Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 670 - Difference in Skills

Chapter 670 - Difference in Skills

Chapter 670 - Difference in Skills

Everyone was stunned when they saw the sudden change between the combatants.

After activating his Berserk Skill, Lightning Blade was extraordinarily powerful, particularly in terms of Strength.

Yet, his slash, which was backed up by that powerful Strength, could not actually touch Violet Cloud. Lightning Blade’s saber was frozen one inch before reaching Violet Cloud. It was simply inconceivable.

“A Protection Skill?” War Wolf reacted quickly.

There were many kinds of Protection Skills in G.o.d’s Domain such as a Swordsman’s Parry or a Berserker’s Block. Magical also had corresponding Skills. Only, these Skills were extremely rare because magical were not melee They faced significantly fewer dangers. Hence, these types of Skills were very rare.

Everyone suddenly came to a realization.

Protection Skills were extremely rare. However, with Zero Wing’s strength, it would not be difficult to obtain one such a Skill Book for Violet Cloud.

“So, she has a Protection Skill. However, how many of my attacks do you think your Protection Skill can withstand?” Lightning Blade growled. “You are only prolonging your suffering!”

Saying so, Lightning Blade began brandis.h.i.+ng his saber once again.

Generally, Protection Skills could only block a certain number of attacks. Moreover, that number was very low. It was a Skill only meant for crucial moments.

Standing at a distance, s.h.i.+ Feng could clearly see what was going through Lightning Blade’s mind, and he could not help but shake his head.

The Protection Skill Violet Cloud had used was not any ordinary Protection Skill. The Skill was called Absolute s.p.a.ce, and it was a Tier 1 Legacy Skill unique to Astromancers.

When activated, Absolute s.p.a.ce nullified all attacks the caster received for five seconds. During this time, the caster was not allowed to move but could cast Spells to attack. It was a near-invincible Skill.

Despite Lightning Blade relentless a.s.sault, the latter did not receive a single point of damage. In the meantime, Violet Cloud casually used Lesser Healing and Recovery, her HP rising rapidly. In the blink of an eye, her HP recovered to more than 6,000. She also had plenty of time left on Absolute s.p.a.ce.

Taking this opportunity, Violet Cloud began to chant an incantation. Her finger traced line after line of runes in the air. Just as the duration of Absolute s.p.a.ce was about to expire, Violet Cloud pointed her finger at Lightning Blade, the tip of her finger releasing a black beam at the Guardian Knight before her.

Tier 1 Spell, Black Coffin!

Realizing that something was amiss, Lightning Blade hurriedly tried to dodge. However, before he could do so, four pitch black walls emerged from the ground around him, sealing him in completely.

When Nimble Snake saw this, his teeth ground together. This move was precisely the one that Violet Cloud had used to defeat him in the arena. Now that Lightning Blade had similarly fallen prey to it, the outcome of the battle might change drastically.

Black Coffin could trap its target for three long seconds. Violet Cloud took the opportunity to create some distance between herself and the trapped Guardian Knight. She then leisurely chanted an incantation.

The Spell she cast this time created a much bigger commotion. As Violet Cloud began chanting, a black magic array appeared in midair. In the next moment, the Mana in the surrounding area frantically gathered at the magic array.

Soon, the Black Coffin began to fade out of existence. Escaping the Coffin, Lightning Blade was immediately greeted by the sight of a black magic array spewing numerous black b.a.l.l.s of light. One, two… Very quickly, the number increased to 36. Every black ball of light was as large as a basketball, and they covered the entire s.p.a.ce above the Duel venue.


Violet Cloud shouted her command. The black b.a.l.l.s of light filling the sky then bombarded Lightning Blade.

Violet Cloud’s attack came from all directions. Even when Lightning Blade tried to defend himself with his s.h.i.+eld, many black b.a.l.l.s struck him from his flanks and rear. Unable to endure the barrage, Lightning Blade began to move, attempting to evade the b.a.l.l.s of light. After taking four steps, however, the Guardian Knight no longer dared to move about carelessly.

With each step, he discovered that he would lose over 600 HP.

Lightning Blade only had over 13,000 HP. If each step destroyed more than 600 HP, he would be finished with his 22nd step.

Yet, against the omnidirectional bombardment of the 36 Mana b.a.l.l.s, even if he had amazing skills, the b.a.l.l.s would still devour his HP. Moreover, whenever the Mana b.a.l.l.s collided with his body, the impact felt like he had been struck by a sledgehammer. Not only did they contain a ma.s.sive amount of power, but they could also deal over -300 damage. Every time the Mana b.a.l.l.s attacked him, roughly five or six would find their way through his defense, causing over -1,500 damage in an instant.

“d.a.m.n it!” Seeing as he could neither move nor defend himself properly, Lightning Blade had no choice but to cast Protection Blessing, reducing the damage he received by 50%. However, if this continued, he would not last for long even with Protection Blessing.

Everyone was currently stupefied by the Duel before them.

Is she really a Cleric? This question hovered in everyone’s mind.

This attack method had already surpa.s.sed their understanding of the game’s Skills. In the past, Skills had been straightforward. This was the first time they had seen such a flexible and diversified method of combat.

Until now, everyone had believed that magical stood no chance against physical in PvP and that their only advantage was being capable of high damage in Dungeons. However, Violet Cloud’s strategy had thoroughly changed everyone’s minds.

Violet Cloud’s Skill combination was simply too frightening. Not only was Lightning Blade unable to move, but he even faced the attacks of the numerous black b.a.l.l.s of lights. If anyone else stood in Lightning Blade’s place, the bombardment would have long since turned them into mincemeat.

Even highly skilled experts like Flame Blood, Ghost Shadow, and War Wolf felt powerless as they watched Violet Cloud’s attacks.

At this moment, Flame Blood’s expression twisted. He could no longer maintain his previous calm.

How was this even a Duel? This was a slaughter…

Is this the true strength of an expert who has reached the later stage of the seventh floor? At this moment, Flame Blood could not help but s.h.i.+ft his gaze towards s.h.i.+ Feng and Fire Dance, a hint of fear flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

If both Fire Dance and s.h.i.+ Feng were stronger than Violet Cloud, then Zero Wing was truly a terrifying Guild…

“How did she become so strong?!” Nimble Snake was horrified as he watched Lightning Blade’s destruction. Even his leader, War Wolf, would not be a match for Violet Cloud.

While everyone was mesmerized by Violet Cloud’s performance, Lightning Blade, who stood in the Duel site, felt depression overtake him. If only 20 black b.a.l.l.s of light attacked him, he might barely cope and avoid receiving any damage. However, dealing with 36 was far beyond his capabilities.

At this moment, regret swallowed Lightning Blade.

If he had known earlier that Violet Cloud had such an attack method, he would never have agreed to Duel her.

A bona fide top-tier expert like himself had actually become a punching bag, unable to resist in the least. It was utterly humiliating.

The Hundred Berry Wine is the best! I actually achieved a 91% Skill Completion Rate, allowing me to summon so many Mana b.a.l.l.s! I wonder just how many I can summon if I achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate.

Violet Cloud inwardly rejoiced while she controlled the Mana b.a.l.l.s in the sky. In the past, she had only achieved a 90% Skill Completion Rate and summoned a maximum of 30 Mana b.a.l.l.s. Now, however, she had increased her Completion Rate by 1%, and just this 1% had increased the maximum Mana b.a.l.l.s by six. If she could raise her Skill Completion Rate to 100%, her Skills would be absolutely terrifying.

Time crawled by.

Before ten seconds had pa.s.sed, Lightning Blade’s 13,000 HP depleted completely. From beginning to end, the Guardian Knight had not been able to resist in the slightest.