Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 934 - Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill

Chapter 934 - Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill

Chapter 934: Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill





The barrier against Tier 1 is stronger than I expected.

s.h.i.+ Feng lifted a hand to the invisible wall. The wall acted like a ma.s.sive repulsion field that enclosed the three innermost areas. Players could not force their way in.

This was also why Warren had warned them not to be greedy.

There were too many Skill and Spell Books in the t.i.tan Library, and it was very difficult to find a book that suited each player within a limited time.

If they focused on breaking through these invisible barriers, they might leave empty-handed.

Players could not rely on their Strength to break through the library’s barriers. They could, however, rely on techniques.

Upon reaching the repulsion field, players’ every aspect would be suppressed to a certain extent. Even Tier 4 and Tier 5 players were not exempt. Inside the repulsion field, there were countless air currents. These air currents would barrage anyone within the field. If players did not respond appropriately, they would be thrown from the repulsion field.

As s.h.i.+ Feng entered the field, many others also began to move. None of them were interested in the outer area’s Skill Books. However, the moment these people entered the repulsion field, they slowed to a crawl as if they had been submerged in mud. With their speed crippled, several streams of air rushed at them. Failing to dodge in time, these people were expelled from the repulsion field.

One of Raven’s members, Masked Angel, rushed into the repulsion field.

“You think you can stop me with this little trick?!” Once Masked Angel stepped into the repulsion field, he sneered as he pushed further into the inner area with long strides.

Over 100 yards of repulsion field separated the outer and inner area.

Masked Angel quickly crossed over a dozen yards through the field, moving as if the air currents were nonexistent.

“Amazing!” a few people who had been thrown from the repulsion field exclaimed.

When they had entered the repulsion field, they hadn’t been able to move normally at all, yet Masked Angel did not seem to have any issues.

As a few streams of violent air tore towards Masked Angel, he dodged every one with a mysterious footwork technique. He then continued forward.

“What?! How are his movements so smooth?! Does the suppression’s strength depend on the player?”

“That shouldn’t be the case.”

These players watched Masked Angel reach the halfway point with envy.

As long as Masked Angel pa.s.sed through this restricted area, he could search the inner area’s Skill Books. Even a fool could guess the difference between the outer area’s Skill Books and those in the inner area.

They had already flipped through a few Skill Books in the outer area, and all they found were Tier 1 and Tier 2 books. While these Skill Books were very valuable, they would be of little use in the future. Only the inner area’s Skill Books could give them an edge as they leveled.

As expected of an expert of Raven, he discerned the repulsion field’s rules as soon as he entered.

s.h.i.+ Feng was not particularly surprised when he saw Masked Angel move through the repulsion field with ease. After all, Masked Angel was a Refinement Realm expert.

The resistance players encountered in the repulsion field was not monotonous. Rather, it changed randomly. Players might encounter weaker resistance in some areas, and stronger resistance in others. It was like firing an automatic machine gun from a long distance. One or multiple bullets might cross some areas, while others wouldn’t see any bullets. If someone attempted to charge through the repulsion field while ignoring this fact, they would quickly be expelled to the outer area. However, if one knew where the bullets would fly, traversing the repulsion field would be a simple matter. Unfortunately, adapting to the various resistances wasn’t so simple.

Once Masked Angel had ventured over 50 yards through the repulsion field, his expression darkened. He also began to stiffen.

More air currents began to a.s.sault him simultaneously, going from the initial three to five, to seven or eight. The repulsion field began to grow more difficult.

Finally, when Masked Angel was 70 yards deep, an air current struck him and threw him from the field.

The spectating players in the outer area were dumbfounded. Masked Angel had been doing fine up until this point. Why had he been suddenly thrown from the field?

“Why did the difficulty increase so dramatically?!” Masked Angel’s expression had twisted into something ugly. “Do they even want us to pa.s.s through this thing!?”

Others might not have realized what had just happened, but he was very aware. The moment he reached the 50-yard mark, the repulsion field rapidly grew stronger, going from strong to weak and weak to strong more quickly. Even Masked Angel found it difficult to cope with the changes. Furthermore, he faced far more attacks, making it more difficult to follow the resistance change. In the end, even after drastic evasive maneuvers, he had been removed from the field.

After Masked Angel had been thrown out, s.h.i.+ Feng entered the repulsion field.

To others, it might be difficult to cope with the constantly changing resistance, but to s.h.i.+ Feng, it was a walk in the park. He didn’t even need to employ any techniques to avoid the incoming currents.

“Impossible!” Masked Angel was momentarily stunned.

It looked as if s.h.i.+ Feng strolled casually down a road. Even after the 50-yard mark, s.h.i.+ Feng continued comfortably.

After a short moment, he had left the repulsion field behind and reached the inner area.

What Masked Angel did not know, however, was that neither the resistance’s strength nor the air current’s attacks were effective against s.h.i.+ Feng’s perception.

After reaching the inner area, s.h.i.+ Feng casually browsed a few Skill Books. He did not hurry towards the central area.

The barrier between the inner area and central area was many times stronger than the barrier separating the outer and inner areas. This barrier had even troubled G.o.d’s Domain’s apex experts of the past.

Extremely rare Tier 4 Skills could be found in abundance in the inner area. s.h.i.+ Feng could also see plenty of Tier 3 Sure-kill Skills.

These Sure-kill Skills were similar to s.h.i.+ Feng’s Flame Burst. Flame Burst was a Tier 2 Sure-kill Skill that players could learn at Tier 0. Meanwhile, the Skill could be upgraded by sacrificing EXP. However, it could only reach Tier 2. Even with this limitation, though, its advantages were obvious. Learning Flame Burst did not require a particular Tier. It did not require Skill Proficiency either.

Sure-kill Skills were extremely rare in G.o.d’s Domain, much less a Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill. In the Auction House, it would sell for more than an Epic item. After all, many players in G.o.d’s Domain would hit their limit after reaching Tier 3. It was incredibly difficult to advance. For these players, their Tier 3 Sure-kill Skills would never grow old, allowing them to hold their top ranks among Tier 3 players.

However, this would not satisfy s.h.i.+ Feng.

He still had plenty of time. He could attempt to reach the section’s central area.

G.o.d’s Domain’s apex experts dreamed of the t.i.tan Library’s central area. Not only did the central area house Tier 5 Skill Books, but it also held Tier 4 Sure-kill Skills. However, as the difficulty of reaching the t.i.tan Library increased as one moved up in Tiers, very few apex experts could make it into the library in the first place, not to mention the central area.

Since he was already here, he had to try. If it really were not possible to proceed further, he would simply choose a Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill that was suitable.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng arrived before the next barrier.

Unlike the inner area, there was no powerful repulsion field preventing him from reaching the central area. Instead, everything before him was shrouded in darkness. He could not see inside the central area whatsoever.

Suddenly, someone flew out of the darkness and slammed into the ground.

This person was none other than Raven’s Bloodsucker. However, Bloodsucker was extremely pale, his face empty of blood. He seemed sapped of all energy. He looked like as if he had just fought through a long, life-or-death battle, completely exhausted.

“You need to be careful. It’s very dangerous in there,” Bloodsucker smiled bitterly as s.h.i.+ Feng walking over. “I’ll be logging out to rest now.”