She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 166 - Public Opinion!

Chapter 166 - Public Opinion!

Chapter 166 - Public Opinion!

An agitated Henry looked extremely furious. He said, "I only realized that the child wasn't mine after we were married! You're just like your mother! Like what they say, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow! You're both cheap women who got themselves pregnant before marriage!"

Nora's eyes abruptly widened.

She clenched her fists, losing control of her emotions for the first time during this incident.

She hadn't expected Henry to actually refute her using this.

Henry, however, seemed ready to risk everything as if he had nothing to lose anymore. The grown man's eyes had even reddened, and he looked as if he was finally revealing to the public a secret that he'd kept hidden deep down in his heart. He spoke as if he had been forced into it.

"Do you think I wanted to marry your mother? She was good-looking, beautiful, and gentle. When she was courting me back then, how was she even anything like a dignified daughter of a wealthy family? Although she owned a pharmaceutical company, I, too, had a great future ahead of me at that time. I graduated from a prestigious university and also had my own career at that time!"

"She liked me, while I also felt budding feelings for her. After that, we fell in love. I thought I was welcoming the most blissful married life in the world, but I didn't expect all of this to change after we got married!"

"On the first day of our marriage, she told me that she was pregnant, but the child wasn't mine! I was very sad and angry at that time and wanted a divorce, but she begged me not to and simply refused to agree to it."

Henry heaved a heavy sigh. He stood with his hands behind his back, forming a sorrowful and dispirited sight.

In the hospital.

Ian, who was watching the live-stream, was so furious that he flung the cell phone away. "There's no way Yvette would beg anyone! Lies! Utter lies! He's lying through his teeth!"

Yvette was such a strong woman.

Back then, when she was leading the Andersons' pharmaceutical company, she had once met with a problem in her academics. Someone told her that they would help her if she yielded and asked them for help, but she instead sneered at them and put in a month of hard work to overcome the problem instead.

She had worked so hard that she even coughed up blood in the end!

She was exactly someone like that. She'd rather grit her teeth, endure everything by herself, and work hard on her own than ask for help! What's more, when it came to love, she had always been the one who had the upper hand.

Ian, however, picked the cell phone up again after he flung it away, and continued to watch.

The look in his eyes was very cold.

What kind of death should he give that man, so that it would defuse his anger?

Regardless of the reason for it, Yvette had ultimately provided for that piece of trash for so many years. She wasn't even around anymore, yet he was still insulting her! He must be sick of living!

Ian clenched his fists tightly. He hated his body for being so useless in this instant. For the first time, he regretted having formed thoughts of dying.

Had his physical condition permitted, he would definitely have charged over to the Andersons' to sew that man's mouth shut!

At the Andersons.

Henry was still airing his grievances. He said, "I really loved her. I couldn't bear to see her on her knees, so I decided to wait until she gave birth before we divorce. I won't ask for even a cent from her…"

"But humans are emotional creatures. We spent a year and a half together. She was gentle, caring, and thoughtful toward me. When she gave birth and the time for our divorce came, how could I possibly bear to part with her?"

"She knew that I would be softhearted, so she cried and told me that she was terminally ill and didn't have long to live. She wanted me to raise her daughter and even said that she had fallen out with her family, so I was her only kin left in the world.

"She was dying and was so thin as she lay on the bed. I ended up relenting again."

"I really both love and hate her…"

"She also personally chose a second wife, Wendy, for me. She told her to treat me well and wanted the two of us, husband and wife, to take care of her child together.

"Later, she left the world. I missed her so badly that I fell ill. After being seriously ill for a while, I left my job. After that, I ultimately still couldn't recover from the pain of her departure."

"I really hate her. I hate her for deceiving me and betraying me by sleeping with another man. We only got married after dating for a year, yet at the time of our wedding, she was instead pregnant with another man's child…"

"But she's already dead, so what can I do?"

Henry wiped away the non-existent tears in his eyes before he looked at Nora again. He said, "Nora, I know you hate me for not showing you enough care and concern, but if you were me, would you have been able to calmly embrace the illegitimate child that she had had with someone else?!"

Wendy cooperated with him very well. She said, "After spending so many years in low spirits, your father has long since become out of touch with the times. Before your mother died, she said that the company was her way of compensating him. That's why we were unemployed."

The company was her way of compensating him?

Nora lowered her gaze and let out an icy laugh.

Henry glared at Nora again. "And you, too. It's because your mother was afraid that you would also pick up the wrong thing like her that she didn't allow you to go to school. That was what she said before she died. Sure enough, you turned out to be as loose a woman like her. Once again, you got yourself pregnant before marriage, and thoroughly embarrassed the Smiths! Your mother had let me down, and so did you! It's all your mother's fault that I'm in this state today! You should take responsibility for the consequences that you and your mother caused!"

Nora narrowed her eyes.

Although she didn't really have much of an impression of that mother of hers who only existed in legends, her gentle but firm voice had kept her company for countless days and nights when she was a child.

She wasn't going to allow Henry to slander her mother like that.

She believed that just like herself, her mother definitely had her own reasons for getting pregnant before she was married!

She took a step forward and clenched her fists. Her voice was cold and crisp as she demanded angrily, "Take back your accusations against my mother, Henry Smith!"

Henry took a step back and hid behind the cameraman. He said mockingly, "Are you stopping people from bringing it up because you don't have the guts to do it yourself? Besides, I wasn't planning to bring this up, either. You were the one who produced the DNA test results and brought humiliation upon yourself! Your mother is a promiscuous woman who slept around with other men while she was in a relationship with me! She didn't even know who the child's father was. She was used goods just like you are!"

Nora suddenly took a step forward. No one saw how she managed to go around the cameraman, but she rushed up to Henry extremely quickly, grabbed him by the collar, and said, "I told you to shut up!"

The cameraman pointed the camera at them.

Henry yelled, "Look at her! Do you really dare to hit me when the police are still here?! Sir, help!"

The other policemen were about to go forward when he shouted. However, when they looked at their team leader 'Captain Ford' and saw that he wasn't moving, the others stopped.

When Henry saw that no one was coming to rescue him, and the hatred in Nora's bloodshot eyes, with both new and old grudges stacking on top of one another, fury overwhelmed his rationale and he shouted, "Nora, even if you collude with the police, and even if you hit me, it'll never change the fact that your mother was unfaithful and cheated on me!"


Nora punched him hard in the face.

In the live-stream, viewers were also attacking both mother and daughter in the comments for their immoral behavior. On top of that, she was even being violent.

Public opinion once again went in Henry's favor.

However, a man's voice suddenly reached them at this point.

"That was not what happened back then."