Tired Reno. “Let’s start.”

Tired Reno: “!”

Although he was a man, the woman’s provocation nevertheless angered him. He snorted and said, “You asked for it!”

He balled up his hands and swung his fist straight at Nora!

His punch was quick and powerful. Tired Reno, who also didn’t want to waste any time, wanted to end the match quickly, so he didn’t show any mercy despite his opponent being a woman.

The audience closed their eyes.

One must know that Tired Reno’s punch had knocked all his previous nine opponents onto the ground!

Wasn’t he a little too insensible? He was actually using his sure-kill move against a young missy right from the start?

Quentin held his forehead. Tired Reno moved so quickly that 028 probably couldn’t even react in time to admit defeat.

He was still thinking about it when he heard the loud thwack of a fist making contact with flesh. Then, with a boom, someone landed fiercely on the ground.

A sympathetic Quentin looked at the ring to see how miserable the woman looked…