She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 193 - Yanci The Car Racer!

Chapter 193 - Yanci The Car Racer!

Chapter 193 - Yanci The Car Racer!

Jimmy instantly became as pale as a sheet. He held his head and then his chest.

His mother noticed his unusual behavior very quickly. "What's wrong, Jimmy?"

The little boy couldn't pinpoint where exactly he didn't feel well, so he could only reply, "I feel so sick, Mommy."

Jimmy's mother hurriedly hugged him. She couldn't help but gripe, "It's all Nora Smith's fault! Of all things to say, why did she have to scare you like that?!"

She was so anxious that her eyes were all red. She griped at Jordan and said, "I really don't know who this boy takes after for him to be so timid. Come on, Mommy will tuck you into bed."

She scooped the pale Jimmy into her arms and took him to the bedroom upstairs.

Jordan became even more furious when he saw how unwell little Jimmy was.

He looked at Logan and said, "It still goes back to the same thing. Either I help you out—everyone will likely take a step back on my account and postpone the race for a month—but you must bring me that woman named Nora Smith and let me teach her a good lesson! Or, you get the hell out of here!"

Logan clenched his fists.

He stared at Jordan. After a short while, he finally replied coldly, "I'll take my leave, Mr. Hoffman."

Logan limped out of the door. Jordan was still angry even after he left. The man beside him said, "Mr. Hoffman, that kid is a pretty righteous and honorable guy…"

Jordan snorted. "He can only count himself unlucky to have a cousin like that! Since I can't make trouble for that woman, I can only make trouble for him, then!"

However, after he said that, he lowered his head again and said, "Forget it. That kid is pretty interesting. Relay a message to everyone—the race three days later will go on as per normal, but he and the Andersons are separate entities."

This meant that he was going to protect the Andersons.

The man nodded. "Yes, sir."

To be honest, Jordan actually wasn't the most powerful man among the underworld forces. However, everyone trusted and believed in him because he was a righteous and loyal man who practiced boundaries in the way he did things.

Take just now, for example. Even though he had vented his anger on Logan because of a woman, he had protected Logan's family, nonetheless.

Otherwise, if everyone charged over to the Andersons, the Andersons would be in trouble.


Logan left Jordan's. After taking a few steps, someone called out to him from behind. He turned around to see that it was Jordan's second-in-command. The man strode over and said, "Mr. Hoffman has just given the word that you and the Andersons are separate entities. I have no idea which part of you Mr. Hoffman took a fancy to."

Logan breathed a sigh of relief and nodded at the man. He said, "Please thank Mr. Hoffman for me."

Jordan's second-in-command nodded. Then, he said, "You sure are unlucky, though. Why do you simply have to have a cousin like that? If you ask me, I'd say this would all be over if you just bring her here and have her apologize to Mr. Hoffman and his wife. Why bother doing something like that instead?"

Logan cast his eyes down and said nothing.

The man went on and said, "I've already looked into it. Your cousin isn't from an established family, so it shouldn't matter that much to her whether she embarrasses herself or not, isn't it?"

However, as soon as he said that, Logan said, "Thank you very much for your help."

In other words, he had rejected Jordan's second-in-command's suggestion.

The man's expression darkened. "You don't know what's good for you, kid. She'd best either apologize or hope that the little mister gets well soon. Otherwise, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman definitely won't let her off if the little mister continues to be sick!"

Logan nodded at him and left.

Logan's foot hadn't recovered yet, so he couldn't drive. He hailed a cab and instructed the driver to go to the villa where he was currently staying.

However, when he reached the villa, he found that all his belongings had been thrown out. Someone was inside the villa and packing the place. The moment he got out of the car with a frown, someone said, "Oh hey, aren't you Logan—The Racing King? You've come just in time. Why haven't you moved out when you've already sold this villa to me?"

Logan pressed his lips together tightly.

The person who had bought his villa was none other than Winston, Jon Myers' son!

Jon had been making things difficult for the Andersons all these years, in hopes that the Myers Peace Pharmacy would replace the Harmonia Pharmacy to become the top player in the traditional medicine industry in New York.

Therefore, Winston had shown up immediately when he heard that Logan was selling his villa and car.

He had bought his villa at a low price.

The villa was located in the suburbs, so it was only worth three million dollars.

However, not only did Winston only offer 1.5 million dollars for it, but he had even coerced Logan into the transaction because he needed the money urgently! It was clearly stated in the contract that he was to be given a month's time to move out.

He didn't want to go back and live with the Andersons at the moment, lest they find out about his leg injury and worry about him.

But why was he kicking him out now?

Logan stepped forward with a frown and said, "Our contract clearly states that I'll move out within a month. I signed the sale agreement with you only yesterday, didn't I?"

Winston lifted his head high and replied, "Yes, 'within a month' is right. A day's time is also within a month, isn't it? Are you planning to stay here and not move out?"

Logan's sharp gaze turned cold. "Don't go too far, Winston!"

"Don't go too far?" Winston shrugged and said, "How exactly am I going too far? Isn't it right, of course, that you move out after you sell your house to me? Besides, I'm planning to stay here soon, so I can only take your things for you first!"

As soon as he said that, someone rushed out of the villa and called out, "There's a trophy here, Mr. Myers!"

Winston looked over to see that it was Logan's racing championship trophy.

Logan's eyes widened in shock when he saw the trophy.

He had won that trophy when he participated in his very first race.

His parents had always disapproved of car racing, so he'd only had a small celebration with his friends after he won the trophy. He had kept it carefully in his villa ever since.

The trophy held a special meaning to him.

He hastily stepped forward and said, "Give me that!"

Winston also hastily said, "Yeah, that trophy is the first championship trophy that our Logan—The Racing King here ever won. I remember that he had beat the others by copying one of Yanci's drifting techniques that time. That trophy holds great significance. You mustn't break it! Here, Logan—The Racing King, hold it properly."

Logan stretched out his hand. He was about to take the trophy when Winston suddenly turned and smashed the trophy mercilessly against the rock next to him!


The trophy shattered at once!

Logan's eyes widened in horror. He turned to Winston abruptly, balled up his fist, and waved it at him. He shouted, "You must be sick of living, Winston!"

But before he could charge toward Winston, two other men stopped him.

Logan had always had a lot of physical strength, and he rarely suffered disadvantages in fights. In addition, he had always been ruthless ever since he was a child. However, one of his legs was injured, and he didn't have any strength in it. He soon fell into a disadvantage.

The men trapped Logan. He glared furiously at Winston. "You're so shameless to kick a man while he's down!"

Winston, however, laughed and said, "I've already bought your villa. As for your car, will you sell it for three million dollars or not? I've already spread the word—no one will offer you a higher price than that!"

Logan clenched his fists.

At this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang.