She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 235 - Make Sure She Doesn't Die

Chapter 235 - Make Sure She Doesn't Die

Chapter 235 - Make Sure She Doesn't Die

Joel was a little surprised at the question. He answered, "She's inside the Quinn School of Martial Arts."

Was Uncle Ian going to acknowledge her and bring her back to the Smiths?

As soon as the thought formed, the man said, "Oh."

Joel, "…"

He kept quiet for a while before he said, "She seems to have offended Paul Quinlan, but with Justin Hunt's ties to the Quinn School of Martial Arts, they won't do anything to her… Do we intervene?"

Ian stayed silent for a very long while. In the end, he sneered, "With Justin Hunt protecting her, why would she need us?"

Joel could hear the displeasure in his words. However, when he thought of the DNA test report, he didn't dare to say anything.

Just when he thought Ian was going to hang up, Ian said, "… But the Smiths are not to be bullied. Don't let her die."

Joel breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay."

Joel spaced out for a moment after he hung up.

By right, he wasn't really friends with Nora. Added to this, Ian's attitude toward her, as well as how hurtful her existence was to Ian, it would make more sense if he looked forward to something happening to Nora instead.

So, why had he actually breathed a sigh of relief just now?

Was it because…

He looked at Tanya, who was listening to music and playing games in the jeep in front. Was it because of her?

He didn't want to make her sad, so he didn't want anything to happen to her best friend… After all, that woman had always been stubborn and withdrawn since she was a child, so she barely had any friends.

It wasn't easy for her to have a best friend whom she could trust with her life.

The moment the thought formed, Joel leaned back against the backseat again, suddenly losing the desire to get out of the car.

Indeed, she had always been withdrawn since she was a child. Her world consisted only of herself, so why would she even care about him? Hadn't she also mercilessly left him back then?

Joel lowered his gaze and suddenly said, "Let's go home."

The chauffeur was taken aback. "Mr. Smith?"

Joel closed his eyes. "It suddenly occurred to me, I have a meeting. Come back and pick up the two children after you send me back."

"Yes, sir."

Tanya was in the driver's seat when the Smiths' car passed by the jeep. Perhaps because she had been dancing since she was a child, she subconsciously kept her posture straight and upright even when she was slumped into the seat.

As though she had suddenly sensed something, she turned her head, but all she saw was just the rear of the Smiths' car.

She didn't say anything but only lowered her head instead.


Paul was thrown out of the Quinn School of Martial Arts by Lucas and a few other disciples of the sect in the end.

As Nora had fed him a pill, he felt sore and weak all over and was unable to exert any strength.

No one knew what the pill was. All Nora said was that it wouldn't kill him, but would make sure that he would never be able to use any of the martial arts he had learned from the Quinn School ever again.

To be honest, this alone was already more than enough to kill him.

Because of his connections to the Quinn School of Martial Arts, he had acted without restraint and long since offended a great number of people in the underworld forces of New York. Now that he had landed himself in such a predicament, there were a lot of people who would kick him while he was down.

Moreover, there was also Jordan and his wife, who would never give the Quinlan Sect an easy time.

In just a month, Jordan and his wife took over the Quinlan Sect and expanded their influence, whereas the Quinlan Sect disappeared into the course of history. As for Paul, the man never appeared ever again in New York.

Many said that he had died after someone dealt with him.

However, some also said that he had escaped with all of the Quinlan Sect's money.

Opinions varied, and no one could really say for sure. However, it was destined that small fry like him would never be able to avenge himself his entire life. After all, he was up against the two biggest families and two martial arts sects in New York.

Of course, all of this came later.

Mrs. Hoffman was currently holding Nora's hand. She said, "As it turns out, you're the Quinn School of Martial Arts' Big Sister. This sure is… No wonder you said that it wasn't Big Sister's instructions. We're starting to owe you more and more favors, Ms. Smith! How can we repay you?"

Nora yawned. "It wasn't really a favor this time. After all, he was the one making use of the Quinn School of Martial Arts' influence."

Mrs. Hoffman was still very grateful to her, regardless. She said, "Just say the word if you ever need our help in the future, Ms. Smith! You're the Hoffmans' most honored guest!"

Nora waved her hand. Then, she said to Pete, "Go home early after you're done with practice, okay? I'll leave first."

Pete, "…"

Everyone else, "…"

Quinn was so angry that the veins on his forehead were practically bulging. "Nora! Smith! Not only is he your so— I mean, your child, but he's also your disciple! Can you be a little more responsible?!"

It was just a shame that Nora had already quickened her footsteps the moment she said she was leaving. Before he could even finish, Nora was already out of sight.

Her voice was the only thing left ringing in the air: "No one is allowed to reveal my identity to outsiders. Those that do will be subjected to the sect's punishment!"

All the disciples present thought back to Paul's tragic state just now and shuddered.

Quinn: "…"


In a bright and clean villa with well-rounded security in the suburbs.

Justin's car was parked outside the gates. He pushed the door open and entered the villa.

In the yard, the greenhouse that was at a constant temperature all year round was filled with chrysanthemums. Yellow, white, pink… There were all sorts of colors. There were bush lilies, and even rarely-seen orchid species like A Glimpse of Blood, White Gulls Chasing Waves, and so on…

Every pot of flower could fetch tens of thousands—or even hundreds of thousands—of dollars and was extremely valuable.

However, Justin didn't cast even a glance at the flowers. He cleared the fingerprint verification and went straight into the living room.

"Justin is here!" said Mrs. Landis, the caregiver, as she handed him a pair of slippers.

Justin lowered his head and changed into the slippers.

He was about to head further in when he suddenly spied a familiar figure—Tina York.

His pupils shrank. His voice was harsh as he demanded, "Why are you here?"

Tina smiled gracefully when she saw him. She replied, "I'm here to spend some time with Mrs. Hunt. Besides, she has a pot of A Glimpse of Blood that's not doing well and has wilted. I happen to have the formula for a remedy that can help her revitalize the flower."

Justin's pupils shrank.

He knew very well that she was definitely up to no good, but his mother had always treated those flowers like her very life itself. To think she could actually win over his mother, who had always been a cold and distant person…

Before Justin could say anything, a beautiful and glamorous middle-aged woman walked over to them. She said, "You can go now, Tina. Come over again tomorrow to take a look at how my flowers are doing. Sigh, the roots have become infested with worms. What a headache."

Tina smiled gently and said, "Sure, Mrs. Hunt."

However, her countenance instantly turned dark and sinister after she left the villa.

It was only after Winston's death that she realized that the love she had found in college was the purest. Pain and grief filled her heart, she wanted to avenge Winston!

So, Nora wanted to marry into the Hunts, right?

Heh. Apart from Pete, the person that mattered the most to Justin was his mother.

Tina took a deep breath, took out her cell phone, and sent a message to Orchidiance: 'Can you help me save a pot of orchid? I'm willing to pay $500,000!'

Orchidiance was a mysterious figure in the field of botany.

It was said that years ago, there was a pot of orchid species named Cinnabar Red Frost that, for some reason, was withering day by day. Its owner could only post about it on the Internet and ask for help.

A netizen named Orchidiance told the owner that the pot of orchid was sick, and prescribed two doses of herbal medicine. The owner was so desperate that she could only make a Hail Mary effort and use the prescription on the pot of orchid, but in the end, the pot of orchid actually came back to life!

Orchidiance became famous in the world of orchids as a result.

As long as Tina managed to please Mrs. Hunt, she would definitely be able to sow discord between her and Justin with regard to his marriage plans!! Besides, there were moral issues with Nora herself, too! She was saddled with a child, yet she wanted to marry into the Hunts? She must be dreaming!!


At the Andersons'.

Nora, who had just reached home, tossed her cell phone aside and went to take a shower.. When she came back, she noticed that she had received a private message on a website where she had registered an account in the past. The private message read: 'Can you help me save a pot of orchid? I'm willing to pay $500,000!'