She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012: Why One Should Study

Justin went home while Nora was waiting for Trueman.

By the time she was done talking to Trueman and got back home, she found that Alexander had already gone to bed. When she was about to return to her bedroom, she noticed the lights on the balcony.

She walked over to find Justin and Cherry conversing on the balcony.

Cherry, who was now ten years old, was going through a growth spurt, so she was thin and skinny. However, her cheeks were round and plump with collagen, and her almond-shaped eyes were identical to Noras. Together with her double eyelids, narrow at the inner tips and wide at the outer, she was so pretty and looked so delicate that it was as if she was not of this world.

Plenty of directors and scouts from film and television companies had noticed her when they visited the school during the past few years. On many occasions, they had asked the teachers to contact her parents on their behalf in hopes of having her debut as a child actress. After all, given her good looks, she would undoubtedly gain immense popularity if she took on the role of the younger version of a female lead.

However, both Nora and Justin had declined the offers after consulting her for her opinion.

Their daughters only interest was gaming; she didnt have much interest in anything else.

Cherry was currently wearing a set of white pajamas. She looked a little down as she sat on the furry rug with her head lowered.

Justin stayed by her side quietly as his large hand gently stroked his daughters hair.

Nora didnt go over to disturb the pair.

When she was about to return to the room to take a bath and rest for the night, she suddenly heard Cherry ask, Am I really that lousy, Daddy?

Justins voice turned cold at once. Dont listen to that teachers nonsense!

Justin was a reticent man, but whenever he spoke with Cherry, he would be more patient than usual. He looked at Cherry quietly and said, Grades are not the only criterion to a.s.sess a person. Besides, you are not incapable of studying; you just dont want to.

Cherry sighed.

Justin kept quiet for a moment before he suddenly asked, Cherry, can you tell me why you dont want to study?

Its boring.

Cherry looked up. Her big, clearly-defined eyes were fixed on Justin as she added, I dont know what the purpose of studying is, thats all.

Justin was taken aback.

Cherry said, I play games to win and to lead the team to victory, but what about studying? What do I do it for?

Daddy, some people study hard because they want to make a lot of money when they grow up; some people do it because they want to be government officials; some people do it because they want to become astronauts; and some people do it because they want to become doctors. But I dont know what I want to do.

She sounded lost as she said, Apart from games, I havent found anything that interests me. I asked my cla.s.smates about it toosome of them want to make lots and lots of money so that they can spend extravagantly and buy whatever they want. But if it is for the sake of making money, then not only is Daddy already so rich, but Grandaunt Queenies a.s.sets will also be mine in the future. Im already so rich that I cant even spend all that money my whole life. Why should I still work hard to make money?

Petes goal is to turn the Hunt Corporation into a business empire. Money is no more than numbers to him; what he enjoys is the process. Xander wants to become a doctor and find a way to replace a persons head with another, so he also needs vast amounts of knowledge to realize his goal. But Im different! I just want to play games for now, and I can still do that even if I dont study! So, why should I study? Am I supposed to do it just so others pay me a few compliments?

Justin fell silent when he heard her.

Cherry turned to look at him and waited quietly for his answer.