She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 256 - A Reasonable Explanation!

Chapter 256 - A Reasonable Explanation!

Chapter 256 - A Reasonable Explanation!

Ten seconds later, dead silence filled the room.


A minute later, the silence in the room became even scarier.


Even after two minutes went by, none of them had any intention of speaking.


Nora, who had always been short of sleep, found time especially hard to pass at the moment. How she wished she could just close her eyes and fall asleep, so that by the time she woke up, the day would be bright and sunny once more.

But that was obviously not the most appropriate thing to do at the moment.

She had never been afraid of anything, and she had always been a direct and straightforward person. Even so, she kinda understood in this instant what it meant to want to dig a hole and bury oneself in it.

Her gaze drifted about erratically. She looked at the ceiling with her arms hanging by her side and nudged Pete with her hand to get him to break the silence.

Pete: "…"

By then, Pete and Cherry had already communicated a great deal with each other with their eyes.

Pete looked at Cherry: 'What do we do now?'

Cherry's big eyes blinked: 'I don't know, either!'

Pete held his hands up helplessly: 'The tyrant looks so calm, but the calmer he is on the outside, the angrier he is on the inside!'

Cherry also glanced at Nora: 'Mommy also has a really grave look on her face. The more grave she looks, the scarier the decision she'll make!'

Pete was terrified: 'Surely Mommy isn't thinking of knocking out the tyrant and taking the two of us away, right?'

Cherry: '… It's not impossible.'

Pete: '…'

While the two children were communicating with their eyes, Nora nudged Pete. She curled her fingers a little, motioning for him to speak.

Thus, Pete said, "Mommy, Daddy always brings 12 bodyguards and even 24 hidden bodyguards whenever he goes out. You won't be able to fight your way out."

As soon as he said that, the room became even quieter.


It was as if everyone's breathing was audible.

Justin: "…"

To be honest, he was also in a huge panic at the moment!

Before this, Nora hadn't known that he was already aware of everything. In order to make the woman stay, he had deliberately kept one of the two children with him. This way, she would always stay by his side.

But now!

If they were to address the elephant in the room, he wouldn't be able to continue being 'narcissistic'!

The woman would explain everything, and then…

What must he do to make the woman and the children stay?

The man, who had always been full of ideas when it came to the world of commerce, was also in a panic. Thus, all he could do was stand there with a pensive look on his face.

Unfortunately, his expression instead gave Nora the impression that he was a very terrifying man.

Well, that made sense. Justin would definitely be furious once he knew that one of his children had been taken away from him. It was already very impressive that he could suppress his anger and keep himself from venting it. Moreover, he hadn't said anything really awful, either.

When Nora, who had just thought of that, heard what Pete said, the corners of her lips couldn't help but spasm.


She would never ever admit that she had indeed been itching just a moment ago to knock the man out and then flee the country with the two children.

In fact, an escape route had already formed in her mind that very moment. After going out, she mustn't drive straight to the airport because Justin was definitely powerful enough to seal the airport and trains.

Therefore, she would drive to the suburbs instead, find an empty helipad, and get Lily to pilot a private jet and come over to pick them up as soon as possible!

However, it would take Lily seven to eight hours to fly over. After all, they were too far away from Switzerland, where Lily was… Should it really be beyond Lily's means, she would get Solo to pick them up instead. After all, he was closer to where they were.

If not, then her only option would be to approach her aunt overseas for help instead…

But when she heard about the 36 bodyguards, Nora fell silent and dismissed the idea.

She had fought Justin's bodyguards before; it was easy for her to beat one or two, but 36… Say, just how fearful of dying was that man? Did he have to bring so many people with him whenever he went out?

While Nora was daydreaming, Justin finally spoke. "Shouldn't you give me a reasonable explanation for this, Ms. Smith?"


The weird atmosphere was finally broken. Nora breathed a sigh of relief at last. After thinking for a while about how to word the situation, she started to explain the issues with the children. She said, "… Since you've already seen everything, then I won't keep it from you anymore. The reason why I have been trying to get close to you and Pete is actually…"

But before she could finish, Justin cut her off and said, "That's not the explanation I'm asking for. Rather, back then, why did you get pregnant with my children behind my back?"

All the words that Nora had prepared became stuck in her throat, choking her. She was about to speak when Justin said sharply, "You'd best give me a reasonable explanation, why did you plot against me and then run away that night?! You even bore two of my children!"

Nora: "???"

Her mind was full of question marks!

Which night was he talking about?

No, wait…

Nora narrowed her eyes. "Didn't you say that you don't know how I became pregnant?"

Justin lowered his gaze. "I didn't know it was you at that time, so of course I would say that. After all, surely I couldn't tell outsiders that a woman had plotted against me and taken advantage of me, right?"

Nora: "?????"

She pointed at herself incredulously. "I… plotted against you?"

Justin, who was pulling a long face, replied, "Yes. Given how you were fat and ugly at that time, it can't possibly be because I fell in love with you and plotted against you, right?"

Nora: "??????"

Was she suffering from memory loss? Or had she really been sleepwalking that time?! But she really didn't remember him appearing in her dream! After all, given that face of his, it would have been deeply etched in her memory if she had indeed dreamed of him!

She was about to refute him when Justin spoke again. "Tell me, woman, what exactly are you plotting by scheming against me and even bearing me two children?"

Nora: "…"

She was speechless.

She didn't know what to say!

Seemingly because she wasn't saying anything, Justin's voice turned even colder. "If you're not going to explain yourself… These two children are part of the Hunts. There's no way I will allow the Hunts' children to wander about outside, let alone allow a woman with ulterior motives to go near my children! So, without a good reason, you can forget about ever seeing my children again!"

He placed his hands on top of Pete's and Cherry's heads and took a step back with the two.

Nora: "?"

Her eyes darkened.

How dare that man threaten her! Hah!

Just as she was about to attack…

Cherry and Pete, whom Justin was holding on to, panicked when they heard their father.

They wouldn't be able to see Mommy ever again?

No, they couldn't have that!

Cherry immediately shouted, "Daddy, Mommy doesn't have any ill intentions! She doesn't have any ulterior motives, either!"

Even though Justin, who was in the midst of a confrontation with Nora, had adopted an icy-cold demeanor on the surface, he was actually secretly terribly anxious.

Why hadn't that silly girl taken the bait yet?

Well, it was true that she wasn't afraid of a head-on confrontation, after all.

However, his precious little baby finally spoke up at this point. Justin breathed a sigh of relief inwardly, though the look on his face remained cold. "What is she planning, if not something malevolent?"

"It's… it's… it's… " Cherry looked at Nora, and then at Justin. At last, she turned to Pete for help and asked, "It's… What was it again, Pete?"

Pete: "?"

Seeing the tyrant also looking over, Pete stammered, "It's… It's…"