Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 673 - Grinding a Boss

Chapter 673 - Grinding a Boss

Chapter 673 - Grinding a Boss

Before Cola and the other MTs could reach the Frost Giant, the Grand Lord raised its iron fists and smashed the frozen ground heavily.

Ice Thorns!

As if the frosty ground had transformed into water, waves rocked the surroundings. Every wave rolled the ground. Amidst these waves, ordinary players would struggle to stay on their feet. Although Cola and the others were experts, even they could barely advance.

Following which, glistening ice spikes exploded from the ground, one after another. Even the slightest touch dealt nearly -3,000 damage to Cola and the other MTs.

This attack was obviously much stronger than the Great Lord ranked Frost Giant’s. Everyone’s chests tightened at this situation.

Could they really defeat this Frost Giant?

“Damage dealers on the sides can attack freely. Blackie, cast Guardian of Light on Cola. Violet, focus on damage,” s.h.i.+ Feng leisurely commanded.

“Got it.” Although Blackie was curious as to why s.h.i.+ Feng wanted him to use Guardian of Light on Cola so soon, he did not question the command. Immediately, he cast Guardian of Light on Cola.

Initially, Cola lost nearly 5,000 HP with each hit from the Grand Lord. However, with Guardian of Light, the Frost Giant’s attacks dealt less than -1,000 damage to the Guardian Knight. In addition, Guardian of Light healed Cola for roughly 600 HP every second. Against the Frost Giant’s damage, Cola could survive quite a while without the healers’ a.s.sistance.

However, shortly after Guardian of Light activated, the Frost Giant abruptly stomped its foot, dealing ma.s.sive damage to all enemies within ten yards. Naturally, Cola could not avoid the attack as the Giant’s foot slammed him to the ground, a damage of over -3,000 points appearing above his head.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

This attack was simply too frightening.

s.h.i.+ Feng, however, was not surprised.

This move was an instant-kill move unique to the h.e.l.l Mode Frost Giant. The Frost Giant would first use Fatal Blow against one enemy. If that enemy failed to withstand the attack and died, the nearest person would receive damage as well. However, as long as a player withstood the attack, the Frost Giant would not immediately repeat the attack on a new target.

“Good. Next, focus on dodging the icicles from above.” Seeing as there were no major issues, s.h.i.+ Feng activated the Aura of s.p.a.ce and dashed towards the Frost Giant. He had no intentions of saving his Stamina.

The Frost Domain was a Control Spell. As long as he activated the Aura of s.p.a.ce, he would be immune to all Control effects. In other words, the Frost Domain would not affect him, and he could fight without worrying about his Stamina depleting too quickly.

With Cola holding the Boss’s aggro, the other DPS began their relentless a.s.sault.

Spells and arrows bombarded the Frost Giant. Meanwhile, the melee desperately attacked the Grand Lord’s joints, thereby disturbing its attack rhythm.

The members of Zero Wing’s main force wore excellent equipment, and practically all of their Skills could deal over -1,000 damage to the Frost Giant. Among the team members, Fire Dance and Rampant Blade were the strongest.

The majority of Fire Dance’s equipped Tier 3 Gemstones were Strength-attributed. Every one of her normal attacks could deal over -1,000 damage. When she used Absolute Strike, she dealt nearly -6,000 damage or over -10,000 damage with a critical hit.

As for Rampant Blade, he possessed the Bluefire Double-edged Sword. Each swing dealt over -1,500 damage to the Grand Lord. With a 20% critical rate, he could occasionally deal over -3,000 damage. From time to time, he would also trigger Bluefire Dance, dealing nearly -5,000 damage. His damage output was only second to Fire Dance’s.

Following them were Blackie and Violet Cloud. As the Frost Giant was an Elemental Being, it possessed some Magic Resistance. Hence, magic attacks were not as effective as physical attacks against the Grand Lord.

Meanwhile, activating Silent Steps, s.h.i.+ Feng appeared directly above the Frost Giant. He sent a Thunder Flame Explosion descending on the Grand Lord’s head.


“The effects are better than I expected.” s.h.i.+ Feng glanced at the system notification panel, seeing a 98% Skill Completion Rate.

After he had consumed the Hundred Berry Wine, he noticed that drink had been more effective than usual. Normally, he could only achieve a 96% Completion Rate with Thunder Flame Explosion, even with the help of the Hundred Berry Wine.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng executed Chop.

His motions were as smooth as flowing water.

In the next moment, the three slashes he sent out intertwined into a single silver light, which tore everything in its path as it struck a single point.


This time, his Chop achieved a 99% Completion Rate. He was only a thread away from reaching 100%.

s.h.i.+ Feng’s astonis.h.i.+ng damage shocked his fellow teammates.

Chop was one of a Swordsman’s Basic Skills, yet when s.h.i.+ Feng executed his Tier 1 Chop, his display was far different from other Swordsmen’s. Instead of dealing three damages, the Skill only dealt one. The Skill’s overall damage was even more frightening.

In the absence of a critical hit, s.h.i.+ Feng had dealt over -10,000 damage with his Chop. His damage was on the same level as Fire Dance’s and Rampant Blade’s critical hits with their most powerful Skills. This was simply inconceivable…

Immediately after, s.h.i.+ Feng used Flame Burst, launching 15 attacks in quick succession. Every hit forced the Frost Giant to take half a step back. Moreover, each hit dealt over -16,000 damage and over -32,000 damage if it were a critical hit. The sight floored the other Zero Wing members into a momentary stand-still.

“Don’t focus on dealing more damage to the Boss. Think about how you can improve your Skill Completion Rates. It isn’t often that you get to experience a mental suppression like this.” s.h.i.+ Feng finally understood why the Hundred Berry Wine was more effective than usual.

The Hundred Berry Wine had a side effect of blurring a player’s five senses, dulling their perception. However, the Grand Lord’s aura could negate much of this side effect, allowing players to maintain a clear state of mind even with the alcoholic effects. With this, players could execute their Skills more efficiently.

After s.h.i.+ Feng’s reminder, everyone became aware of their own conditions.

Previously, when they had drunk the Hundred Berry Wine, they had not been able to maintain a clear state of mine. If they could practice their Skills while sober, it would definitely help to improve their Skill Completion Rates.

Excitement gripped the team. They were no longer afraid of the Grand Lord. On the contrary, they stared at the Frost Giant as if he were nothing more than a mountain of gold, desire gripping their hearts.

Using a Grand Lord as target practice was simply unbelievable, yet Zero Wing’s members did just that.

The rapid rise of everyone’s Skill Completion Rates allowed them to understand more about their respective Skills. At the same time, this improvement also allowed them to reduce many of their excess motions, thereby reducing their Stamina consumption rate significantly.

A short moment later, the Frost Giant’s HP fell to the 20% threshold. However, none of these players were satisfied. During this short period, everyone’s Skill Completion Rates had improved significantly. For example, Fire Dance and Violet Cloud had managed to raise their Skill Completion Rates by a stable 2%. Everyone else managed to raised theirs by a stable 1%.

Originally, when raiding the Hard Mode Frost Giant, the team would have less than 70 people capable of fighting at this point. Now, however, every member of the team was still up and ready to fight. On the contrary, it was the Frost Giant who looked pitiful right now…

“You actually dare stand before me, the King of Frost?! I will show you a power that you have never seen before!” the Frost Giant bellowed, causing the entire cavern to tremble.

Cold air began to gather and condense in the Frost Giant’s hand. In the dark cavern, it seemed like the Frost Giant held a bright moon that dispelled the darkness.

“Why haven’t we seen this move in Hard Mode before?” A bad feeling started to creep up on Fire Dance.

Before the Frost Giant attacked, everyone could feel a bone-chilling cold wrap around their bodies. In the next moment, they began losing 500 HP every second. If the Frost Giant released its attack, it would likely obliterate the entire team instantly.

When the Frost Giant held up the hill-sized ball of ice, which it had formed from the condensed cold air, s.h.i.+ Feng made his move.

Absolute Time!

When activated, Absolute Time prevented enemies within a radius of 100 yards from using any Skills or tools for 24 seconds. In this case, however, although the Skill did affect the Boss, it would only last three to five seconds at most. Even so, that was more than enough.

Suddenly, the ma.s.sive ice ball cracked and shattered. Meanwhile, the Frost Giant had weakened significantly following the interruption.

“Go! It’s weak! Activate your Berserk Skills!” s.h.i.+ Feng hurriedly shouted.

Suddenly, everyone activated the Power of Darkness, their Attributes increasing significantly.

In a fraction of a second, Spells and arrows bombarded the Frost Giant, forcing constant, painful screams from the Great Lord. Following which, the Frost Giant’s HP rapidly decreased, and even its hard exterior began to burst. In the end, the Frost Giant was reduced to a clear puddle of water, leaving behind a ma.s.sive resplendent gemstone and a mountain of loot.