She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 146 - It's A Small World

Chapter 146 - It's A Small World

Chapter 146 - It's A Small World

Cherry had been part of Operation Complain To Daddy, so she naturally knew that it was Mia's father who had bullied God-mom Tanya. However, she was still young, so she didn't understand the complicated relationship between the two.

With her hands on her hips, she looked at Joel and said, "Handsome mister, how can you bully a girl when you're so good-looking? God-mom Tanya was crying!"


He thought of her tears that had fallen onto the back of his hand…

Joel suddenly stepped forward. "She's your godmother? And not your mother? So, she's not related to Justin Hunt at all?"

Cherry straightened her back at once. "Why wouldn't she be related to him?!"

Joel's heart sank, but the next moment, he heard Cherry continue:

"My godmother is Mommy's good friend. Since Mommy and Daddy have given birth to me, then my godmother will definitely be related to Daddy, yeah! Don't you dare bully God-mom anymore. Otherwise, I'll get Daddy to beat you up, yeah!"

After saying that, the little fellow even got off the bed, came up to Joel, and kicked him in the calf..

Although she had kicked him with all her strength, to Joel, it was nevertheless still just a very light kick. He lowered his head and looked at the tiny fellow in front of him who was about the same age as Mia. He suddenly rubbed her head and said, "You're right. I'm a bad person. I shouldn't have bullied your godmother… How do you think I should apologize to her?"

Cherry, "?"


The young mister surprisingly owned up to his mistakes very quickly.

Cherry thought for a moment and replied, "A fault confessed is one half-redressed, mister. You're a pretty good man!"

Joel tried to sound her out and asked, "Do you know what your godmother likes the most?"

Cherry tilted her head and thought for a while. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she replied, "I know! There's nothing that God-mom has lacked during all these years—except for one thing!"

"What is it?"


"Nora! Smith! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Nora was driving when she heard Tanya's roar over the phone. She looked ahead lazily and asked casually, "How does it feel to meet your old flame, Ms. Turner?"

The other woman's voice instantly became dejected and she replied, "Not so good."

Nora chuckled softly and asked, "Did you guys manage to resolve the misunderstanding?"

Tanya didn't reply.

Nora raised her eyebrows. "You can't be serious, right? Are you going to let the misunderstanding continue when I've already created an opportunity for you?"

Tanya let out a wry laugh and said, "It's not about that. It's mainly because… Even if we resolve the misunderstanding, so what? The two of us can't go back to what we used to be anymore."


Tanya sighed. "He's already in a relationship with Hillary. What would that make me, if I involve myself with them? Besides, they already have a child…"

The conversation suddenly became a little depressing.

Nora fell silent for a moment. Then, she suggested, "How about… we make him a widower?"

Tanya, "?"

She received a huge shock and quickly said, "There's no need for that at all! Even if he becomes a widower, I still don't like it that he was once in a relationship with Hillary. He clearly knows that she is the one person I hate the most…"

Nora was rather disappointed. "… Okay, then."

Tanya, "…"

Then, she said, "How about a drink tonight, Nora? We'll drink till we dro—"

Beep… beep… beep…

Tanya, "???"

As Tanya listened to the disconnected tone on the phone, she couldn't help but feel that she and Nora must be fair-weather friends for sure!

Nora tossed her cell phone aside casually after she hung up, and drove to the New York University School of Medicine. The guards had already been notified beforehand, so they let her in immediately when she reached the gates.

She drove one round around the campus. Then, she followed the GPS navigator and arrived in front of the office building. After she parked the car, she entered the building.

As soon as she entered, she saw Director Shaw, who was nearly fifty years old, standing at the entrance. He looked at her respectfully and said, "You're here!"

Nora nodded slightly.

The few people behind Director Shaw were shocked.

One must know that Director Shaw was hailed as a master neurosurgeon in the school! Not only was he the head of the Department of Neurosurgery, but he was also a director in the New York Hospital, and held an important position in the field of medicine.

Why would someone like him be so respectful and deferential toward a girl who looked like she was only about twenty years old?

While everyone was hesitating, Director Shaw held his hand out and guided her toward the front. He said, "This way, please."

Nora followed Director Shaw to his office.

Director Shaw said to his assistants, "Hurry and make some coffee. Use the premium beans in my collection. Remember to make it stronger, so that it's more refreshing!"

The assistants were dumbfounded.

Director Shaw usually treated those premium beans like they were his baby, yet he was actually taking them out today and serving them to a girl who looked like she was much younger than he was?

Director Shaw ignored his assistants' questioning gazes, entered the room, and closed the door.

When he looked behind him, he saw that the big boss had already taken a seat on the sofa and was leaning back against it.

The girl wore a pair of black skinny jeans that made her legs look long and slender. She leaned against the sofa lazily with her cat-like eyes raised, but there was no warmth within them. She asked, "Why did you ask me over so urgently, Mr. Shaw?"

Director Shaw immediately waved and said, "How am I worthy of having you use honorifics for me? Anti, I asked you over because there's an operation that requires your expertise."

Nora raised her eyebrows. "What kind of operation is it?"

Director Shaw sighed and replied, "It's a five-year-old child with a tumor in his brain. The tumor's location is very tricky, and there's a high likelihood that it's in contact with neural nerves. If one isn't careful, it'll affect the child's future intelligence development, so I'm thinking of asking you to do it."

Director Shaw looked at her and said, "I know you only take on two operations a month and this month is already fully booked. But that child is really very pitiful, so I decided to ask you for help. Anti, I—"

Director Shaw was about to appeal to her through emotions and reason when Nora raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is that all?"

Director Shaw, "?"

Nora stood up, yawned, and said, "Couldn't you have just called? Instead, you made me come down here specially… You can just send me the time and location of the operation."

Then, she waved dismissively and walked out. "I'm going."

Director Shaw, "??"

It was notoriously difficult to make surgery appointments with Anti. There were countless wealthy and powerful people begging for her help, yet they couldn't even find her. The Hunts and the Smiths had gone to a lot of effort to search for her, and even promised to pay astronomical consultation fees, but even so, she hadn't agreed!

He'd thought that it would take a lot of convincing before she would agree!

He hesitated for a moment and said, "Anti, that child doesn't come from a notable background… But don't worry. If you take on the operation, you can take it that I owe you a favor."

Nora responded with an 'Okay' and left the room.

The assistants outside didn't dare to stop her when they saw her and even gave way to her.

Nora went to the car park. When she was about to leave, she suddenly heard someone saying in surprise, "Nora? Why are you here?"

She looked behind her to see Angela Smith and Lisa Black, whom she hadn't seen for a long time, walking toward her.

Angela looked at her car, and then at the office building. Her brows drew together and she asked in surprise, "Surely you can't be here to apply for postgraduate studies, right?"