She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 306 - Blow up the Card!

Chapter 306 - Blow up the Card!

Chapter 306: Blow up the Card!

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Louis: “??”

He was stunned.

Actually, he had indeed spent too much on feeding the stray cats and dogs in the district.

After all, raising a cat and a dog was the same as raising a wealthy person.

In the past, when he first started raising them, he would give them cheaper cat food. After all, it was already very satisfying for stray cats to have food.

However, after a while, he realized that the stray cats had lost a lot of fur and were malnourished. Therefore, he carried them to the vet.

The doctor said that most stray cats had been abandoned by their owners. There were also a few good breeds of cats who had higher food requirements.

They had to consume a lot of vitamins and proteins. The dogs also had to eat meat and bones to grind their teeth every meal.

The doctor also said, “Of course, just feed them some food. It’s already goodwill to them that they won’t starve to death. There’s no need to empty your wallet for them.”

However, Louis had always been a person who pursued perfection. He had OCD in everything he did. Moreover, he did not want to let these cats and dogs suffer. Therefore, he braced himself and spent his monthly allowance on them.

Later on, his elder brother limited his expenses. When he went to ask his parents for money, his parents scolded him for having a screw loose. Who would spend $30,000 every month just to feed these stray cats and dogs?

Later on, when others asked him where the money went, he would never say it again. Occasionally, he would tease them, “I bought avatars and equipment for girls!”

Louis was a little stunned.

Anyone who saw him feeding stray cats and dogs would urge him to reduce their standard of living. No one had ever come up to him directly and bought canned food without saying anything.

He looked at Nora in a daze. He slowly stood up and asked in disbelief, “Aren’t you going to ask me how much these cans are?”

Nora raised her eyebrows. “Oh, how much?”

“There are dozens of sets of canned food, and it’s not enough for them to only eat canned food. Therefore, I have to prepare some fruits and vitamins. With so many cats and dogs added together, I’m afraid it will cost 1,500 dollars a month!”


Nora was a little hesitant. Was this money a lot?

It should not be a problem for him to get 1,500 dollars from her card. Why was he so conflicted?

Louis coughed and said, “So, are you still buying them?”


After Nora answered this question again, she asked the service staff to pack up everything that Louis had said. When a large bag of cat and dog food was in Louis’s hands, the corners of his mouth twitched. “Do you have so much money in your bank card? Don’t pretend to be rich in front of me!”

Nora did not say anything and silently handed over the bank card.

She had never set a password for her bank card as she found it troublesome.

The service staff swiped it and paid directly. Nora took the bank card and stuffed it into Louis’s hand. “It’s enough to feed you.”

Louis: “??”

He immediately stood up straight and retorted, his blond hair almost exploding. “I’m not the one eating it! It’s for the stray cats and dogs!”

“…Oh.” Nora glanced at the can in his hand. “You can eat it too.”

Louis: “!!!”

After saying this, she turned around and walked out.

After she left, Louis was still standing there. He looked at the cans, fruits, and various staple food in his hands in shock.

He pursed his lips. “She probably only has about 1,500 dollars in her card, but she doesn’t know that this is the amount for a day! What are we going to do tomorrow?”

He looked at the bank card in his hand again. He would try again tomorrow to see if he could successfully swipe it.

Wait, he could try it now!

Nora drove the jeep to the Hunts.

The door opened as soon as she arrived at the Hunts.

Justin stood at the door, looking at her. When the car stopped in the car park, he stepped forward and opened the door for her. “Baby, you’re here.”


Nora paused when she got out of the car. Then, she took out her car keys and closed the car door. She replied calmly, “…Mm-hm.”

When did she allow this man to call her Baby?

Justin lowered his head and took a look. “It’s been less than an hour. It looks like you really miss me…”

Nora: “!”

She grimaced and was about to say something when he said, “And Cherry.”


Nora endured it and swallowed.

She walked straight ahead. “Where does Cherry stay?”

Justin followed beside her. “Second floor, in the suite.”

Nora acknowledged indifferently and followed him upstairs.

The moment she opened the door to the suites, the overwhelming pinkness instantly engulfed her, causing her to pause in her footsteps. Only then did she look at her daughter, who was combing a Barbie doll’s hair.

Cherry was wearing neutral clothing. When she heard the door open and turned to see her, her big black eyes lit up. “Mommy! I was wondering why my mood suddenly became so good. So it’s you!”

Nora: “…Bootlicker.”

Cherry did not care what she said. She stretched out her arms and pounced onto her lap, hugging it as she raised her head. “Mommy, I missed you so much! I know you missed me too! After all, I’m so cute and beautiful!”


Alright, she finally knew who Cherry had inherited her narcissistic nature from!

She was about to speak when her phone rang.


She took out her phone and took a look. She realized that it was showing: $13.90 has been debited from your account xxxx0000.

Nora: “?”

Judging by Louis’s appearance, he should be someone who spent lavishly, right? What did he buy that cost only $13.90?

As she was thinking about this, she heard a beep again. It was again a message notification: $13.90 has been debited from your account xxxx0000.

Nora: “??”

Beep. Another message alert came. It was the same $13.90.

Nora: “????”

With a head full of question marks, she looked at the endless notifications on her phone and was puzzled. What was that Louis doing?

“Another bottle!”

Louis took out a can of meat and handed it to the salesperson.

The cashier held the bank card in confusion and swiped another can.

Louis asked, “Did it go through?”


Louis was surprised. “There’s still money? It’s almost 3,000 dollars. Did the Andersons really give her 50,000 dollars?”

He took out another can. “Swipe another?”


He wanted to see how much money this silly sister from the countryside had in her card and how many cans of meat he could buy.

It couldn’t be that she had 139,000 dollars? He could buy 10,000 cans?

He did not believe it!

If he did not swipe the card dry today, he would not leave!!

With this in mind, he took out ten cans. “I’ll buy ten!”