She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 100 - Has Mr. Hunt Been Narcissistic Today?

Chapter 100 - Has Mr. Hunt Been Narcissistic Today?

Chapter 100 - Has Mr. Hunt Been Narcissistic Today?

Justin's expression was serious and frosty as he spoke.

There was an unfathomable gleam in his deep, bottomless eyes, and the beauty mark at the corner of his eye exuded a chilly aura.

Farrell was startled by his reaction. He stammered, "D-did Mr. Hunt not say that?"

Was Nora Smith lying?

In the midst of his thoughts, Justin slowly said, "The authorities haven't announced any national policies yet, so why would I spread rumors like that? You think too highly of me, Mr. Wood!"

He was just an ordinary businessman; how would he possibly be able to predict future economic trends so clearly?

It was then that Farrell realized that he had said something wrong.

What the higher-ups feared the most was merchants being able to determine the economic trends. Justin had been restrained in his actions and behavior all these years, so how would he possibly say such things when national policies hadn't been announced yet?

What was the matter with him today? He had actually come all the way to the man himself to clarify matters after merely hearing an ambiguous statement!

He immediately stood up and said, "Sorry, I…"

However, before he could finish, the icy look on Justin's countenance gradually faded and he said calmly, "Don't worry, Mr. Wood. I reckon the relevant policies will be announced in a few days, probably less than a week."

Farrell, "!!!"

He stared at Justin in shock. So, was he admitting to it?

Although Farrell managed to keep a straight face on when he left the Hunt Corporation, deep inside, he was actually terribly shaken. Mr. Hunt was actually willing to tell Ms. Smith such important news…

Just what kind of relationship did the two of them share?

No matter what it was though, he had to treat Ms. Smith with more courtesy in the future. Of course, he mustn't let the news spread for the time being either. He mustn't tell anyone at all!


Pete, who had just finished a Mathematical Olympiad worksheet, turned and actually saw the tyrant resting against a chair sloppily. There was a smile on his face, and his eyes were nearly curved all the way into slits.

Pete curled his lip.

He really couldn't bear to watch that father of his anymore!

Justin was currently holding his cell phone and sending a text message to Nora: 'Mr. Wood just left my office, Ms. Smith. Do you owe me another meal now?'

She replied immediately after he sent the message: 'Bring your son. You can decide the time and place.'

Justin's lip corners curled into a smile. He suddenly asked, "Pete, do you want to eat at an Italian restaurant?"

Pete hated Italian cuisine the most, so without even thinking about it, he immediately replied, "… No, I don't."


Justin found a random Italian restaurant, sent the location to Nora, and then said, "I have a dinner appointment at an Italian restaurant tonight. Since you don't like the food there, I won't take you."

Pete, who was completely unaware that he had fallen into someone's trap, nodded seriously. "Okay."

Ever since the tyrant discovered that the home tutors were abusing him, he had turned down a lot of work and had been spending more time with him lately.

It was fine even if he socialized once in a while.

Pete sighed and glanced at his cell phone. When he realized that Cherry had sent him a message, he put on his earphones and tapped the play button. "Mathematical Olympiad problems are so tough, Pete. Can you save Cherry tonight, pretty please?"

Pete, "…"

He was so clever and quick-witted, and could master anything immediately, so why was his younger sister so bad at her studies?

The little fellow sighed and replied to her message. The five-year-old boy could already spell, so he wrote: "Take a picture of your homework and send it to me. I'll do it for you."

"Thanks, Pete! I'll send you the homework when I get home after school. I also have to live-stream, so I'm super busy, yeah~"


Nora and Justin's dinner appointment was at six o'clock in the evening.

Around five o'clock, Nora heard the car. It was probably Tanya coming back with Cherry.

With that in mind, she pushed the door open and walked out of her room. However, as soon as she went downstairs, she saw Miranda barging in angrily. She shouted, "Melissa, get out here!"

Melissa was preparing dinner in the kitchen. As she walked out, she untied her apron and handed it to the nanny. She was a little surprised to see Miranda. She asked, "Miranda? Why are you here?"

Miranda stepped forward, pointed at her, and yelled angrily, "What the hell did you tell Farrell? He's actually decided not to invest anymore! Don't stop us from making money just because you're so pretentious to act as if you're above money! Is it because you don't want to see the Woods do well?!"

Melissa frowned. The gentle woman's expression had already darkened. She raised her voice a little and said, "That's enough, Miranda! Farrell must have his reasons for not investing anymore!"

Miranda had a loose tongue and couldn't stop herself from telling everyone everything, so they absolutely mustn't let her know about the crucial information that Justin had revealed.

However, her words displeased Miranda.

Farrell had decided not to invest in the real estate industry anymore after he returned from the Andersons. The 30 million dollars that the family had prepared went back to the company just like that.

When she asked for a reason, her husband's answer was also "I have my reasons that I can't say. In any case, we're not investing anymore, so don't ask any further about it."

'Don't ask any further'… Why should she be kept out of the loop?

The siblings had barely met for so many years, yet they still behaved like that the moment they do. The two of them had a secret that she didn't know about!

The more Miranda thought about it, the angrier she became. She shouted, "You're a troublemaker and a jinx! The Andersons fell into decline right after you married into the family! You must be wishing for the Woods to fall into decline too, right?"

"Well, let me tell you this—the Woods are headed by your brother, so he has the final say, but that's not the case for the Sonnets! Even if the Woods fall into decline, I will still continue to look down on you when my family gets rich!"

The Woods might not want the opportunity, but the Sonnets did! Her elder brother had already gotten funds ready to invest right away!

When the Sonnets struck gold, she would be able to hold her head high in front of Farrell and show him just how stupid his sister's suggestion was!!

Melissa clenched her fists and stared at Miranda incredulously. She hadn't missed the flash of malice in her eyes.

She used to think that her sister-in-law merely had some kind of misunderstanding about her, but at this moment, she realized very clearly that Miranda had never once regarded her as family.

Since that was so, then why bother putting up with her attitude?

Melissa pointed to the door and ordered, "You're not welcome here, Miranda! Get out!"

Miranda continued to rant and rave. "I'm not welcome here? Do you think I even want to come to a shabby place like this?"

Melissa was a cultivated person, so she couldn't help but become even angrier at her words.

She was about to say something when Nora, who was standing on the stairs, asked coolly, "Aunt Miranda, is green the Sonnets' favorite color?"

Miranda was taken aback. "What do you mean?"

Nora's lips curled up into a smile. "Because greenbacks are all your family cares about."


Aristocrats and nobles disliked it the most when people said that money was the only thing they cared about. Miranda was so furious that she suddenly slapped Melissa across her cheek. "Look at the wild child you brought home! How dare she say such things to her elders?!"

No one had expected Miranda to get violent. Melissa held her cheek and stared at her incredulously. "You—"

Miranda, however, raised her chin and said extremely arrogantly, "What? I'm your elder brother's wife. So what even if I hit you? Do you dare to retaliate?!"

But unexpectedly, she had only just said that when…