She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 128 - Mommy Likes Little Puppies~

Chapter 128 - Mommy Likes Little Puppies~

Chapter 128 - Mommy Likes Little Puppies~

Even though Cherry, who was in Justin's arms, had been forced to go through a 'sharing session of love' known as a Mathematical Olympiad lesson the previous night, she was nevertheless still very excited that she could openly skip class today.

Her big round eyes swiveled as she looked about. In her young and tender voice, she asked, "Did Mommy prepare these for you, Daddy?"

Justin replied, "… Yeah, I think so."

He coughed and asked, "If Ms. Smith proposes to me later, should I accept or reject her?"

Cherry, "????"

She stared at her stinky daddy with question marks all over her head, thinking that he must have left his IQ at home today.

Why would Mommy possibly do something as pointless as this?

If she had the time to set up all these, she'd definitely rather sleep in a little longer instead!

Cherry's lip corners spasmed as she replied, "You're imagining things, Daddy."

When the service staff who passed by them finished speaking, the other service staff corrected her and said, "Ms. Smith isn't the one who prepared it. It's someone else who prepared it because he's planning to propose to her! You've got it the other way!"

Unfortunately, Justin The Narcissist didn't hear that.

When he passed by a corner, he suddenly heard a commotion in front. Then, he saw the woman surrounded by a group of people.

Amidst all the mockery and ridiculing thrown at her, even though she had a lazy look on her face, her back was straight as if a lofty tree on a cliff.

Justin frowned. Just as he was about to go forward…

"Who says no one wants Ms. Smith?"

Suddenly, a gentle and sultry male voice rang throughout the place.

Nora looked behind her suddenly and saw a man dressed in a light gray suit standing a short distance away.

He had exquisite features and deep but warm eyes. His lips were thin and he had a sharp nose.

He exuded a warm and comfortable aura like that of a spring breeze. As though a prince stepping right out of a fairytale, he took step after step toward Nora until he came up to her.

He stood shoulder to shoulder with Nora and said in a clear and pleasant voice, "This is the marriage agreement between Ms. Smith and the Grays. With this, why would anyone say that the engagement has been annulled?"

Everyone, "?"

Even Tina was dumbfounded.

"Who are you?" She asked.

The corners of the man's lips curled upward into a small smile as he replied, "I'm Caleb Gray."

He looked down at Nora. The man's eyelashes were very long and he had a bit of a melancholic look in his eyes. He gave off a polite and down-to-earth air. He said, "Ms. Smith, I'm Anthony's uncle."

Nora became even more confused.

What did Anthony Gray's uncle have anything to do with her?

Then, she heard Caleb say in his gentle and mellow voice, "There are only two men in the Grays who are not married yet—Anthony and me. Originally, going by our ages, Anthony is a more suitable match for you—after all, I'm four years older than you. But since he's blind and cannot recognize a treasure for what it's worth, I shall fulfill the marriage agreement instead. This is the agreement; you can have a look at it."

Caleb took out the marriage agreement that Nora's mother had written when the two families had agreed on the children's future marriage and showed it to her.

She had once owned a copy of the marriage agreement too.

However, she had torn it up when she returned to the States and broken off the engagement. She'd thought that Anthony would also do the same, but they had actually kept it?

She looked at the contents of the agreement next.

It was clearly stated on the Smiths' end that this was Nora's marriage agreement.

However, on the Grays' end, what it stated was indeed just 'a man of suitable age'!

In other words, it didn't necessarily have to be Anthony!

Nora's brows knitted together. The sudden appearance of a fiancé really was very troublesome…

But here came the question again—why were the Grays so insistent on fulfilling the marriage agreement with her? It wasn't enough that Anthony left, so they were sending Caleb here now?

Moreover, Caleb was obviously much more reliable than that idiotic Anthony.

While Nora was preoccupied with these, Tina, who was standing in the distance, breathed a sigh of relief!

It was exactly because she was afraid that Nora and Justin would be entangled with each other that she had incited Winston to court Nora in the first place. However, if she had a fiancé… Wouldn't that be great?

Wasn't her fiancé a little too good-looking though?

Not only did he seem gentle, considerate, and elegant, but his eyes were also deep and innocent. It made one wish to care for and protect him, and also made them not have the heart to betray him…

Tina couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Gray, are you aware that she has a child?"

"I am." Caleb said unhurriedly, "For Nora's sake, I am willing to accept her and love her like my own. Everything is fine as long as Nora doesn't resent us for breaking off the engagement in the beginning."

Everyone, "!!"

Not only was the man handsome, but he was also deeply in love with Nora!

Caleb looked straight at Winston after he spoke. He said, "So, is this gentleman here still going to force my fiancée to marry him?"

The word 'force' made Winston look a little embarrassed.

However, Club Prism was an establishment run by the Imperial Corporation, so no one dared to make any trouble.

Winston let out a cold snort. Although he was rather displeased, he nevertheless turned, gave a wave, and left with his tail in between his legs, together with his friends.

After they left, Caleb suggested, "Why don't we find somewhere to have a good chat, Ms. Smith?"

Nora certainly needed to have a good chat with him—about how they should call off the marriage agreement.

With that in mind, a troubled Nora nodded.

In the distance.

Justin was already pulling a long face.

He looked at his daughter in his arms, hoping that she would put in a good word for him. However, he instead saw a starry-eyed Cherry staring at Caleb. With a look of infatuation all over her face, she said, "Daddy, that young mister over there is so handsome!"

Justin, "?"

He asked solemnly, "You like him?"

Cherry nodded. "Uh-huh! His eyelashes are so long! Also, Mommy likes people who are like obedient little puppies!"


He suddenly felt an urge to throw the little fellow down!

But what could he do?

Since she was his daughter, he could only pamper and dote on her.

He took a deep breath and suddenly strode forward.

Nora was about to find somewhere to ask Caleb about the marriage agreement when she turned and saw Justin walking over with Cherry in his arms.

She immediately stood still and called out, "Mr. Hunt?"

Then, she looked at her daughter in his arms and said, "… Pete?"

Cherry, "…"

Justin cast his eyes down and asked, "Ms. Smith, don't you want to know why I hate my son's mother so much?"

Nora, "???"

Caleb looked relatively innocent. The Grays were also not as powerful as the Hunts. However, even as he stood in front of Justin who had let loose all of his imposing aura, he surprisingly didn't seem outshone.

He lowered his gaze and said gently, "You can go about your matters first if you're busy, Ms. Smith. I can go to the Andersons and discuss the details of the marriage agreement with Mrs. Anderson instead. You're already an adult, so it's time that we get married soon."

Nora, "!!!"

She looked at Justin and then at Caleb.

The bold and resolute woman quickly made a decision. "Mr. Gray, please wait a moment for me."

Then, she looked at Justin and said, "Mr. Hunt, let's talk first!"

The children always came first!