She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 277 - Meeting Each Other

Chapter 277 - Meeting Each Other

Chapter 277 - Meeting Each Other

Warren's appearance caused the banquet to have another small climax.

After all, this person had been living in seclusion for more than ten years. However, the fear of being dominated by him in the business world still remained in the hearts of the big shots.

Everyone greeted him respectfully. Only when they saw Justin bringing his official girlfriend over did everyone make way for him.

In the distance.

Yvonne was stunned when she heard that her father was there.

Rachel exclaimed, "Miss Smith, did your father come here for you?"

Yvonne was unsure.

However, Rachel became determined. "The Hunts have let you down. Mr. Hunt had just announced his girlfriend, but your father dragged himself over despite his illness. He must be here to help you get justice!"

When Yvonne heard this, her eyes lit up.

She quickly walked to the entrance and bumped into Warren on the way.

Warren said, "Little Sister, I couldn't help you vent your anger earlier. I'll help you vent it later! I'm famous for being protective! I'll definitely protect you in this matter!"

However, Yvonne bit her lips and did not have much hope.

Ian was famous for being protective, but Justin had already declared a few years ago that he would not marry her. Ian knew about this, so he had no reason to come and seek justice for her.

Then why did Dad suddenly come here?

She did not have time to think about it. She walked over and stood behind Ian. She took over the wheelchair from the servant very naturally and called out, "Dad."

Ian nodded at her.

He had done all he could for this adopted daughter of his, but perhaps it was Yvette's betrayal back then that made him very indifferent to favors.

Not to mention Yvonne, he didn't even want to bother with his nephews at home. Even Joel was used to his cold demeanor.

Yvonne's heart sank. She felt that Ian was not here to give her face in public.

At this moment, a voice came from the crowd. "Mr. Hunt is here!"

The people who were originally surrounding Ian instantly opened up a path. Justin walked over slowly with Nora and Nora's little masked daughter.

The current heads of the two aristocratic families in New York were all here. Although Ian was old and sitting in a wheelchair, his aura was still powerful.

Not to mention Justin and Joel, who were like the midday sun. One of the two men was cold, and the other was a wolf in sheep's clothing. However, both of them were important figures who could make one's expression change.

Therefore, the people around them gradually fell silent and listened to their small talk.

Nora did not notice the expressions around her. At that moment, all her attention was snatched away by Ian.

He was sitting in a wheelchair. His face was thin, and there were wrinkles at the corners of his eyes because he was too thin. One could tell his age, but his deep eyes and sharp facial features still exuded a mature charm and handsomeness.

Furthermore, in Nora's eyes, through his eyes and brows, he had even restored his appearance from when he was young. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. Under his double eyelids, his deep eyes were not inferior to any male celebrity now!

He might not even be inferior to Justin and Joel in terms of looks!

He was a handsome man.


Mother was so lucky!

Nora raised her eyebrows and sighed in her heart. She saw that Ian's gaze only swept past Justin gently before stopping on her.

His eyes were sizing her up, and his gaze was deep. If it was an ordinary person, they would probably be frightened by his gaze. However, Nora just stood there quietly and did not say a word. It was as if Ian was not even looking at her.

She had a strong mental fortitude.

She was indeed a Smith

A hint of admiration flashed past Ian's eyes. When he saw her again, the hostility he had toward her earlier had unknowingly dissipated a little.

He was about to retract his gaze when Justin stepped forward and blocked Nora.

Ian: "?"

Only then did he raise his eyebrows and look at Justin.

When he saw Justin previously, he always felt that this junior was not bad. He and Joel were indeed the most outstanding people in their generation and were much stronger than his own generation back then.

He did not expect him to be so protective of a woman.

He appreciated that.

Justin said politely, "Uncle Ian, I didn't expect you to come personally."

Ian lowered his eyes and said calmly, "It's Mrs. Hunt's birthday, how could I not come?"

After saying that, he looked behind him. "Aren't you going to introduce us?"

Only then did Justin move aside. He gestured towards Nora and said, "This is my girlfriend, Miss Nora Smith."

After saying that, he introduced him to Nora. "This is Mr. Ian Smith. You can follow me and call him… Uncle Ian."

With that, Justin's eyes flashed and he looked at Ian again.

Back then, after Nora had pointed out that she was not Henry's daughter, he had found someone to punish Henry and take revenge on him for abandoning his son and burying him alive.

After all, he had not made a move previously on the account that Henry was Pete's biological grandfather. However, once he knew that the two of them were not relatives and that they were no longer tied together, he no longer had any qualms.

After that, he began to suspect that Nora's biological father was Ian.

First of all, the love story between Yvette and Ian back then had spread throughout the entire New York. He did not believe that a person's heart would change just because they said so.

Secondly, Nora's surname was Smith. Wasn't this enough to prove something?

Next, the people he had sent to protect Nora said that someone had pulled her hair, but Ian had stopped them and taken them away.

Justin could not get them back.

At that time, he knew that Ian must have gotten someone to do a DNA test!

However, he could not understand what was going to happen next.

For families like them, it would only take a few hours to get a quick DNA test report. However, the Smiths had not taken any action after that. They only let Quentin follow Nora secretly. First, it was to monitor her, and second, it was to protect her.

Therefore, he was confused.

What was the result of the DNA report?

Was Ian Nora's father?

Therefore, he hesitated when introducing him. He did not know if letting Nora call him Uncle Ian was right or wrong.

Just as he was feeling conflicted, Ian looked at Nora confidently. "Justin, may I have a private chat with Miss Smith?"

Private chat?

Justin's eyes narrowed.

Ian's attitude was too unpredictable.

If she was his daughter, he would have come to acknowledge her a long time ago. But if she was not, would he make a move on her when love turns to hatred?

As he was thinking about Nora's safety, Nora said, "Okay."

She took a few steps to the side.

Yvonne pushed Ian and wanted to follow.. However, before she could push the wheelchair, she heard Ian instruct her, "Stay here and let Miss Smith push me over."