Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 951 - Super-first-rate Forger

Chapter 951 - Super-first-rate Forger

Chapter 951: Super-first-rate Forger





Chapter 951 – Super-first-rate Forger

While s.h.i.+ Feng was holding a meeting with the Lifestyle players of the Candlelight Trading Firm, Heaven’s Burial was also having a meeting at Star-Moon City.

Among the partic.i.p.ants of the meeting were several middle-aged people dressed in plain clothing, aside from a large group of well-equipped expert players. The levels of these middle-aged people were only in the low thirties. The aura that combat experts usually exuded was also absent from these people. On the contrary, they gave off a dull and strict feeling.

However, n.o.body present in the venue looked down on these people. Rather, everyone looked at them with deep reverence.

“Uncle Seven, you are simply too amazing. I never thought that you would actually manage to recruit these people,” the Cleric Flame Blood said in admiration as he looked at the middle-aged man named Seven Treasures. “With this, our Guild will definitely rise rapidly.”

“You’re giving me too much credit. I simply followed the Guild Leader’s orders to bring them here.” Seven Treasures chuckled as he waved his hand.

“It was Guild Leader who managed to persuade them? I heard that these people had rejected even the invitations of Super Guilds,” Flame Blood said, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

While he had known that Singular Burial had been secretly trying to poach the Advanced Lifestyle players of various Guilds before, he had considered it a futile effort.

Currently, Advanced Lifestyle players were like treasures to any Guild. Not only did they receive excellent benefits, but they were also subject to a series of restrictive conditions binding them to their respective Guilds. These players would not easily defect to Heaven’s Burial.

However, after seeing these few middle-aged men and women sitting before him, he now realized he had a.s.sumed wrong.

The virtual gaming world had developed for over a hundred years already. Aside from well-known experts and Super Guilds leaving their names behind in the annals of history, there were also plenty of amazing Lifestyle players. These people had relied on Lifestyle to become famous in the virtual gaming world, and their fame was not one bit inferior to that of top-tier experts.

Although there would be some differences between the Lifestyle of different virtual reality games, those capable of domination in a virtual reality game would perform mainly the same even if they switched to a different game.

Aside from that, the middle-aged men and women present were among the best Lifestyle players in multiple virtual reality games, and any professional gamer who walked the path of Lifestyle would know of them.

Now that Lifestyle were becoming increasingly important in G.o.d’s Domain, these several masters had become even more difficult to hire than top-tier experts, yet Heaven’s Burial had managed to recruit these people.

With them aboard, Flame Blood was certain of one thing…

From today onwards, things were going to change in Star-Moon Kingdom. The Candlelight Trading Firm, which had remained the dominant trading firm within the kingdom all this time, would soon be history.

Heaven’s Burial had an abundance of capital. In addition, they also had a steady source of Magic Crystals. Just the number of cities the Heavenly Trading Firm covered right now already surpa.s.sed the Candlelight Trading Firm’s greatly. Currently, it was only lacking in Advanced Lifestyle players and popular exclusive products when compared to Candlelight. Once the Heavenly Trading Firm dealt with these problems, becoming the number one trading firm in Star-Moon Kingdom would be a piece of cake.

“Daybreak, how is the progress of the quest on your side?” asked Singular Burial, who was seated on the Guild Leader’s throne.

“We’re almost done. At most, we’ll need another two days’ time to obtain the Shop Promotion Order,” Daybreak Fog said confidently.

“Good. As long as we obtain this Promotion Order, the Heavenly Trading Firm will be able to secure its foothold in Star-Moon Kingdom. When the time comes, we’ll be relying on you several masters,” Singular Burial said, turning to look at the middle-aged men and women seated at a corner.

“As long as you accomplish what you’ve promised, we naturally won’t disappoint you,” the bespectacled middle-aged man seated in the lead of the group said very casually. “At that time, not only will the Heavenly Trading Firm become the number one trading firm in Star-Moon Kingdom, but it will also become the number one in the Black Dragon Empire and the surrounding countries!”

Although the words of the man sounded very arrogant, n.o.body present doubted his words.

After all, this man was the super-first-rate forger, Lava Heart, someone known as the Forging Lecturer in the virtual gaming world. In the real world, he was even a famous blacksmith who specialized in producing all sorts of weapons and defensive equipment for bigwigs and martial arts masters.

“Please rest a.s.sured on this point. I am a man of my word,” Singular Burial laughed.

Inside the Candlelight Trading Firm:

After s.h.i.+ Feng was done stating his demands, the Intermediate Lifestyle players, who had initially been hesitant to make a decision, started applying to take the test one after another.

The Basic Meditation Room was simply too tempting.

Despite having entered the Meditation Room for only a short time, they could already clearly feel the benefits it provided.

The Mana released into the room allowed them to maintain their calm. Their concentration while inside this room was significantly better.

Any player that produced items would know just how important concentration was.

After the fourth evolution of G.o.d’s Domain, the procedures to manufacture items had become increasingly complex. The lack of fine control over one’s movements when producing an item would easily result in failure. Meanwhile, having high concentration could allow players to carry out these fine movements with ease. The Meditation Room would definitely be able to help them further improve themselves.

“Are you guys really going to agree to these conditions?” an Advanced Alchemist named Flying Fish could not help but ask as he looked at his fellow Advanced Lifestyle players. “I believe that you guys should’ve received invitations from Heaven’s Burial as well. The conditions they are offering are triple those of Candlelight’s. Moreover, they’ve also promised to a.s.sign an exclusive Special Workshop to each of us in the future. We’ll even get priority over choosing rare designs and recipes. We’ll have a much better time there than at Candlelight. Why don’t we all just move to Heaven’s Burial’s Heavenly Trading Firm?”

“Although the treatment Heaven’s Burial is offering is indeed good, we get to learn extremely rare designs at the Candlelight Trading Firm. Moreover, there’s even the Basic Meditation Room available now. Not to mention, if we move to the Heavenly Trading Firm, we’ll have to start over from scratch,” an Advanced Lifestyle player replied worriedly.

“What’s there to worry about? Even if we start a new account, the technical skills we’ve acc.u.mulated will stay with us. Moreover, rare designs and recipes are becoming increasingly abundant. We’ll be able to regain our lost development very quickly. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the Heavenly Trading Firm also has those several masters. Compared to fumbling around in the dark, our chances of reaching the Master rank will improve significantly if we follow in their footsteps,” Flying Fish said, yearning stirring in his heart when he mentioned those “masters.”

The only reason the Candlelight Trading Firm could become as strong as it was now was the rare designs it had managed to obtain early on.

However, after the fourth evolution of G.o.d’s Domain, the difficulty of making items had increased significantly. It would be very difficult for them to improve further by relying on external factors. If they could receive the guidance of those several masters hired by the Heavenly Trading Firm, their chances of becoming true Lifestyle Masters would be much higher than if they continued staying at the Candlelight Trading Firm.

“Burning, why don’t you follow me as well? With those masters guiding us, I believe that you’ll be able to become a Lifestyle Master very quickly. At that time, you might even get to join the upper echelons of Heaven’s Burial,” Flying Fish urged the tall and thin youth standing beside him.

Burning Abyss had entered the Candlelight Trading Firm just recently. Back then, he had only been an Advanced Apprentice. However, due to his great talent, he quickly managed to become an Advanced Engineer. In contrast, Flying Fish became an Advanced Alchemist only after striving for a long time.

However, Burning Abyss shook his head in reply.

Usually, aside from making items inside his Workshop, the thing he liked doing the most was reading in libraries. In addition, he would also take a look at the information gathered by Zero Wing.

From reading the gathered information, he had obtained many secrets that others did not know about, which was also one of the reasons why he had managed to improve so quickly in engineering.

Previously, when he saw s.h.i.+ Feng take out the t.i.tan City Entrance Tokens, his legs had nearly gone limp from shock.

Although s.h.i.+ Feng had kept his explanation of the function of the entrance tokens brief, only stating that those who use it would get to train in Special Workshops as well as learn some rare designs and recipes, Burning Abyss knew exactly what kind of place the Holy City of t.i.tan was.

That was a place known as the Holy Land.

t.i.tan City even had the Research Rooms that all Lifestyle Masters dreamed of entering. The help the research materials there could provide was many times more accurate and detailed than any guidance from a bunch of players.

“Are you really planning to defect to the Heavenly Trading Firm?” Burning Abyss asked seriously as he looked at Flying Fish.

“Of course,” Flying Fish replied in a determined tone.

At Flying Fish’s reply, Burning Abyss could not help but sigh as he said, “I advise you not to go. If you defect to the Heavenly Trading Firm, you will definitely regret your decision today.”