She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 217 - Geniuses Are All Such Mutants!

Chapter 217 - Geniuses Are All Such Mutants!

Chapter 217 - Geniuses Are All Such Mutants!

What entered his view was the score '120' written in big red text.

Raymond was dumbfounded. He swallowed, looked at Fatty, and subconsciously asked, "How many marks is a perfect score?"

A puzzled Fatty answered, "100, of course!"

Raymond breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at the tutor and said, "Mister, even if you're trying to give Pete extra marks, surely you can't just go beyond the full score? This is a test with a perfect score of 100, yet he scored 120?"

As soon as Raymond said that, the whole room fell silent.

The children of the Hunts outside the office were utterly stunned.

However, Raymond was still going on. He asked, "Is he cheating? Could it be that this is how Pete had gotten all his scores in the past? Justin, even if you want to highlight how clever your son is, surely you can't do that, right?"

He prattled on and on until Fatty, whose expression had already changed next to him, pulled on his arm.

Only then did Raymond stop. He looked at him and asked, "What's the matter?"

Fatty, who couldn't hold his head high anymore, said, "Grandpa! There are also bonus questions in the paper. The bonus questions are usually questions beyond our current level of difficulty and are worth twenty marks!"

Raymond, "!!"

Dumbfounded, he flipped to the back of the paper. Sure enough, he saw two bonus questions worth ten marks each. Pete had answered both correctly.

Those were questions beyond their current level of difficulty, yet he could answer them perfectly?

Raymond swallowed. "H-how can this be? Didn't they say that he has been playing games the whole month?"

The tutor was totally convinced by now. He stood and said, "Mr. Hunt, I was opposed to Pete playing games previously, but I didn't expect that it wouldn't affect his studies at all. I was worrying too much!"

As soon as he said that, Mrs. Hunt immediately understood. She burst into laughter at once, hugged Pete, and kept calling him her little baby. She said, "My goodness, my Pete is just so smart. He can still get the first place even if he plays games for a month. Now, this is what you call a genius, Raymond! No matter how hard a normal person tries, they can never catch up with a genius!"

Raymond, "!!"

She was shutting him up with his own words from just now!

Raymond was so furious that even his expression changed. He looked straight at Fatty and smacked him on the head. "What kind of inaccurate info are you sending me?"

Fatty rubbed his head and burst into tears. "How could I have known that Pete would turn out to be that huge of a mutant? He really did play games for a month! Yet, his learning progress hasn't fallen behind at all!"

The children around them also sighed in admiration.

"Pete is as impressive as ever!"

"I'm so impressed!"

"No wonder Mom and Dad said that Peter is a genius! The Hunts will definitely do even better in his hands in the future!"


Raymond had originally come here to blow things up, and like what he had hoped for, things had indeed blown up. However, it had instead brought even more prestige to Peter!

He had totally shot himself in the foot!

He was so furious that he pulled Fatty's ears. "So, the test is over, right? Then come with me!"

"Grandpa, don't be so rough! It hurts!"

A hint of murderous intent and frostiness flashed across Justin's eyes as he watched the pair walk off. However, when he saw Mrs. Hunt, he concealed the emotions in his eyes.

Since his grandmother was still around, he would ultimately still have to show a bit of mercy to certain people.

He got up and saw Mrs. Hunt back home. Then, he took Pete to the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

When Quinn was receiving Pete, Justin deliberately gave Pete a reminder and said, "Remember to let Ms. Smith know that you've come for training."

Pete was puzzled. "Why?"

It's to see whether she'll come over to pick you up or not, of course! This way, you can switch places with Cherry!

However, Justin did not voice that thought out loud. Instead, he lowered his gaze dispassionately and said, "Let her know that you're working hard to become a man and that you will protect her in the future. Don't you want her to be your Mommy? Feelings have to be cultivated."

"… Oh."

He couldn't help but feel like the tyrant was acting weirdly. Had he found out something? Surely not, right?

But when he observed the tyrant's expression, he found that his eyes were deep and his countenance expressionless. He couldn't tell at all.

Pete couldn't make out what he was thinking, so he simply entered the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Justin turned and drove off. When he was turning the corner, a car went past his and stopped at the entrance to the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Paul got out of the car and neatened his suit. Then, he strode toward the entrance and entered.

One could say that Paul was doing the best among all of the Quinn School of Martial Arts' unofficial disciples. Therefore, the sect would usually show him some courtesy. Seeing that he was here, Lucas himself came over to receive him.

Paul asked, "Where's Master? I'll go and pay him a visit."

Lucas replied, "He's teaching a junior martial arts at the moment, and has forbidden others from disturbing them."

Paul frowned. "A junior? When did he take another disciple?"

Lucas smiled and replied, "He took one recently. Our first senior, Big Sister, is too lazy to take over the sect, so Master has no choice but to look for a little disciple. He calls him his little disciple, but he's actually training a successor for Big Sister!"

The first senior disciple…

It was known to all that the Quinn School of Martial Arts had a Big Sister. She was a disciple that Quinn had taken over twenty years ago. However, her identity was a mystery, and no one had ever seen her except for a few selected people.

However, the legendary Big Sister's words carried a lot of weight in the Quinn School of Martial Arts.

Paul grabbed Lucas and said, "On account of how we've been fellow disciples for so many years, can you tell me who Big Sister is? Lest we engage in friendly fire and end up attacking our own!"

The Quinn School of Martial Arts held a very weighty position in the pugilistic world. Their direct disciples were not allowed to operate in other industries outside.

Paul and Jordan had both set up their own factions in the pugilistic world and specialized in helping others do things that they found inconvenient to do themselves. They were considered underworld forces. This violated the Quinn School of Martial Arts' principles, so Paul had never become an official disciple all this time. Instead, he stayed as a titular unofficial disciple.

Of course, Quinn also felt that he overly pursued material things, so he had always disliked him.

Lucas smiled and said, "I can't tell you that."

He led Paul into the Quinn School of Martial Arts' reception hall and changed the subject. He said, "By the way, your request for an additional five places has been rejected by the official disciples."

Paul narrowed his eyes. "Oh? Why not? From what I remember, Master doesn't bother with trivial matters like that."

Lucas smiled and replied, "It's Big Sister's order."

Paul knew at once that it was a lost cause the moment he heard that. Big Sister had always stood by her words.

After a brief moment of hesitation, he said, "Since Big Sister has given the order, and the sect has rejected my son's friends, the sect won't accept other children, either, right?"

Lucas lifted his chin and replied, "Of course."

Paul nodded. "Alright, then."

Pulling strings for his son was just his secondary objective in coming here. What mattered the most was keeping in contact with the Quinn School of Martial Arts. Although he couldn't get another five places for his son, he could at least ensure that Cherry, or whatever her name was, couldn't bring anyone in, either. This way, his son wouldn't be embarrassed. Thus, he didn't pester them about it anymore.

He got up, looked at the training gym, and walked straight over.. He said, "How about letting me take a look at who Master's newest little disciple is, Lucas? I want to see just who it is that can make Master personally teach him."