She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 238 - Joel's Thoughtfulness

Chapter 238 - Joel's Thoughtfulness

Chapter 238 - Joel's Thoughtfulness

Nora looked over and saw that a pot of worm-infested orchid had been discarded in the corner. The orchid was in a pot, so it was obvious that someone had abandoned it.

That pot of flowers…

Nora frowned. It was the same pot of orchid that the person had sent her a private message about, asking her for help with it!

The two went over. Tanya bent over, picked up the pot of orchid, and examined it carefully. "This pot of flowers looks quite pretty."

Of course, it was pretty.

It was obvious at a glance that the pot of flower had been meticulously taken care of for many years as someone's priceless treasure.

It was just a shame that it had become infested with worms.

But wasn't its owner a little too heartless? They had discarded the flowers just because she hadn't replied to them?

However, Nora understood the next moment.

The worms on the flowers were contagious. Should they remain in the greenhouse with other flowers, they would probably spoil the other flowers too.

What a shame.

Tanya held the pot and said, "It just so happens that I don't have any flowers in my new home. Let's use this as decoration. How do we get rid of the worms on it?"

Tanya had already bought the villa. They were here to take a look around today.

Nora thought for a moment. Since Tanya liked the flowers, then this meant that they were fated to be. Thus, she said, "Let me do it."

Tanya nodded.

The two of them continued to walk ahead. After strolling around half of the residential complex, even though Tanya's long and slender legs were still moving, she was already complaining, "The residential complex is too big. I shouldn't have suggested bringing you around and should've driven instead."

Nora ignored her.

The two walked and walked until Tanya worked up a sweat. Only then did they arrive at the door of Villa No. 10. Tanya unlocked the door with her fingerprint and said, "The people that used to live in the villa were mostly artists. When I bought the house, the former landlord warned me not to mess with the residents of Villa No. 9."

Nora raised her eyebrows. "Why?"

Tanya explained, "He said that she was a middle-aged woman with an especially strange temperament. Also, she likely comes from quite the background, because she has a lot of hidden bodyguards protecting her in the surroundings!"

Nora, "…"

The villas were in the suburbs. Although it looked pretty good, it actually wasn't that expensive due to its location.

While the environment was passable as a retirement home, the medical conditions weren't.

As an ordinary residence, it was too far from the city. Tanya had only chosen this place because this was all she could afford with her years of savings. So, just which influential person was it who would choose to live here?

She shook her head and didn't pay any more attention to the matter. Instead, she followed Tanya into the room.

However, Nora raised her eyebrows a little after she did.

The villa was decorated exquisitely in a country style, Tanya's favorite. But as far as Nora knew, such decor cost at least $300,000 to $500,000!

Together with the villa itself…

How did Tanya buy it at a million dollars?

She had checked the prices of the villas nearby—they all cost about 1.2 million dollars each. Tanya said that because the landlord was in a hurry to sell the house, he had set a low asking price. She only had about a million dollars, so it was just right for her.

Added to this the interior decor and furnishings, there was no way anyone could buy the house for less than two million dollars!

Moreover, it wasn't hard to sell the houses in the area. After all, they were high-end properties, and the villas were indeed pretty good. She couldn't help but think that there was definitely something going on here.

Tanya, who was unaware of the ongoings involved, was walking around excitedly. There were three floors in the villa. The first floor consisted of a living room and a room for domestic helpers.

The second floor consisted of three bedrooms, while the third floor could be used as a study or storage room.

Tanya went upstairs excitedly. She said to Nora, "Do you know what I like the most about this place? This! Take a look, Nora!"

Nora looked over to see that the two rooms on the third floor had been merged into a practice room. Mirrors covered the walls on all four sides, which made it very suitable for…

"This is my dance practice room!"

Tanya slipped into the practice room on her toes. She looked around with a smile and said, "The previous owner's girlfriend was a dancer, so he specially bought this house. And here too…"

She went out, pointed to the third room, and said, "This is the bathroom and dressing room. After dancing, I can just go in to shower and wash off all the stinky sweat. There's also a huge jacuzzi inside! Haha, the property agent said that the previous owner originally planned to use it as a shared bathtub for him and his girlfriend, so they left it unused in the end after the renovation. Well, I'm the one who gets to use it now!"

Nora, "…"

Tanya's favorite dance practice room, Tanya's favorite country-style interior decor, and a two-person bathtub… All of this made her absolutely convinced that something was up with the house.

There weren't that many coincidences in this world.

However, upon seeing how excited Tanya was, she didn't want to be a wet blanket, either. Thus, she merely raised her brows, took out her cell phone, and hacked into the property agency's system. She found the previous owner in the house's transactional details. The man had a very ordinary name—Gary Long.

Nora, "…"

The corners of her lips spasmed a little, and she couldn't help feeling that she must have been thinking too much. When she was about to exit the page, something suddenly occurred to her and she scrolled up. Sure enough, she found a familiar name—Joel Smith.

Nora, "?"

Joel had transferred the ownership rights to Gary. Then, in under half a month, Gary sold it to Tanya. As expected, how could there possibly be this many coincidences in the world?

She lifted her head again and looked at Tanya—only to see that she was already spinning around excitedly in the dance practice room.

Nora hesitated for a moment. After a short internal struggle, she decided not to do anything about it in the end. If she were to tell Tanya about it, given how stubbornly competitive she was, she would definitely return the house.

Returning the house was equivalent to a breach of contract, which would require her to pay a great amount as damages. On top of that, there were also various fees involved.

Most importantly, through the house, as well as how meticulously and thoughtfully Joel had handled the matter, Nora could tell with her keen senses that there might still exist possibilities between the two of them.

Therefore, she'd better just not say anything unnecessary!

In the midst of her thoughts, Tanya walked out of the dance practice room and said, "Never mind, I'm not dancing anymore. It's not like you're doing it with me anyway, so it's really boring. Nora, didn't you say just now that you can cure that pot of flowers? Hurry up and do it! I'll take it as a housewarming gift from you!"

Nora, "…"

That pot of flowers was worth $300,000. One had to hand it to her for being able to bring herself to ask for a housewarming gift worth $300,000.

She said, "I'll need 100 grams of rice vinegar, 100 grams of baking soda, wormwood…"

She went downstairs after listing a few items. After looking around the house, she actually found them all in the kitchen.

Tanya laughed and said, "The previous owner said that his girlfriend was supposed to return from abroad half a month ago. They were planning to get married, so he bought a lot of everyday necessities for the house. But in the end, the girlfriend didn't come back, and the two of them broke up, so these everyday necessities all come to me now! Let me see, there are two cartons of milk in the fridge. They are about to expire, so let's have one each later."

Nora, "…"

Wasn't Joel Smith a little too virtuous?

The corners of her lips spasmed a little. Then, she started to get busy.

Outside, Mrs. Landis walked past their villa. She ran over to the rocks but didn't see the pot of orchid. She was terribly alarmed and frightened, but there weren't any surveillance cameras there, so she didn't know who had taken it away, either.

Iris was surely going to be really heartbroken now.

While she was thinking about it, she suddenly smelled something pungent and piercing. She turned and saw two girls coming out of Villa No.. 10 with a pot of flowers in their hands.