She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 313 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 313 - The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

Chapter 313: The Big Sister of The Quinn School of Martial Arts?

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When Nora reached the garage, it just so happened that Joel was also going out. When the two bumped into each other, Joel suddenly called out, “Ms. Smith.”

Nora stopped and looked at him. “Is something the matter, Mr. Smith?”

Both of them were a little taken aback by the conversation.

Both of them clearly shared the same last name, yet why was there such a strong sense of estrangement?

Joel suppressed his emotions first. He handed the bank card in his pocket to her and said, “Louis appreciates your kindness, but you should take good care of a valuable card like this.”


Nora raised her eyebrows. To be honest, she didn’t think it was that valuable.

But since Joel was giving it back to her, she reached out unceremoniously and took it from him. Then, she casually asked, “Do you still have work this late?”

Joel: “…”

Upon sensing his silence, Nora looked at him. “What?”

Joel was speechless for a moment. “I’m picking up the kids.”

Nora didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt about forgetting to pick up her child from school even when she heard Joel’s reply. On the contrary, she said, “Bring Cherry back with you too, thanks.”

After saying that, she got into the jeep first and drove off.

Joel, who was still standing where he was and about to get into his car: “?”

Even the usually amiable man’s lip corners couldn’t help but spasm.

Just how heartless was she?!

He held his forehead and went to the kindergarten.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Tanya holding Pete and asking, “What’s your mom up to lately? Tell her to come over to my place and have some fun. I’m the only one at home and it’s boring me to death.”

“… Oh, okay,” replied Pete.

Tanya was about to say something when she spotted Joel in the distance. She got up at once, turned, and left, not giving him a chance to say anything at all.