She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 143 - What's Your Relationship With Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith?

Chapter 143 - What's Your Relationship With Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith?

Chapter 143 - What's Your Relationship With Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith?

Joel stopped abruptly in his tracks, a touch of surprise forming in his upturned eyes.

Justin Hunt was with Nora Smith?

What was the relationship between the two of them?

Suddenly, the people inside seemingly noticed the movement outside, and Justin's razor-sharp gaze penetrated through the window.

Joel quickly stepped backward and hid to the side. He didn't look inside anymore. However, he could hear violent thuds and thumps coming from within. There were sounds of their bodies hitting the wall, as well as muffled grunts from colliding against each other. He could also hear gasps in between…

The intense activity made even Joel blush.

He took another step back and slipped away quietly as if he was afraid that they would discover him. Now, that would be awkward..

The last time he could remember hearing such children-inappropriate sounds was back when he was still with Tanya five years ago. As for Hillary, it was because he had been drunk one night. He clearly remembered that the person he was with in bed was Tanya, yet when he woke up, it became Hillary instead…

In his memories, he had never slept with Hillary before.

Not in the past, let alone during the last five years.

Joel didn't continue going to the ward in front but returned to Ian's ward instead.


In the stairwell.

With her leg blocked, Nora's fist came into play. Spying an opening, she threw a punch at his left shoulder.

After succeeding, she finally ended the fight and took a step back, pulling away from him. She said coldly, "Mr. Hunt, please keep an appropriate distance from me."

Justin held his shoulder. From the look of it, his injury seemed pretty serious. He gave her a wry smile and said, "You seem to be the one who approached me first, Ms. Smith…"

Nora was still pulling a long face. Her gaze was sharp and her eyes misty from anger. The tips of her ears were also a little red.

She was only planning to teach Justin a small lesson just now, but the moment they finished talking and she let go of him, he immediately reached out and held her by her waist, bringing her toward him. Then, he leaned down and kissed her… Kissed her…

Damn it!

Nora had thrown a punch at him the very next moment. Unfortunately, the man had the audacity to actually duck. The two of them had fought for a full ten minutes before she finally found an opening and hit him, thereby taking her revenge on him.

Nora looked at him coldly and clenched her fists. "If this ever happens again, Mr. Hunt, I'll kill you!"

Then, she pushed the door to the stairwell open and left at once, leaving Justin there as he touched his nose in embarrassment.

He thought back to the scene just now.

The stairwell was dimly lit. The girl's head was raised as she stared at him with her cold, sharp eyes. On her small, palm-sized face were a pair of delicate eyebrows and eyes, a sharp and pert nose, and moist, rosy lips…

Unable to hold back, he had acted on impulse and kissed her.

Although the kiss had lasted only a brief moment, the girl's soft and tender lips lingered in his memory even now.

As he touched his dislocated left shoulder again, a smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips.

She was wild enough for his tastes indeed.

Ten minutes later.

The family doctor came over to pop his shoulder back into place. When he saw how Justin couldn't exert much force, he couldn't help but find himself a little dumbfounded.

"Who beat you up, Mr. Hunt?"

After all, there were only a few people in New York—in fact, in the whole of the United States—who could beat Justin in a fight!

The family doctor had always just been treating Pete and Justin's mother whenever they were unwell. This was the very first time he was treating Justin in all these years!

However, the moment the question left his mouth, he secretly regretted his actions. He shouldn't be asking that much about his employer's affairs, especially when it was about Justin. On the surface, the man seemed like the head of the Hunts. However, he knew his identity was by no means simple. He had never said anything more than what he should during all these years.

Now that he had suddenly asked such a question, would Mr. Hunt get mad at him?

The family doctor observed Justin carefully while he kneaded his shoulder. However, not only was the man not annoyed, but the corners of his lips were even slightly lifted.

The beauty mark at his eye that usually exuded a chilly and ruthless aura actually even seemed to be shimmering a little at the moment.

Justin, who was obviously in a fantastic mood, even replied to his question from just now, "It was worth the fight."

The family doctor, "…"

Why were there people who actually liked being beaten up?

Surely his boss wasn't a closet masochist, right?

Should he prescribe him some medicine for his mental health?

After having his joint popped back into place, Justin started walking back to Cherry's ward while moving his shoulder. As expected, he saw that the woman was still there. She had fallen asleep on the sofa at the side.

Her eyes were closed, and her long silky and glossy hair was spread out behind her. Her small pert nose made her look quiet and docile.

Coupled with how thin she was, it made one want to protect and take care of her because they couldn't help but feel that she looked so weak and frail. Yet, once she opened her eyes, she would change into a completely different person.

Justin softened his steps. He checked on Cherry first—she was sleeping soundly with her little mouth open and was even talking in her sleep. She mumbled, "Stinky Daddy! How dare you delete me from your Facebook account. I'm never talking to you ever again!"

Justin, "…"

He let out a soft chuckle and pulled up the covers for her. Then, he heaved a sigh.

Had he known that Cherry was his daughter, he would have been delirious with joy a long time ago. He would never have done all those things that were no different from slapping himself in the face.

After pulling up the covers for Cherry, he looked at the woman on the sofa again. Then, he took off his jacket, walked over, and gently covered her with it.


The next day.

It was already bright and sunny by the time Nora woke up.

Cherry was eating her cereal obediently on the bed in silence.

Nora got ready to get up. However, when she shifted, the jacket on her shoulders immediately slipped off. Her gaze swept toward it—when she saw the black custom-made suit jacket, she raised her eyebrows.

She yawned and stood up.

Cherry said, "Daddy has a meeting in the morning, so he went off for it. Where are you going now, Mommy?"

Nora stretched and shuffled toward the door as she replied, "I'm going home."

Cherry gave her a pitiful look. "… Mommy, can you bear to leave me all alone in the hospital?"

Nora glanced at her and said coolly, "Don't be so fake."


Then, Cherry giggled and said, "Take care, Mommy~"

Now that Mommy was gone, she could play all the games she wanted!

As she hadn't live-streamed the previous evening, she couldn't help but wonder how Sponsor Grandpa was. She had sent him a text message on Messenger in the morning, but he hadn't replied to her. Sigh!

A troubled Cherry rested her chin on her hand. What was the matter with Sponsor Grandpa?

She picked up her cell phone again and sent him another message on Messenger: 'Sponsor Grandpa, I was hospitalized because of stomach flu last night. Have you had your lunch today?"

It was just a pity that the text message still went unanswered even after she sent it out.


Nora left the ward, dragging her feet loudly as she shuffled out. She had just turned the corner when she saw a figure there looking at her.

"Are you free for a quick chat, Ms. Smith?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. She thought that Joel was approaching her because of Ian—after all, the Andersons were the only ones with Carefree Pills—so she nodded.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Joel instead asked, "What's your relationship with Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith?"

Nora, "??"