Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3028 - Chapter 102 – Inhuman Precision

Chapter 3028 - Chapter 102 – Inhuman Precision

Chapter 102 Inhuman Precision

Are my ears playing tricks on me?! Did Wu Lingling just reject the Empresss invitation!?

She mustve lost her mind. I remember that her teacher is called s.h.i.+ Feng, and he is only the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. Even during his peak, he had only managed to stick around at the top of Tier 3.

Tier 3? Doesnt that mean hes just an ordinary expert?

Thats right. Any one of my Academys instructors can beat him up.

That guy sure is lucky. I cant believe he picked up such a peerless genius. He wouldnt have to worry about his future with such a student following him.

When the spectating crowd heard Wu Lingling rejecting Purple Jades invitation, many of them couldnt help but grow confused. In addition, some of the instructors present who knew about Wu Linglings background couldnt help but grow jealous of s.h.i.+ Feng.

After all, even if they set aside the possibility that something might be wrong with Wu Linglings brain, the girl could still easily reach Tier 5 with her monstrous talent. If given enough resources, she might even have a chance at reaching Tier 6. Yet, despite being only an ordinary expert, s.h.i.+ Feng had actually found himself such a monstrously talented apprentice.

She must be out of her mind! If she doesnt want that opportunity, she shouldve given it to me instead! Liu Xuanyi cursed under his breath when he saw Wu Lingling rejecting Purple Jades invitation. He was also a Swordsman. If he could have a Tier 6 Swordsman as his instructor, he would have a much easier time climbing to higher tiers in the future.

Wu Xiaoxiaos little sister sure is an interesting person. Shes even more stubborn than her elder sister, Liu Yanya, who stood beside Liu Xuanyi, said as she looked at Wu Lingling. Im afraid shes going to become your biggest rival in the future.

Rival? Shaking his head, Liu Xuanyi said, She is not worthy of being my rival now that she has rejected the Secret Pavilions invitation. With only a Tier 3 instructor and no Guild backing her, Ill leave her in the dust the next time we meet in the Academy Compet.i.tion.

I guess youre right. She is the same as her elder sister in this regard, Liu Yanya said, nodding.

Their instructor Soaring Snake had extended an invitation to Wu Xiaoxiao multiple times in the past. However, Wu Xiaoxiao had rejected his offer every time. Although Wu Xiaoxiao was already receiving from Crimson Emperor right now, the number of recruits Crimson Emperor needed to train was ma.s.sive. Thus, even though Wu Xiaoxiao was currently training under a superpower, the resources she received wouldnt be as significant as most people imagined.

Had Wu Xiaoxiao accepted their instructors invitation previously, she might even have had a chance to reach Tier 6. Now, though, she could, at most, linger around the Tier 5 threshold.

While the surrounding spectators were feeling surprised and confused over Wu Linglings decision, the burly man standing among the Secret Pavilions executives similarly couldnt help but turn toward Jin Hai Academys group with a look of surprise on his face.

Whats going on with Jin Hai Academys people? Why arent any instructors coming forward to advise Wu Lingling?

Normally, an ordinary G.o.ds Domain Academy would be over the moon if even an ordinary superpower tried to recruit one of their students, let alone a transcendental power like the Secret Pavilion. These Academies wouldve frantically accepted the offer on their students behalf.

Yet, Jin Hai Academys side was seemingly filled with eccentric people. Even after hearing Wu Lingling refuse Purple Jades invitation, n.o.body from Jin Hai University had stepped forward to persuade the girl. On the contrary, every one of them looked at this situation as if they had expected it to happen

Meanwhile, when Jin Hai Academys instructors and Lin Yaoyue saw the Secret Pavilions executives looking toward them, they couldnt help but reveal bitter smiles.

If it was possible to change Wu Linglings mind, they wouldve long since done so. Unfortunately, s.h.i.+ Feng seemingly possessed some unknown charm that had thoroughly captivated the little girls heart.

At this point, they had long since given up on influencing Wu Linglings decisions, choosing to let the girl decide her own future instead. It wasnt a particularly bad decision to do so, either, since s.h.i.+ Feng wasnt as weak as he seemed. Otherwise, a senior instructor like Qi Lianshan wouldnt have treated s.h.i.+ Feng with such respect.

How unfortunate. If you come across any problems in your training in the future, feel free to contact me.

Purple Jade did not get angry after having her invitation rejected. Instead, she handed Wu Lingling her business card, her action causing many of the Secret Pavilions members present to grow envious. This was because they understood that Purple Jade wasnt putting on an act. Instead, she was sincerely interested in Wu Lingling. After all, only a few people in the Secret Pavilion had Purple Jades contact method.

Should I go and talk with Jin Hai Academys side, Commander? I believe that with the Secret Pavilions influence, that s.h.i.+ Feng wouldnt refuse our offer, the burly man whispered to Purple Jade when he saw that Purple Jade appeared very interested in Wu Lingling.

A talent capable of catching Purple Jades eyes was incredibly hard to come by.

Although the Secret Pavilions Guild Leader had tried to get Purple Jade to teach the Guilds geniuses in the past, Purple Jade showed no interest in those geniuses whatsoever. The Guild also couldnt force her to teach them since she was one of the Guilds Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked experts. It wasnt until recently that Leili had appeared and caught Purple Jades attention.

Now that Purple Jade had shown interest in Wu Lingling as well, the Secret Pavilion naturally couldnt let this rare opportunity get away.

No need, Purple Jade said, shaking her head. Rather than that, I need you to look into s.h.i.+ Feng. He definitely isnt as simple as everyone thinks.

Huh? The burly man couldnt help but grow confused. I heard from the other Academies instructors that Wu Linglings instructor is only the former Guild Leader of Shadow, a second-rate Guild. In addition, he had never even managed to reach Tier 4 during his peak, which was why Shadows Chairman had fired him.

Instead of answering the burly mans confusion, Purple Jade asked, Do you think Wu Lingling is a fool?

How can that be? Theres no way she could have reached the seventh floors late stage at 16 if she were a fool, the burly man answered strangely.

Doesnt that settle it, then? After rolling her eyes at the burly man, Purple Jade put on a serious expression and said, Moreover, theres one more important reason I said that s.h.i.+ Feng isnt simple.

An important reason? Could it be that there is something special about him? the burly man asked.

Its not him whos special, but Wu Lingling instead. Her foundation is simply too solid. It is so solid that I cant help but suspect that she isnt a little girl, but an old monster who has lived for dozens of years! Purple Jade said as she recalled Wu Linglings every action. When I was talking to her just now, I noticed that she has incredibly precise control over her subtle movements. That kind of precision is something you would only find on someone who has already been at the Refinement Realm for over a dozen or several dozen years. Yet, despite having such precision control, the continuity of Wu Linglings movements was an utter mess, which is one of the main reasons recruits often have trouble entering the Refinement Realm.

Commander, are you saying that The burly man couldnt help but shudder when the severity of Purple Jades words sank into his mind.

Thats right. Either Wu Lingling has someone with G.o.dlike understanding over the Refinement Realm teaching her, or the girl is actually an old monster acting young before us, Purple Jade calmly said. However, no matter how I look at it, Wu Lingling is a teenage girl through and through. There is also no point for her to trick us since we can easily discern her actual age and ident.i.ty through public records. In that case, that leaves us with only one possibility: her instructors understanding has already reached a G.o.dlike standard.

Ill look into him right away.

After saying so, the burly man promptly left the underground training field, not daring to waste even a moment longer.

The Refinement Realm might not seem like anything special in the eyes of the various superpowers, which were capable of systematically nurturing their own Refinement Realm experts, but not all Refinement Realm experts were equal. Depending on how st.u.r.dy of a foundation a person built for themselves at the Refinement Realm, their future development would also change significantly. Only by having a st.u.r.dy foundation could one progress further and faster.

Unfortunately, helping players establish a st.u.r.dy foundation in the Refinement Realm was a challenge that troubled even the various superpowers. Even Domain Realm experts lacked the ability to help Refinement Realm experts develop their foundations.

This was because everyone had bad habits, and changing these habits was incredibly challenging. Moreover, even if a person managed to get out of a bad habit, parts of it would still linger in their subconscious. Meanwhile, the only known way to get rid of bad habits right now was to have players continuously train themselves to change and get used to the Refinement Realm over a long period. However, this process involved a lot of time, and time was money for the various superpowers.

Unfortunately, the only way they could streamline this process was if someone managed to achieve G.o.dlike understanding over the Refinement Realm and developed a perfect training system. If such a perfect system existed, new players could establish a solid foundation for themselves within a short period, saving them a lot of time in training and improving.

However, according to the Secret Pavilions knowledge, no Guild in G.o.ds Domain possessed such a capability yet.


Not one Guild was capable of accomplis.h.i.+ng such a feat! Even the Five Great Super Guilds were no exception!