Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 553 - The Difference of Top-tier Equipment

Chapter 553 - The Difference of Top-tier Equipment

Chapter 553 - The Difference of Top-tier Equipment

“How about it? This should be sufficient to convince you to join the War Dragon Legion, right?” Martial Dragon asked once again.

This time, instead of replying, Fire Dance quietly stared Martial Dragon.

Just what kind of monster is this person? Why did I feel that death was right before me when he was still ten yards away? After undergoing special training for a time, Fire Dance’s strength had undergone a qualitative improvement. Lei Bao’s training had especially helped her improve her control over her own body. Her senses had become far more sensitive as well.

Meanwhile, as Fire Dance stared Martial Dragon, she felt as if she stood before a towering mountain.

Particularly, when Martial Dragon was only ten yards away from her, it felt like that towering mountain had instantly appeared above her and physically pressed down on her. At that very instant, she felt as if her life was no longer under her control.

This feeling was different from the pressure she normally felt when facing a powerful enemy. It felt as if everything within a 10-yard radius of Martial Dragon was completely under the Berserker’s control.

Fire Dance could not believe it.

She could not figure out just how Martial Dragon had achieved such a feat.

Martial Dragon was clearly a Berserker. Aside from a few specific Skills, a Berserker’s normal attack range was limited to five or six yards. Moreover, the Dark G.o.d’s Descent had silenced everyone, and none of them could use any Skills. Yet, Martial Dragon had an attack range of ten yards and could even inflict a feeling of impending doom.

Even Fire Dance began to wonder if she was hallucinating due to her fatigue from her recent training. However, ever since she had started playing G.o.d’s Domain, her senses had not led her astray, so how could she possibly be mistaken now?

Hence, Fire Dance immediately retreated from Martial Dragon.

However, dragging on this fight was not a solution. After giving it some thought, Fire Dance gritted her teeth as she prepared to test herself against Martial Dragon.

In the next moment, Fire Dance transformed into a black shadow as she dashed towards Martial Dragon.

In terms of Attributes, Fire Dance was confident that she was superior to Martial Dragon for no reason other than the Tier 1 Set Equipment for, the Dark Melody Set Equipment, that s.h.i.+ Feng had given her. After equipping this set, not only had her Attributes received a ma.s.sive boost, but she was also able to display her combat power more efficiently.

In front of absolute strength, all manner of trickery was useless.

Regarding techniques, Fire Dance and the others had already improved significantly due to Lei Bao and s.h.i.+ Feng’s training. They could be considered super-first-rate experts. In actual combat, they were definitely superior to the ordinary members of the War Dragon Legion. They might not be able to solo a Chieftain of the same level, but they could hold their ground against one for a relatively long time. After factoring in the Tier 1 Set Equipment and their top-tier Dark-Gold Weapons, they could easily solo a Chieftain of the same level. They could even challenge a Lord.

After all, a Tier 1 Set Equipment was only inferior to an Epic Set Equipment. The Attribute increase it provided was no small matter. Furthermore, every one of them had equipped three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. In terms of Attributes, they completely overwhelmed the War Dragon Legion’s ordinary members.

Even against the Commander of the War Dragon Legion, Martial Dragon, this was the case.

The instant Fire Dance reached the 10-yard range, she turned her feet slightly, and suddenly, she split into two identical figures. It was practically impossible to tell which woman was real. The two figures then proceeded to attack Martial Dragon separately. Any ordinary player would be caught off guard and fail to react if their enemy suddenly doubled. Even an expert would hesitate. In addition, Fire Dance was very skilled. There were almost no excess movements in her attack. With lightning speed, the two Truefire Blades in Fire Dance’s hands flew towards Martial Dragon’s vital point and blindspot.

The various large Guilds watching the fight from afar were momentarily stupefied.

Fire Dance’s speed and ferocity were unstoppable. Their eyes could not even keep up with her.

Even an expert would be finished!

However, the instant before the Truefire Blades struck Martial Dragon, a red streak flashed, deflecting both of Fire Dance’s attacks. At the same time, the resulting impact forced Fire Dance into a retreat.

Is he even a Berserker? How can he draw his sword so fast? Fire Dance was forced to retreat three steps before she stabilized her body. At this moment, however, both of her hands were numb.

Berserkers were famed for their Strength, so Fire Dance did not find it surprising that Martial Dragon’s counterattack had repulsed her. However, she was an, a cla.s.s that was famed for its speed. She had clearly struck first, yet Martial Dragon still managed to block her attacks.

“This Fire Dance is not bad at all. Unfortunately, the gap between her and Martial Dragon is immense. It is so wide that even she hasn’t realized its extent.” Watching the fight from afar, Nine Dragons Emperor revealed a faint smile.

“Pavilion Master, how could you possibly compare that little girl to Martial Dragon? It is impressive that this little girl possesses such skill at such a young age. If she joins the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, her future will be limitless. In a few years, she might even become a second Martial Dragon.” The old man serving Nine Dragons Emperor similarly smiled.

Martial Dragon was one of the strongest combatants that the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion had to offer. He was also a rare talent that only appeared once a decade.

The virtual gaming world changed by the day, and every year, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion would recruit a large number of players with potential. Meanwhile, the fact that Martial Dragon was known as a genius that only appeared once every ten years in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion showed just how much talent he possessed. How could a little girl, who had never been nurtured by a Super Guild, possibly compete with such an individual?

Before, although it seemed as though Martial Dragon’s block had been extremely fast, in reality, that was not the case. It was only because Fire Dance had failed to notice Martial Dragon taking half a step backward. And it was precisely this distance that had given Martial Dragon’s greatsword sufficient time to catch up to Fire Dance’s short swords.

The subtlety this half-step contained was the difference between Fire Dance and Martial Dragon.

Before Fire Dance could recall how Martial Dragon had managed to counterattack…

Martial Dragon suddenly moved.

The instant he moved, Fire Dance focused all of her attention on the Berserker’s body.

Martial Dragon’s movements were very fast and polished. However, this speed was slower than Fire Dance’s reactions. In an instant, Fire Dance predicted the Berserker’s attack route and prepared to counterattack.

Since my Strength is not a match for him, I’ll use speed to face him. Through the previous exchange, Fire Dance had discovered her advantages and disadvantages against this opponent. possessed extremely high Agility. Hence, regarding Movement Speed, they were leaps and bounds above Berserkers. With that in mind, Fire Dance planned to fight a moving battle with Martial Dragon.

Fire Dance instantly dodged the attack from Martial Dragon’s greatsword. She then side-stepped and sent an strike at the Berserker’s neck.

Evade. Counterattack.

It was a simple attack pattern. However, Fire Dance had completed both steps almost simultaneously.

Just as Fire Dance considered following up her counterattack with another attack, her complexion suddenly paled as she felt that something was off. When her counterattack landed, she had not felt her blade slice flesh.

Unfortunately, it was too late to react.

Martial Dragon, who stood proudly before Fire Dance, had raised his blood-red greatsword and swung it down. A red blade of light flashed towards Fire Dance. The immense wind pressure generated by Martial Dragon’s greatsword rolled up a cloud of dust along with a splatter of fresh blood.

In the next moment, Fire Dance flew back, her HP rapidly falling.

Fortunately, Fire Dance had a Tier 1 Set Equipment and three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. In total, she had over 6,000 HP, even with her high Defense. Although Martial Dragon possessed frightening Strength, he could not kill Fire Dance with one hit; he could only reduce her HP by half.

Such powerful equipment! Martial Dragon was somewhat surprised when he saw Fire Dance still standing. However, he quickly discerned the reason why he was unable to kill the with a single hit.

Equipment capable of allowing an to survive one of his strikes definitely possessed powerful Attributes. At this moment, even Martial Dragon envied Fire Dance.

Even Nine Dragons Emperor, who watched the battle from afar, glared at Fire Dance enviously.

“It really is a wonder how you people from Zero Wing managed to obtain such exaggerated equipment. However, although your equipment is excellent, it will only prolong your suffering!”

Saying so, Martial Dragon advanced once more, swinging his greatsword towards Fire Dance, who had only barely recovered from her fall.

Just as the red blade of light was about to strike the…

“Who?” Martial Dragon’s hands suddenly froze as his gaze quickly swept through his surroundings.

“An expert who has awakened a Domain is actually bullying a young woman who has yet to even enter the Refinement Realm. Aren’t you ashamed?”