Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 629 - 5-star Mount

Chapter 629 - 5-star Mount

Chapter 629 - 5-star Mount

Aside from Aqua Rose, no one understood the value of the Stable Design.

However, this was expected.

Of those present, aside from Aqua Rose, who was the Guild’s manager, and Blackie, who managed the Workshop’s affairs, everyone had immersed themselves in improving their combat techniques. Why would they have noticed the Guild’s potential constructions

Seeing s.h.i.+ Feng silently nodded his head, Aqua Rose involuntarily began trembling.

In the past, why had various large Guilds desperately tried to raid large-scale Team Dungeons, going so far as to invest ma.s.sive sums of money into gearing up their respective Guild’s MTs and utilizing all items capable of a.s.sisting their raid of a large-scale Team Dungeon?

There was only one main reason.

Guild Mounts!

G.o.d’s Domain’s maps were extremely large. Once players began arriving at Level 30 and higher maps, they would have to spend a large chunk of their time traveling. The maps would also only grow larger the further one progressed into the game. Meanwhile, a powerful Mount would help players save a lot of time. However, the more important function of Guild Mounts was that they could attract more players to join a Guild.

The Common Mounts sold in cities not only required players to have sufficient Reputation, but they also required a significant sum of money to purchase. A Common Mount cost a full 40 Gold. Even after players reached Level 40, it would still be extremely difficult to procure that much money, unless, of course, one was willing to purchase Coins with Credits. In the end, however, they could still only purchase a Common Mount.

However, Guild Mounts were different. Although players were required to collect a certain amount of Guild Contribution Points before they could purchase a Guild Mount, which was more expensive than a Common Mount, unlike the Common Mounts, Guild Mounts could be nurtured and upgraded. Moreover, they possessed varying and much better-looking appearances. This was fatally tempting to many independent players and wealthy players.

Guilds could take this opportunity to develop and expand themselves, obtaining a large sum of funds. After all, Guild members were also required to spend money when purchasing Guild Mounts. Meanwhile, a portion of that money would flow into the Guild’s coffers.

Due to this, the various large Guilds in the past had desperately attempted to raid 100-man Team Dungeons. It wasn’t just because they had aimed for the weapons and equipment available inside the Dungeon, but more because they hoped to obtain the Stable Design as soon as possible.

Aqua Rose had never imagined that s.h.i.+ Feng would actually obtain a Stable Design, one of the greatest money-earning tools of a Guild, so quickly.

It seems that my decision had really been the right one. I want to see just what Father will have to say in the future! Aqua Rose’s lips curled up slightly. She could not help but recall the reason why she had left Twilight Echo. I will make sure Zero Wing Twilight Echo!

Originally, Aqua Rose had not believed that Zero Wing could surpa.s.s Twilight Echo. After all, Twilight Echo was a long-standing, first-rate Guild. Whether it was in terms of background, funding, contacts, or human resources, Twilight Echo was far superior to Zero Wing. Although Zero Wing was currently far ahead of the other Guilds, the Guild’s weaknesses were glaring. The Guild simply had no background. Even though Zero Wing was so far ahead of the other Guilds right now, it would still have to acc.u.mulate power for a relatively long time in order to fully operate this machine known as a Guild.

However, the situation had changed.

Since they could build a Stable, one of the core components of a Guild, so soon, they could acc.u.mulate power several times faster.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng wasted no more time as he sent the group back to White River City to prepare some necessary hunting tools. Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng made a trip to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Capturing wild beasts in G.o.d’s Domain was not an easy task. It was also a major field of study.

In the past, there had even been a specialized cla.s.s for this task.

The Tamer!

In the past, there had been players who specialized in researching methods to capture rare wild beasts. They would also sell the beasts they captured to various large Guilds, earning huge sums of money.

Meanwhile, the most important item required to capture wild beasts was a Cage. However, NPCs did not sell these Cages, requiring players to produce them. Hence, many players would learn forging to craft the Cages themselves.

Fortunately, the NPC-run Forging a.s.sociations sold the Forging Designs for Cages. Moreover, they were very cheap. However, s.h.i.+ Feng did not bother purchasing these forging designs as he had a method of producing a Cage of even higher quality.

s.h.i.+ Feng quickly hurried back to the Candlelight Trading Firm and entered a forging room. He then retrieved a pile of materials from his bag and began to refine them.

Cages were sorted into ranks, with 1-star being the lowest and 10-star being the highest. Different ranks could capture beasts of a corresponding rank. In other words, a 1-star Cage could be used to capture a 1-star beast at maximum. It could not be used to capture a 2-star beast. One had to use a 2-star Cage in order to capture a 2-star beast.

The wild beast s.h.i.+ Feng planned to capture was at the highest rank he could capture currently, a 5-star beast. Hence, he required a 5-star Cage. Meanwhile, a 5-star Cage cost almost 2 Gold to craft. Moreover, there was no certainty he could capture a 5-star beast with a single try. This was also one of the reasons why capturing wild beasts was a costly endeavor.

s.h.i.+ Feng was currently a Basic Forger, so he had almost a 30% success rate of producing a 5-star Cage.

Half an hour later, s.h.i.+ Feng managed to forge four 5-star Cages. The total raw materials he had spent on these four Cages cost over 30 Gold. He had also instructed Aqua Rose and the others to purchase a large number of Hunting Scrolls and Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls, both costing more than 3 Gold.

Just as s.h.i.+ Feng was about to leave the forging room, the sound of his communicator reached his ears.

“Phoenix Rain?” s.h.i.+ Feng could not help his surprise when he saw the caller ID.

Ever since Phoenix Rain invested into the Candlelight Training Firm, she had left practically all cooperation matters to her subordinates. She no longer contacted him directly. Or, to put it in another way, she did not find it worthwhile to keep in touch. After all, in the wide world of G.o.d’s Domain, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing was an insignificant character compared to a grand player like Phoenix Rain. To the young lady, the Candlelight Trading Firm was only one of her many small investments. Since her business with the Trading Firm had been completed, she would not bother entangling herself in the matter anymore.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, congratulations on obtaining the First Clear of the h.e.l.l Mode Ruins of the Crow G.o.d,” Phoenix Rain said as she laughed softly. “I had jumped in surprise when I heard the system announcement. I had not realized that you had hidden your strengths so deeply.”

“It’s nothing.” s.h.i.+ Feng laughed as well. Doing away with pleasantries, he asked, “Since Miss Phoenix is contacting me personally, do you have some business you wish to discuss?”

“Sure enough, Guild Leader Black Flame understands people well. Would you be free to meet-up at the Blueberry Restaurant?” Phoenix Rain smiled mysteriously. “Guild Leader Black Flame might receive another boon.”

s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised when he heard her mention the Blueberry Restaurant.

Blueberry Restaurant was one of White River City’s ordinary restaurants. This meant that Phoenix Rain had personally made a trip to White River City. It was clear that she wished to discuss something quite important.

“Okay, I’ll head over there now,” s.h.i.+ Feng agreed.

During his previous meeting with Phoenix Rain, the latter had brought him an Epic Chest and allowed him to earn a hefty profit. Since Phoenix Rain offered another business opportunity, he had no choice but to meet with her again.

In truth, s.h.i.+ Feng could more or less guess why Phoenix Rain wanted to meet him.

As soon as he cleared a 50-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeon, she had come knocking on his door. This showed that it must be something related to the strength of the Guild’s team. She might very well be looking for Zero Wing to help her complete some sort of quest. He might even be able to take the opportunity to earn a large sum of Credits from her.

Before, in order to purchase the necessary training facilities, he had spent most of the Credits in his account.

If he could lure Phoenix Rain into an alliance with Zero Wing, it could save Zero Wing many years of work.