She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 281 - DNA Test Results!

Chapter 281 - DNA Test Results!

Chapter 281 - DNA Test Results!

Nora hadn't been surprised even when Ian said that she was a Smith, but she found herself greatly surprised in this instant.

Justin also broke into a frown when he noticed her expression. He took a step forward and looked at the DNA test result with her.

When he looked over, he also found himself stunned.

The two exchanged a look. Obviously, they hadn't expected such a result.

The DNA test was done for Nora and Ian to verify whether they were father and daughter. Neither of them was surprised to see that.

However, the results stated that the two shared a 99.8% DNA similarity. Therefore, they were scientifically recognized as uncle and niece.

DNA similarity between a father and daughter was as high as 99.99%. Nora and Ian's parent-child DNA test results were very close, yet fell outside the range. Therefore, they were classified as uncle and niece instead.

In other words, Nora's father wasn't Ian but one of his brothers instead?

Nora's eyes widened, and she looked at Ian in disbelief. He had a very awful look on his face at the moment, and he gave off an air of despondence.

When Yvette left back then, she had told him that she didn't love him anymore. She said that she had fallen in love with someone else, and asked him to forget her.

She had left after that.

He hadn't believed her at first, but when he saw the DNA test report, he had suddenly understood something.

As it turned out, the other man had been none other than one of his brothers!

Was it also for that reason that Yvette had chosen to leave? Because she felt that she couldn't face him anymore?

If it were someone else instead, she wouldn't have run away. Neither would there be a need for her to.

Ian clenched his fists.

The feeling of being betrayed by his brother and lover at the same time made his chest rise and fall rapidly. Suddenly, his eyes closed and he lost consciousness.

"Uncle Ian!"

A shocked Joel hastily went toward him. He was about to call for help when a figure faster than he was stopped in front of him.

Nora bent over and checked Ian's condition. "He fainted because he was too agitated from pent-up anger and sadness. He's very weak now, so it's not advisable to transport him elsewhere!"

Joel frowned. "What do we do?"

Nora looked straight at Justin and said, "Get him medicine. Give him the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill."

She had just given Mrs. Hunt a box of it. There were about 64 pills in there.

Justin immediately understood. He went out at once.

He went to Mrs. Hunt's study. As soon as he entered, Mrs. Hunt asked, "What's the matter?"

Justin didn't go into details. Instead, he simply replied, "Mr. Smith fainted because he was too agitated. Grandma, give me a Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill."

Mrs. Hunt: "!!"

Mrs. Lewis couldn't bear to part with the pill, either. She wanted to say something, but Mrs. Hunt stopped her and said, "Give it to him."

Mrs. Lewis glanced at Mrs. Hunt before she finally walked over, took out the pill that Yvonne had given them, and handed it to Justin.

Justin took Yvonne's pillbox, walked out, and quickly went to the meeting room next door.

As soon as he exited the room, he saw Yvonne standing outside. She was shocked when she saw the pillbox in his hand. "What happened to Dad? Did he faint again?"

Justin nodded but said nothing.

Yvonne followed Justin into the meeting room next door.

After they entered, Justin opened the exquisite box in his hand, took out the pill, and handed it to Nora.

Nora looked at Ian and said, "Put the pill into half a glass of water and dissolve it."

Yvonne, however, panicked. She said, "Ms. Smith! That pill is very rare. It's better to consume it as is. If you dissolve it in water, its effect will be halved!"

Nora: "?"

How was the patient supposed to consume it when he had already lost consciousness?

Besides, even if its effect was halved, it would still be effective on Ian. What was that woman interfering for?

Yvonne looked at Joel. "That pill doesn't come by easy, Joel. Don't let its effects go to waste!"

Joel looked at her abruptly.

His sharp eyes made Yvonne stammer as she said, "It's not like I can't bear to part with the pill. Saving Dad is what matters the most. I just wanted the pill's effects to be used to the fullest."

Joel took a deep breath and asked, "Did Dr. Zabe ever say how the pill should be consumed?"

Yvonne hastily nodded. "He did. It just needs to be put into the mouth."

Nora immediately said, "His condition isn't that serious. Drinking it after diluting it would do."

To be honest, she could also save Ian without the Zabe Corporation's Calming Pill. After all, Ian's illness wasn't a brain disease. He had only fainted from anger just now.

However, it was best if they could use it.

Yvonne's eyes flickered when she heard what she said. She understood now—her father's condition was not that serious, yet she had used the pill that she gave Mrs. Hunt. She was obviously doing it on purpose!

Joel frowned.

While hesitating over who to listen to, someone suddenly took away the pill. When he looked up again, he saw that Justin had already dissolved the pill in the half-full glass of water he had just poured.

The pill dissolved immediately upon contact with water and soon disappeared.

Justin handed the glass to Nora.

Nora held Ian's face, opened his mouth, and poured the medicine into his mouth roughly.

The two of them matched each other's actions seamlessly as if they had always been working together like that. By the time Joel and Yvonne reacted, Ian had already finished the medicine.

Joel: "!"

Yvonne balled up her fists. "Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith! You… That's such a waste of the pill's effects!"

In Mrs. Hunt's study.

After Justin left, Mrs. Hunt held her chest and sighed deeply.

Although she knew Justin was correct in doing what he did just now, he had taken the pill to save his father-in-law but forgotten that she also needed the life-saving medicine the most. Mrs. Hunt ultimately still felt rather uncomfortable about that.

Next to her, Mrs. Lewis nagged, "Why did you give it to him, Ma'am? The pill was a gift for you! You really need that pill!"

Mrs. Hunt sighed. "Yvonne was the one who gave it to me in the first place anyway. I'll just think of it as returning it to them!"

Mrs. Lewis sneered, "You can't put it that way. Since they've already given you the pill, it belongs to you now. They can't just bask in the limelight out there and then use it on their own in the end, right? I asked about it just now, though. This was Nora's suggestion. She must be worried that you would favor Yvonne over her, so she deliberately did it."

Mrs. Hunt heaved a huge sigh. "She grew up in the countryside, after all, so she's too narrow-minded. To think she's used all her smarts on things like that! Discard the medicine she gave me!"

Mrs. Lewis picked up the box of pills that Nora had given Mrs. Hunt. She said, "Before I throw it away, let me take a look at what so many Carefree Pills put together look like…"

She opened the box after saying that, but the moment she did, she suddenly found herself stunned.

Mrs. Hunt scoffed at her reaction. "Look at how ignorant you look. Even if there are 50 Carefree Pills in there, they are only worth $150,000. Am I paying you so little that you react that way at a mere $150,000?"

As soon as she said that, a dazed Mrs.. Lewis lifted her head and replied, "M-Ma'am, these… these are not Carefree Pills. They are… they are…"