She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055: You Care For Me the Most

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Nora didnt just stop at saving the researchers; she also told Peter to spread a piece of news:

Should people find themselves in similar situations abroad, they could approach Karls security agency for help to go back home. They would help to pick them up and send them home.

Peter did a great job at the task.

He was extremely popular among the international students, after all.

Now that Peter was back, he didnt plan on leaving the country anymore. Instead, he took over the Hunt Corporation.

On the day that he officially became the head of the Hunt Corporation, his family held a handover ceremony at home. As a show of support, the Smiths all came over as well.

Ian could now walk by himself and didnt have to rely on a wheelchair anymore. With a walking stick in hand, he patted Peter on the shoulder and said, Youre even more capable than Grandpa! Back then, Grandpa only managed to take over the company in his twenties!

Next to them, Alexander said jokingly, Hes so envious of you, though.

A smiling Ian asked, Why?

Because you have such awesome grandchildren! And three of them at that!



The lad had not only praised Peter but also himself. What a little narcissist he was!

Peter looked at him with a smile. Youre heading to the UK tomorrow, right?

Yeah. What about it? Are you gonna miss me? Come on, were brothers. Dont be a sissy and go crying your eyes out now!

Alexander said dismissively.

I just wanted to tell you to bring that person home soon, replied Peter.

That person? Who?

Alexander was perplexed.

A mysterious smile graced Peters lips and he said, Nah, its nothing important.

He mustnt give away his moms intentions so casually.

Seeing his reaction, Alexander rolled his eyes and said, Ugh, youre being cryptic again.

After saying that, he turned his head to the side, where he saw Mia dozing on the sofa beside them. He couldnt help but nod in her direction at Peter. Then, he walked over. Just as he was about to play a prank on Mia from the back, Peter caught hold of his outstretched arm.

What are you doing? asked Alexander.

Peter replied, She hasnt been getting enough sleep because shes doing a lot of practice papers every day. Now that she can finally relax a little tonight, you shouldnt disturb her.

I just wanted to tease her a little. What are you being so protective for? Alexander said.


Peter coughed and said, Dont talk nonsense. Isnt she your younger cousin too?

Alexander pursed his lips and said, She is, but shes always been weak and frail since she was little, so shes really boring and no fun at all.

Lucy isnt, said Peter.

That little princess had been as strong and healthy as Cherry since she was little!

Alexander grinned and said, I know. Wait for it; once I go over, Im going to bully her.

Peter: ?

Alexander raised his brows and said, Once I bully her and make her cry, shell go whining to the Queen. And once she does, the Queen will release me immediately, no?

Peter gave him a smile that screamed Good luck, pal.

However, Alexander, who didnt get it, turned and left instead.

After he left, Peter got ready to leave too. But just as he did, he noticed Mias lashes quivering, which surprised him a little.

Since their return to the country, both of them had been in New York the whole time. However, Mia hadnt approached him even once. Even when the two families met for meals, she would always use the excuse of studying to skip the gatherings.

This was their first time meeting since their return.

Are you awake? He asked.

Mia opened her eyes. Suddenly, she lowered her head and asked, Am I useless, Pete?

Peter immediately understood what she was saying.

During the operation last time, she hadnt been able to help with anything at all. From the start to the end, all she did was escape obediently. This made Mia feel horribly disheartened.

She felt like she was an utter failure who was completely useless, and she felt like she wasnt worthy of liking Pete at all.

That was why she didnt even dare to bring herself to meet him recently.

On top of that, she was even harboring those feelings for him

Mia was close to driving herself mad.

The more she tried to curb her feelings, the more she couldnt help but think of Peter.

It was to the extent that her heart would subconsciously start pounding a little faster whenever she heard his name

Yet when she saw him, she couldnt help but be filled with trepidation and panic.

Just as her imagination was running wild, Peter slowly squatted down in front of her. He suddenly said, Did you know, Mia? You actually played the key role in the incident the last time.

Mia was taken aback. How so?

Peter smiled and answered, Only sending you the message would give me the biggest peace of mindbecause I know that you will definitely pester Mom and Dad to save me.

In this world, you are the one who cares about everything I do the most.