She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: My Daughter!!

After saying that, the headmaster looked at the two of them, wanting to see their shocked expressions.

Parents in these days were very strict with their children, especially those who could be sent to this school. Their families were not bad, but the two parents in front of the headmaster were different from the others.

He saw that Cheryls mother and Alexanders father had incredulous expressions. Then, Cheryls mother raised her eyebrows.

Alexanders father asked, Thats it?

The headmaster was speechless.

What did he mean by that?

Wasnt that enough?

He was momentarily at a loss for words.

Nora glanced at Justin and knew that he had confused the headmaster. Therefore, she added calmly, Other than this, are there any other problems?

The headmaster was speechless.

He shook his head.

Nora instantly heaved a sigh of relief. Thats good.

The headmaster couldnt think of anything to say.

Why was the reaction of these two parents so strange?

Did they not realize the seriousness of the matter?

The headmaster continued, Cheryls mother, Alexanders father, do you think this is a childs game? No, theyre 10 years old and already know how to date. There are other children in school who might follow them at a young age. The children are too young. Its even worse for them to date at a young age. Especially since Cheryl doesnt study well. This will lead Alexander astray!

As soon as he finished speaking, Justins expression darkened. Who said that shes not good at her studies?

The headmaster: ?

He looked at Justin in a daze and clearly felt Justins anger. He did not understand Why? Was he still protecting his sons girlfriend?

Noras expression turned colder. Headmaster, if theres nothing else, then well get going.

After saying this, she yawned.

She really thought that something had happened to the two children, but in the end, it was just a misunderstanding.

The headmaster was even angrier. Whats wrong with the two of you? Dont you believe me? I caught them myself. They were holding hands and running on the field!

Justin said, So be it.

They were only 10 years old What was wrong with a brother pulling his sister to run?

With a little thought, he realized that it must be Cherry wanting to slack off. Xander was just pulling her along!

The headmaster was furious. Alexanders father, you dont realize the seriousness of the matter. Cheryl is one of the worst students in the school. She barely makes it through day to day in school. Its obvious that shes not a good girl. If Alexander is left with her for a long time, sooner or later, hell be influenced by her! You


Justin slapped the table.

The director in front of him was belittling Cherry again and again. He could not help but say in a cold voice, Who said Cheryl is not a good girl?!

His words made the headmaster choke.

He looked at Justin coldly and saw a hand pressing on Justins hand. That hand was very thin and white, with clearly defined knuckles. It was very beautiful.

When that hand fell, the anger on Justins face dissipated.

The headmaster heaved a sigh of relief. He wiped his forehead and followed that hand to see Nora

The headmaster was stunned.

What was going on? Wasnt the relations.h.i.+p between Cheryls mother and Alexanders father a little too ambiguous?

As he was thinking, he heard Nora say slowly, Dont hit anyone in this country.

The headmaster: ?

Dont hit anyone in this country?

He could hit others overseas?

While the headmaster was in a daze, he saw Justin take out his phone and make a call. His voice was very fierce. Can your schools headmaster be expelled?

The headmaster was instantly furious. What do you mean?

He knew that one capable of sending their children to study in this school must have high status, but most of the parents agreed with what he did. He said angrily, Your son is dating in school and has broken the school rules. Im talking to you, and youre still being unreasonable? What right do you have to expel me?

Justin sneered. Because you so casually slandered my daughter.

The headmaster blurted out, When did I slander your daughter? I caught them myself. The school has it on video. This is all evidence. I

At this point, he suddenly reacted. Your daughter?!