Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3035 - Chapter 109 – Strongest Tier 6 Player?

Chapter 3035 - Chapter 109 – Strongest Tier 6 Player?

Chapter 109 Strongest Tier 6 Player?


Who is this person?! Why havent I heard of this name before?!

Isnt this guy a little too strong? Even Fithalia only managed 21 minutes 17 seconds, yet he managed 9 minutes 23 seconds! Hes on an entirely different level!

At this time, everyone paying attention to the G.o.ds Domain a.s.sociations instructor certification test couldnt help but doubt their eyes when they saw the rankings for the third-floor trial.

Setting aside the Magic-eye Hunter Fithalia, both the Silver Ghost and the Witch of the West were nigh-invincible existences among Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked experts. Even superpowers with Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked experts wouldnt dare offend these two people without a good reason.

This was because both of these two had a frightening record of single-handedly defeating at least two G.o.d-ranked experts several years ago. Now that some years had pa.s.sed since they set these records, there was no doubt that they had grown stronger.

Meanwhile, although it was indeed surprising for Fithalia to come in first place previously, Fithalia wasnt some nameless n.o.body. She had also successfully killed a G.o.d-ranked expert by herself in the past. It was even rumored that she had acquired a G.o.ds Legacy. So, it wasnt unacceptable that she managed to surpa.s.s the Silver Ghost and the Witch of the West.

However, what was up with this Asura?

Not only was this person a new name among Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked experts, but he had even surpa.s.sed the other partic.i.p.ating G.o.d-ranked experts by a huge margin. He had practically made a fool out of all the G.o.d-ranked experts that ranked beneath him.

Ive never heard of any G.o.d-ranked experts named Asura before. Could this guy be a newly-promoted G.o.d-ranked expert?

No such G.o.d-ranked expert exists among the various powers. Hes probably a lone wolf.

This guys amazing! He actually overpowered so many legends as an independent player! With this, n.o.body will dare look down on us independent players anymore!

Investigate! We must get this person to join us! If we have such an expert in our Guild, even the Five Great Super Guilds wont dare to casually offend us!

The various powers had varying thoughts when they saw Asuras score on the third-floor trials scoreboard. Some admired him, some were surprised by his strength, and some were curious about his ident.i.ty. After getting over their initial shock, though, these powers promptly thought of recruiting him. It was especially true for the various corporations that had received news of this matter.

The various superpowers had long since divided the current resources in G.o.ds Domain among themselves. It was especially true for the Seven Luminaries Crystals, the resource crucial for reaching Tier 6.

With the various superpowers current monopoly, it was utterly impossible to s.n.a.t.c.h any of these crucial resources from them. Even a new Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked expert appearing outside the various superpowers wouldnt change this fact. After all, the various superpowers could produce G.o.d-ranked experts at a much higher rate.

However, that might change now that the G.o.d-ranked expert known as Asura had appeared.

Although there were still many G.o.d-ranked experts that hadnt taken part in the G.o.ds Domain a.s.sociations instructor certification test, the current partic.i.p.ants were already more than enough to represent most of G.o.ds Domains G.o.d-ranked experts. Meanwhile, with the exception of the Five Great Super Guilds old monsters and those four monsters, it was unlikely that any other G.o.d-ranked expert could beat Asuras score. Hence, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Asura was the strongest Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked expert in G.o.ds Domain.

Asura, is it?

When Purple Jade, who was resting in the branch headquarters top-floor lounge, saw the results on the holographic screen before her, her eyes burned with fighting spirit.

Personally, Purple Jade felt that she had improved a lot since she reached Tier 6 several years ago. Right now, she felt that she could fight even Prosciutto and Alice and have a chance at winning. Other than those four peerless monsters and the Five Great Super Guilds mysterious old monsters, she doubted that any other G.o.d-ranked expert could achieve a decisive victory over her.

Now, though, a new target had appeared in Purple Jades mind, and this target was none other than Asura!

In the past, unless G.o.d-ranked experts decided to fight each other, there was no way to tell the difference between G.o.d-ranked experts. However, there was a convenient way to do so nowthe G.o.ds Domain a.s.sociations instructor certification test.

Anyone who had partic.i.p.ated in the test, particularly the third-floor trial, would know how challenging it was to defeat all those NPCs. Every one of those NPCs could rival the average Domain Realm expert in strength. While defeating one of these NPCs might be simple for a Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked expert, defeating a large group of them was an entirely different story.

Despite how confident Purple Jade was in her strength, even she had taken 26 minutes to clear the third-floor trial. She couldnt even begin to imagine what kind of strength, or, more specifically, what kind of combat standard, was necessary to defeat all those NPCs in just nine minutes.

Interesting! I didnt think that other than those old monsters and those four peerless monsters, thered be another person who has managed to reach such a realm! a 60-year-old man who looked like he was in his early forties said, a look of interest appearing on his face as he looked at the holographic scoreboard before him.

Is this person really that strong, Great Elder? Can he really match those old monsters? a burly middle-aged man asked as he looked at the lean old man standing beside him. It should be known that the lean old man was Thousand Swords, a legendary individual in World Domination. While he wasnt trying to doubt Thousand Swords judgment, the Five Great Super Guilds old monsters were nigh-invincible existences. So, he found it hard to imagine that a G.o.d-ranked expert that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere could match those old monsters.

I can only say that they are on the same level, Thousand Swords said after giving the middle-aged mans question some thought. We will only know the exact difference if those old monsters decide to show themselves. After all, youve seen the fourth-floor trial for yourself. I dont think anyone in our current G.o.ds Domain can beat that person. That person on the fourth floor isnt just at the Beyond Domain Realm. He has similarly reached an incredible level in the Realms of Truth.

Others might not know how powerful the Five Great Super Guilds old monsters were, but Thousand Swords had fought against some of those old monsters 20 years ago. Although he wasnt sure how strong those old monsters had become after entering G.o.ds Domain, he was certain that all of them were at the Beyond Domain Realm.


Every one of those old monsters had reached the Beyond Domain Realm!

This was also why even until now, none of the various superpowers G.o.d-ranked experts had ever questioned the strength of those old monsters.

Meanwhile, back on the 175th floor of the Secret Pavilions branch headquarters

While everyone was busy discussing Asura and wondering whether he could rival the Five Great Super Guilds old monsters, Liu Yanya had her eyes focused on the student registration list, shock and confusion coloring her face.

Gold?! How did Chen Ziyou get into the Gold List?!

At this time, there were only a few names on the Gold List. However, one of them just so happened to be Chen Ziyou, a name that shouldnt be there logically.

This must be a mistake! How can her instructor be so strong?!

Liu Yanya shook her head, refusing to believe this situation to be true. It should be known that her instructor had taken a long time to complete even the second-floor trial and become a Silver Instructor. Yet, just when she thought she could stand on equal footing as Chen Ziyou afterward, Chen Ziyous instructor had become a Gold Instructor. How could she possibly accept this situation?

In reality, Liu Yanya wasnt the only one in disbelief over this situation. Even Chen Ziyou herself wore a dumbfounded expression when she saw her name on the Gold List.

Instructor s.h.i.+? Asura?