She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 177 - Do You Know Who She Is?

Chapter 177 - Do You Know Who She Is?

Chapter 177 - Do You Know Who She Is?

Both Tina and Michael were stunned the moment she said that.

Tina looked at her incredulously. "Are you still planning to take part in it when you aren't even on the list? How are you going to do that?"

She glanced at the direction Nora was heading—it was Director Shaw's office—and she said, "Are you planning to pester Director Shaw again? Do you…"

When she noticed that Michael was still next to Nora, she swallowed back down the words 'have any shame or not'. Tina balled up her fists tightly and changed what she wanted to say. She said, "… You're putting Director Shaw in a really tight spot if you do that. Everyone already knows the list of participants, Ms. Smith. Except for Anti, no one has the right to modify it. Director Shaw is a man of principles and is well-respected in school. If he bends the rules because of you, I'm really afraid that his reputation would end up in shambles in his twilight years…"

She glanced at Michael after she spoke—sure enough, the man was frowning. Then, she heaved a sigh and said, "I know it's useless no matter how much more I say, but I just want everyone to be okay. It's better to not be so insistent on some things, Ms. Smith. I'll go first."

She turned and left after that.

But before she even reached the corner, she heard Michael's cold and stiff voice. He said, "There is no lack of doctors who want to take part in Anti's operation, Ms. Smith. What one should rely on is their capabilities, not their connections!"

Tina lowered her gaze and left with peace of mind.

Michael was the student that Director Shaw was the proudest of. Additionally, they were also related in another way—Director Shaw had already decided on Michael as his son-in-law. Thus, he had a huge say, be it in the school or with Director Shaw.

Her words might not work, but Michael's surely would!

So, Nora wanted to take part in Anti's operation this time? Heh, no way!

It would be her turn to envy her this time, no matter what!

Tina left with confidence.


Michael's gaze was fixed on Nora.

He'd always had only admiration for every decision that his mentor made because Director Shaw was a true doctor.

'Doctors should be benevolent'—Director Shaw was a true reflection of these words.

Many people had given up on the child because his condition was too difficult, and there were too many uncertainties involved—after all, he was still in the growth and development phase.

Yet, Director Shaw had taken it on and was even willing to stake his life's reputation on it.

After all, should the operation fail, his record of never failing a single operation in his life would be broken.

Michael entered Director Shaw's office immediately after he spoke.

Nora followed him at the back. She sat on the sofa and looked around leisurely after she entered the office. Michael poured her a glass of water. Then, he sat in front of her and said, "I know you have powerful connections, Ms. Smith. That's why Mr. Shaw treats you with great respect. However, I'd still advise you to give up on joining the operation!"

Michael said in persuasion, "There are a lot of people watching the operation this time. On top of that, there would also be reporters, so the operation is of great importance. The list of participants has gone through several layers of screening. If anyone is found to have tampered with it, Mr. Shaw would have to take responsibility for it!"

He then glanced at Nora's clean hands and refreshed appearance. It didn't seem like there was even a hint of rigor to her at all.

He frowned and went on. "Also, everyone who enters the operating room has to thoroughly memorize the finalized surgical plan, but you were sleeping during the meeting just now. You didn't make any record of the discussion at all, did you? What can a flippant person like you learn even if you're in the operating room?"

A surprised Nora retorted, "Who says I didn't commit anything to memory?"

Michael became even angrier when he heard her rebuttal. He said, "You look like you're probably one or two years younger than me, right, Ms. Smith? Then you should know better than anyone else that a good memory is never as good as a worn-out pen. You should at least bring a notebook with you and note down all the important information when you study, right? You'll only be able to make sure that you don't forget anything important if you do that. But what did you do instead? You were nodding off throughout the entire meeting!"

Nora, "?"

She stared at Michael's notebook, which was densely packed with his writings. Then, she held her forehead with her hand and said, "How would I possibly not be able to memorize this bit of information?"

Not only did she have a photographic memory, but the act of performing an operation was even already close to becoming muscle memory for her. How could anything possibly go wrong?

Michael was a little overwhelmed by her rhetorical question. Nevertheless, his expression still darkened and he said, "One shouldn't be so conceited, Ms. Smith!"

How could anyone possibly remember this many surgical key points?

This was impossible unless they were like Director Shaw, who had undertaken innumerable operations and gone through various experiences!

Nora, however, was puzzled. "Was I being conceited?"

Her words made Michael choke. The young woman in front of him was practically incorrigible. At once, he said angrily, "Having you be part of Anti's operation is an insult in itself to Anti! Anti is an almighty surgeon who has never failed in any of their operations. They are practically a legend of the medical profession. Can you please hold a little awe or reverence with regard to observing their operation?!"

Nora could tell from the way he spoke about Anti that he must be a diehard fan of Anti.

But… a legend of the medical profession? An almighty surgeon?

Now, that was a little too exaggerated.

Even though she had always been thick-skinned, the corners of her lips nonetheless couldn't help but spasm at this moment. "They aren't that godly, are they?"

Her self-effacing reply, however, made Michael misunderstand. He said furiously, "What do you mean by that, Ms. Smith? How dare you not take even Anti seriously? Are you saying that you don't think Anti is that amazing? Are you looking down on Anti, or are you looking down on medical practice as a profession itself?"

Nora, "…"

Did he need to elevate it to such a level of ideology?

Besides, how did she even become equivalent to medical practice as a profession itself?!

Nora face-palmed. The people in the medical profession were regarding her as too great a person, which vaguely stressed her out a little. Even though she found the situation funny, she nevertheless explained seriously, "Anti is also human. They aren't a god."

She just needed more sleep than ordinary people, that was all!

Anti was someone completely beyond Michael's reach! She was also his idol in his career. There was no way he could ever tolerate anyone blaspheming or looking down on her!

The sight of Nora looking down so much on the genius doctor infuriated him. He got up at once and said angrily, "You—!"

Before he could finish, the office door was pushed open, and Director Shaw hurried in.

He had forcibly reduced the ten-minute-long consultation to just five minutes, for fear that he would accidentally slight the big boss. Yet, as soon as he entered, he instead saw Michael glaring at her?

A frightened Director Shaw immediately asked, "What are you doing, Michael?"

A huffy Michael looked at Director Shaw and said, "I really don't understand just who exactly is backing her up, Director Shaw. She's just a little girl. Why are you so polite to her?"

Director Shaw, "?"

He stopped Michael's accusations at once, stepped forward, and rebuked, "What kind of nonsense are you spouting? She doesn't have anyone backing her up!"

His words made Michael even more perplexed. He asked, "In that case, are you going to let her participate in Anti's operation?"

"Of course!"

Michael was furious. He demanded, "Why are you letting her participate in Anti's operation when she despises Anti so much?"

Director Shaw couldn't help but hold his forehead. Then, he looked at Michael and asked, "Do you know who she is?"