She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 136 - Justin Steps Forward

Chapter 136 - Justin Steps Forward

Chapter 136 - Justin Steps Forward


Tanya took the money and threw it at her face!

The impact caused Hillary's head to turn to the side. She turned back to Tanya furiously, but Tanya instead grabbed her collar. The look in her eyes was very cold, and she carried some of the fierce and ruthless aura that was present only on Nora.

Tanya sneered, "That may have been very effective on me five years ago, Hillary, but I've already grown up after the last five years. Why are you still stuck at where you were?"

She released Hillary and pushed her away. After putting some distance between the two of them, Tanya stared hard at her and said, "You'd best keep this firmly in mind—don't mess with me. I'm not that nice."

After saying that, she took Pete's hand again and led him forward.

Hillary stood where she was with money bills scattered all over the ground.. All the parents around her looked over. The look of disgust in their eyes made her especially embarrassed.

They were all from wealthy families. It was indeed too low-class to solve problems with money!

Hillary lowered her head and picked up the bills. Then, she hurriedly got into the car and left.

Her cheeks were still burning somewhat even after she got into the backseat of the car.

Tanya was already hard to deal with five years ago. She was feisty and wasn't someone to be messed with. Little did she expect that she would become even harder to deal with five years later!

Was she just going to allow her to see Mia every day in the kindergarten though?

Absolutely not!

After a moment's thought, Hillary suddenly cast her eyes down.


In the kindergarten, Tanya went to the dance studio after she sent Pete to the classroom.

She originally only had plans to do filming for a TV program when she came back to the States. However, the kindergarten had contacted her and said that Whitney Lowe was unable to continue teaching dancing there, so they invited her to be a dance teacher in the school.

Tanya had thought at the time that she would be able to spend more time with Cherry if she took it, so she agreed to it.

However, she would only be working there for a month because she didn't want to stay in the States.

Her child had gone missing abroad, so she wanted to go back to continue looking for her child.

She had never expected that she would run into Joel here…

She heaved a sigh.

At this point, a few teachers came over and said, "Ms. Turner, you're done for."

Tanya was taken aback. "What?"

"The woman you offended just now is Mrs. Smith! We saw her going to the principal just now. The kindergarten is probably going to fire you!"

"Why don't you go and apologize, Ms. Turner? The kindergarten can't afford to offend the Smiths and the Hunts the most here. I heard that the Smiths are even shareholders of the kindergarten!"

"The Smiths are the reason why no one dares to bully Mia Smith despite how timid she is… It'll be really terrible if this gets blown up, Ms. Turner. I heard that Mrs. Smith is a pretty nice person. Maybe everything will be fine if you give in…"

The teachers explained what had happened to her, but Tanya instead lowered her gaze.

Hillary really hadn't learned any better.

Was lodging a complaint the only thing she knew how to do after being hit?

She had already allowed that woman to give her a warning the day before, but here she was again.

She said dispassionately, "It's fine. I wasn't planning on staying long in the States anyway."

Back then, because of the Lowes, she had been forced to leave the country. After spending so many years abroad, she had now become a dance teacher that even foreign royal families would hire. Her connections weren't that simple anymore!

Sure enough, just as she was thinking about it, someone came over and said, "Ms. Turner, the principal is asking for you in his office."

Tanya nodded and calmly headed to the principal's office.

Along the way, Tanya noticed several teachers casting sympathetic glances at her, but she ignored them all. Soon, she arrived at the principal's office.

The principal personally opened the door for her and poured her a cup of coffee. He said, "Ms. Turner, it's the kindergarten's honor to have you as our dance teacher for a month, but this is simply just…"

He sighed and said, "Mrs. Smith suddenly approached me just now. She said that she had thanked you out of kindness, but not only did you not appreciate her gesture, but you even injured her on her face, so she's demanding an explanation from us. I used the excuse that you're not yet an official teacher in the school to placate her for now…"

Tanya frowned. "Are the Joneses that powerful?"

The principal was also very troubled. He replied, "It's not the Joneses; I'm not afraid of Mrs. Smith on her own at all. I also want to protect you if I can, Tanya. After all, you've done us a big favor by accepting our invitation after something happened to our dance teacher. However, the ones behind Mrs. Smith are the Smiths and Joel Smith himself. He has always been known as a wolf in sheep's clothing in New York. Even though he seems mild-mannered, he's actually very hard to deal with…"

The principal then said, "Tanya, I can keep you here despite the pressure, but life won't be easy for you in the future either if you offend Mr. Smith. If that's the case, why don't you resign instead?"


Tanya bit her lip. "Was it Mr. Smith's idea to have me resign?"

"Yes, it is," replied the principal with a nod.

Mrs. Smith had said that her husband didn't want to see Tanya in the kindergarten, let alone have her come into contact with his daughter…

Tanya clenched her fists.

So, he actually hated her that much? They couldn't even stay as friends after breaking up?

Her chest felt awfully tight. Compared to having to resign, this discovery saddened her even more.

She let out a cold laugh and stood up. "Fine, I quit."

After saying that, she went out and strode toward the school gates.

Blinding sunlight shone upon her, making her eyes hurt. She raised her head and blocked the light with her hand. Dust floated in the air under the dappled light, and she could see the specks floating about.

She was just like one of those specks of dust. Her life was always being controlled by others.

She clenched her fists tightly.

She wanted to go to Joel and sort things out, yet she also felt that it would be her defeat if she were to really do so…

At the gates, Hillary got out of the car and slowly walked up to her. She said, "You are indeed hard to deal with, Tanya, but I'm no longer who I used to be, either. I'm Mrs. Smith now. I'm sure you're aware of how powerful Joel is, right?"

Tanya ignored her.

Hillary said, "Somewhere other than the States would be more suitable for you. Leave, and never come back again!"

Your daughter and your boyfriend back then… I will take them all!

In the classroom.

"Ms. Turner has been fired!"

Brandon the loudmouth spread the news. Pete frowned when he heard it. He asked, "Why was she fired?"

Brandon replied, "Probably because she offended my aunt! That would mean that she's offended my uncle~ Uncle Joel is very protective of his own! Apart from the Hunts, no one in New York dares to offend him!"

'Apart from the Hunts'…

Pete's eyes lit up when he heard that.

This meant that he could ask the tyrant for help, right?

He'd just had a great idea!

He immediately took out his cell phone and drafted a text message to Cherry.

Ten minutes later…

On the top floor of the Smith Corporation's office tower, Joel received a call from Justin. The moment he picked up, Justin confronted him and said, "Mr. Smith, surely it isn't quite appropriate for you to do that to a weak and powerless woman?"

Joel, "?"

He frowned. "What do you mean, Mr. Hunt?"

"Don't you think that forcing Ms. Tanya Turner to resign is a little too much?"

Joel narrowed his eyes. A cold look shot forth from them as he asked, "What?"