Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 410 - Unpredictable Astromancer

Chapter 410 - Unpredictable Astromancer

Chapter 410 - Unpredictable Astromancer

“What’s going on with Nimble Snake?” Cao Chenghua asked, having paid attention to the system clock all this time. “Isn’t he two levels higher than that Cleric girl?”

Nimble Snake had clearly been incapacitated for over 3.5 seconds now, yet, he was still Feared. Meanwhile, Violet Cloud had long since regained her freedom.

This series of events had shattered Cao Chenghua’s understanding of G.o.d’s Domain completely.

Even Zhao Yueru, who had thought that they had lost, was dumbfounded by what she saw.

Gentle Snow’s gaze also held doubt as she watched the battle inside the arena.

The scene happening before her made no sense.

Among the crowd, only s.h.i.+ Feng knew that Nimble Snake had fallen into a trap.

Compared to level suppression, tier suppression was far more powerful. It was like comparing the fist of an infant and a fist of an adult. The combatants were on completely different levels.

As a Tier 1 player, even if Violet Cloud fought a Tier 0 player who was ten levels above her, her control skills would be 100% effective or more. On the other hand, when a Tier 0 player used a control skill against a Tier 1 player ten levels below them, the effect of their control skills would weaken by at least 30%.

This was the harsh reality of gap in tiers.

This was why high-tiered players were so valuable and so overwhelmingly strong.

Before anyone in the spectator stands could properly a.n.a.lyze the situation, Violet Cloud sealed her opponent inside a dark and silent barrier. Nimble Snake felt as if he were locked inside a huge coffin.

This barrier stunned the watching crowd. Except for s.h.i.+ Feng, of course.

n.o.body knew how powerful this Black Coffin was, and they did not know what was special about it. However, every player present was an expert, and when the crowd looked at the pitch-black barrier, they felt their souls tremble with fear. The Black Coffin was like a giant beast, and only death awaited those who were devoured.

After trapping Nimble Snake inside the Black Coffin, Violet Cloud immediately distanced herself from it.

The Black Coffin would gradually dissipate after three seconds. By the time it vanished, Violet Cloud was already more than 20 yards away from Nimble Snake. Even if Nimble Snake wanted to launch a counterattack, he would find it extremely difficult to do so from such a distance.

Eh? What’s going on? Why didn’t I receive any damage? Nimble Snake had originally thought he was dead for sure. After all, an advanced spell that took an entire second to cast must be frighteningly powerful. However, he was actually unharmed. Is it because of my level that the spell’s damage was nullified? Or maybe this is only a control spell?

Nimble Snake relaxed. He then focused his gaze on the distant Violet Cloud.

Although this distance was slightly disadvantageous to him, he had many ways to resolve this minor problem.

Suddenly, Violet Cloud waved her staff, and Sacred Sanctions descended from the sky, falling towards the

In response, Nimble Snake sneered as he started moving. With little effort, he dodged the attack and charged at Violet Cloud.

However, Nimble Snake quickly discovered that something was amiss. Somehow, his HP suddenly fell by 500 points, and a moment later, it had fallen by another 500 points. Nimble Snake only had slightly more than 3,100 HP. Now that he had suddenly lost 1,000 HP, he only had around 2,100 HP left.

But nothing hit me! Nimble Snake was 100% certain that he had dodged the several Sacred Sanctions.

Before Nimble Snake could figure out what had happened, Violet Cloud sent another barrage of Sacred Sanctions towards him.

Nimble Snake advanced once more to dodge the attacks. However, he lost another 500 HP the moment he moved.

Violet Cloud sent an attack once more. Knowing that he could no longer afford to lose HP, Nimble Snake started using his daggers to fend off the Sacred Sanctions. This time, he did not receive any damage.

“I was found out?” Violet Cloud giggled.

Astromancers possessed very few spells that dealt high damages. A majority of their attacks were strange and unpredictable. This was what Violet Cloud had discovered after researching her new cla.s.s. Even until now, Violet Cloud had yet to grasp the true essence of an Astromancer completely.

Black Coffin was one such skill. Any players caught by the spell would lose HP when they moved. Meanwhile, the amount of HP they lost depended on the spell caster’s Intelligence. In addition, Black Coffin also had a Silence effect. This spell worked wonders on a melee

By now, Nimble Snake had grasped the general gist of the situation. However, when he thought about how he could neither move nor use any skills, only enduring a beating, he suddenly grew sullen.

The crowd was also amazed upon seeing the effects of Violet Cloud’s skill.

“This skill is so powerful! So that’s why Little Sister Violet used it! Nimble Snake is dead for sure. By the time he reaches Little Sister Violet, his HP will have fallen to nothing,” Zhao Yueru exclaimed.

“Although it is powerful, this move has a glaring flaw,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, smiling.

“Flaw?” Zhao Yueru wondered but quickly understood. In just a moment, her excited heart froze.

Since Nimble Snake lost HP whenever he moved, he would be fine if he stood still. With Nimble Snake’s capabilities, he could easily block the Cleric’s attacks. Unless Violet Cloud could suddenly become an Elementalist…

Moreover, since it was a spell’s effect, it had a duration. When the spell’s duration ended, Nimble Snake could move freely once again.

Since Zhao Yueru could figure out this simple solution, Nimble Snake could certainly figure it out as well. Indeed, Nimble Snake had simply chosen to remain where he was for now as he waited for time to pa.s.s.

Surprisingly, upon seeing Nimble Snake’s actions, s.h.i.+ Feng smiled.

To do nothing and give a casting cla.s.s so much time…?

Was that really a good idea?

“Delaying for time?” Violet Cloud smiled faintly. She then increased the distance between them to almost 30 yards before she began chanting an incantation and waving her staff.

Compared to when she had cast Black Coffin, the channeling time for her current spell was much shorter. It was clear that she was not using an advanced spell as she had before.

Although Nimble Snake had revealed a throwing weapon, Violet Cloud had long since prepared for it as she cast a Sacred s.h.i.+eld on herself, the spell capable of absorbing a significant amount of damage. In addition, Violet Cloud could physically dodge the attacks sent at her. After all, an was not a specialized ranged cla.s.s, so Violet Cloud effortlessly defended against all attacks thrown at her.

As a result, Nimble Snake could only stare at Violet Cloud helplessly.

When the Cleric finished channeling her spell, she pointed her jade-like finger at Nimble Snake, who stood 30 yards away from her.

Suddenly, her opponent felt a powerful suction, pulling him towards Violet Cloud. Although he tried to resist, his efforts were futile as he moved closer to Violet Cloud. Moreover, the speed at which he approached her on increased as he grew nearer.

The moment Nimble Snake arrived before Violet Cloud, multiple damages of -500 appeared above his head, and his HP decreased rapidly.

Nimble Snake knew that he was finished. A distance of 30 yards was sufficient to deplete his remaining 2,100 HP.

“To h.e.l.l with it!”

A hint of madness surfaced in Nimble Snake’s eyes. Now that the two were in such proximity, his daggers could reach Violet Cloud easily.

In a flash, Nimble Snake tightened his grip on his daggers and sent over half a dozen blades of silver light flying towards Violet Cloud.

In response, Violet Cloud simply flicked her finger.

All of a sudden, an incomparably strong pressure slammed down on Nimble Snake, holding him in place. Even the two daggers he brandished froze centimeters away from Violet Cloud.

In the next moment, the abruptly shot backward. Flying over 20 yards away, his body smashed into the wall of the arena.

Victor of the fifth match: Violet Cloud!