She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 279 - Who Said She Didn't Have A Strong Family?

Chapter 279 - Who Said She Didn't Have A Strong Family?

Chapter 279 - Who Said She Didn't Have A Strong Family?

Rachel's voice was so loud that everyone in the banquet hall looked over.

Justin had been paying attention to Nora's situation, so he caught the argument immediately and hurriedly walked over.

Nora had already narrowed her almond-shaped eyes. Her cold eyes were filled with anger. "What did you say?"

Although she had never experienced motherly love, her mother had given her life, and she would not allow anyone to insult her mother.

Rachel's voice spread clearly throughout the entire venue. "Why? She has always been an unclean person. Why can't she be told off? Back then, everyone knew that she betrayed Mr. Smith and eloped with someone else! I guess the other party didn't want her anymore, right? That's why she found such a money-loving person to be her scapegoat."

"As the saying goes, if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked. Your mother was pregnant before marriage, and so were you. Didn't she also have a daughter with another hooligan? But you're better than your mother. At the very least, your designated driver to be the spare tire is Mr. Hunt!"

"At the end of the day, you're just an illegitimate daughter who doesn't even know who her biological father is. You're just like your daughter. Why? I'm afraid your daughter will also be a beauty when she grows up, right? When the time comes, will she also have to find someone to get pregnant before she gets married? I just don't know if there will be a good match like Mr. Hunt then!"

Nora clenched her hands into fists.

Her anger rose as she took a step forward, preparing to beat her up.

In the distance, Justin had already arrived in front of her. His expression became even uglier, and he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

However, before the two of them could make a move, Farrell had already rushed over and slapped Rachel's face. "Shut up!"

Rachel was stunned by this slap and fell to the ground.

When Miranda saw this, she went mad as well. She rushed forward and hugged Rachel. "Farrell, what are you doing?!"

Farrell was furious. He pointed at her with trembling hands. "Move aside. I'm going to break her mouth today!"

There were two reasons why he was so agitated.

First, he was really angry. He did not expect his daughter to have already reached this stage. In this kind of situation, she kept talking about Nora being an illegitimate daughter and Mr. Hunt being a spare tire. She was simply speaking dirty words and had lost all face for the Woods. Secondly, he could already see Mr. Hunt walking over with an angry expression. If he did not make a move, Mr. Hunt would probably make Rachel suffer even more!

Rachel had done something wrong. She should be educated and beaten when necessary. However, she was still his daughter. He still wanted to give her a way out.

That was why he had hit her personally.

Indeed, after he made his move, Nora and Justin both stopped in their tracks and did not come forward.

Unfortunately, the current Rachel did not understand his intentions at all. Instead, she covered her face and roared, "You hit me? You actually hit me because of her! Dad, tell me, what kind of bewitching potion did she give you to make you protect her so much? Is it because she's good-looking?"

Farrell was already stunned.

He did not expect his daughter to go so overboard with her words. How did he educate her all these years to make her say such shrewish words?!

His hands trembled. "Your… your aunt has never said such ugly words in her life!"

Rachel sensed his anger and was so frightened that she did not dare to speak.

However, Miranda was furious. "Her aunt, her aunt… Your heart is biased toward Melissa, right? In that case, why don't you live with your sister? Why do you want to live with us?! I've never seen such good siblings! Where's Melissa? Come out. I want to ask you what your relationship with your brother is. What kind of family is the Andersons?!"

Farrell: "!!!"

Melissa, who was rushing over, was speechless.

Melissa's eyes were red from anger. She pointed at her with trembling hands and screamed, "Sister-in-law!!"

How could she slander her in public!

It had to be known that no one wanted to believe the truth. Everyone was willing to believe in explosive topics.

Even if she had a clear conscience, Miranda's words would become a topic for everyone to talk about after meals!

She, Melissa, had always been noble and pure. Ever since her eldest sister-in-law had entered the family, she realized that Miranda hated her. Hence, she rarely returned to her mother's house. In the past twenty years, she had only met Farrell a little more than twenty times!

Not to mention being intimate, even the relationship between ordinary siblings was not as bad.

When she was young, her mother often said that when a girl got married, she would have no home. At that time, she did not believe it, but later on, she really did.

How did Sister-in-law come up with such a lie?!

Farrell's body swayed as he stared at Miranda and Rachel. This pair of mother and daughter usually curried favor and flattered him, but he had never seen their ugly faces before.

Just a moment ago, in order to save his daughter, he had risked offending Mr. Hunt. But now… he felt that everything that had just happened was ridiculous.

Children were indeed here to collect debts!

Farrell looked at Justin and cupped his hands in apology. "Mr. Hunt, I'm sorry to have disturbed your birthday banquet. I'll take the two of them back first and visit you another day to apologize! I'll definitely give you a satisfactory answer!"

Justin pursed his lips tightly.

Farrell was Melissa's elder brother, and Melissa was Nora's aunt. Nora had always been very respectful to this aunt.

Therefore, he could not go overboard.

He nodded lightly. "Please do as you wish, Uncle Farrell. However, Miss Wood's upbringing is indeed worrying. A kind father will often spoil his children. Uncle Farrell, you should understand this logic."

Farrell nodded. "I understand. When we get back, I'll send Rachel overseas and never let her return!"

He would never let her come back…

Rachel's pupils shrank as she screamed, "Dad, you can't do this to me. You can't…"

Unfortunately, Farrell had already grabbed her hand and called for the Wood family's bodyguards to drag her and Miranda out.

Rachel knew that it was hopeless.

She was done for.

When she was dragged past Nora, she suddenly laughed out loud. "Nora, aren't you very proud to see me like this? But don't forget! Even if I go overseas, I'm still the eldest daughter of the Woods. On the other hand, you don't even know who your biological father is. You're just an illegitimate child! With your status, you're not worthy of the Hunts at all! Without a strong family to support you, you'll be hated by the Hunts sooner or later and will be divorced!"

At this moment, the entire hall was silent as her voice resounded in everyone's ears.

Everyone looked at Nora.

Yes, she was from a small family. Could she really last long with Mr. Hunt?

At this moment, Ian, who had been sitting at the side, said, "Who said she doesn't have a strong family?"