Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1476 - Zero Wing Arrives

Chapter 1476 - Zero Wing Arrives

Chapter 1476: Zero Wing Arrives


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1476 – Zero Wing Arrives

Apocalypse Empire, Apocalypse City, Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Residence:

As the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s main headquarters, the Residence was lively as members often came and left. At this moment, however, tension gripped the Residence’s front courtyard.

Both Pavilion Masters and their respective forces stood in the courtyard, each occupying one side with a clear divide between the two. The smell of gunpowder wafted between the forces. Most of the uninvolved Guild members were too afraid to enter the Residence.

It was common knowledge in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion that Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor were in a constant struggle for the Great Pavilion Master’s position. At this point, neither side held anything back. If players weren’t careful, they could get caught in the crossfire and die without know what killed them.

“What’s going on? Why are both Pavilion Masters here?”

“Don’t you know? I’ve heard that a Historical Site is going to open today, so they’ve gathered here before setting out. Look, some of the Guild’s more elusive experts are among them, too.”

“Our Guild’s experts aren’t the only ones here. Look at those players. They aren’t wearing our Guild’s emblem. They must be hired help.”

“I’ve heard that the Historical Site they plan to raid is particularly powerful, a Grade 1 ancient ruin. The treasures in the ruin will definitely help whichever side gets them first.”

“The Nine Heavens Pavilion’s Ninth Floor Master raided a Grade 2 Historical Site. n.o.body knows what items he found, but the Elders promoted him to Eighth Floor Master. It caused quite a commotion in the Guild. It’s no wonder why our Pavilion Masters are so desperate to compete for the ancient ruin.”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members chatted quietly as they watched the Guild’s two major factions stare each other down.

The requirements to become the next Great Pavilion Master had already been announced to the Guild as a whole. Now, all they had to do was wait and see which Pavilion Master completed the requirements first. Since they had found a Grade 1 Historical Site, the two factions would spare no effort in obtaining the First Clear. After all, this compet.i.tion over the ruin might affect the outcome on Thunder Island.

“Big Sis Rain, those people seem to be from b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise,” Blue Phoenix said, her expression darkening as she watched the several dozen players behind Nine Dragons Emperor. One thing separated these players from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members: a blood-red pattern on the back of their hands.

b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise was not a Guild, but a famous adventurer team in the virtual gaming world.

Although b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise was only an adventurer team, it had outlasted many large Guilds.

However, b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise was powerful because, to the adventurer team, strength was everything. The adventurer team had become famous in the gaming world due to its history of provoking Super Guilds. The adventurer team had even foiled these Super Guild’s attempts to eliminate the team.

b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise would do anything for money. For a high enough price, they’d even strike out against a Super Guild.

“Nine Dragons Emperor really has gone all-out.” Phoenix Rain could not help but frown as she watched a black-clad, middle-aged man chat merrily with Nine Dragons Emperor.

She was very familiar with b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise. Although it wasn’t a Super Guild, its experts were no less powerful than many of those in the various superpowers. This was especially true for the adventurer team’s current commander, Undead.

Undead had ranked 18th on the G.o.d’s Domain Experts List, but he had recently risen to rank 11. Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s old monsters were afraid of the man.

The black-clad man beside Nine Dragons Emperor was none other than the monster known as Undead.

Phoenix Rain also noticed quite a few familiar experts among her compet.i.tor’s team. Only, these great experts were not as famous as Undead.

Although she had recruited quite a few experts herself, even inviting Quiet Melody, the Vice Temple Master of the Super Guild, Sacred Temple, they were insignificant compared to Nine Dragons Emperor’s recruits. Furthermore, Quiet Melody was only helping as a good friend. Phoenix Rain hadn’t been able to borrow the Sacred Temple’s true strength.

Nine Dragons Emperor flashed Phoenix Rain a gleeful smile. He could already see the Sunset Forest’s treasure in his bags.

“Nine Dragons Pavilion Master, your opponent seems quite formidable. She’s invited quite a few exciting experts to help her,” Undead said, smiling as he glanced at the people beside Phoenix Rain.

“True, she has recruited a good number of experts, but how can any of them compare to you, Commander Undead? Your team will likely have an easy enough time defeating them,” Nine Dragons Emperor responded. He had already investigated Phoenix Rain’s allies. Only Quiet Melody and the few experts she had brought with her were worth any concern. Moreover, this was a Historical Site raid, not a PvP battle. “Once we enter the ruin, I’ll rely on you to take the lead.”

The team Undead had brought with him was leagues above Quiet Melody’s.

b.l.o.o.d.y Paradise was precisely the reason that the Nine Heavens Pavilion’s Ninth Floor Master had secured the First Clear of a Grade 2 Historical Site. On his own, the Ninth Floor Master would have failed.

“Rest a.s.sured; I’ve already collected quite a bit of information on the Sunset Forest and seen to ample preparations,” Undead stated. “However, Nine Dragons Pavilion Master, you have to fulfill your promise as soon as possible.”

“Of course.” Nine Dragons Emperor nodded.

As the Sunset Forest’s activation time approached, both sides completed the final groundwork for the raid. A Historical Site was far more dangerous than a Dungeon. Multiple team-wipes were normal. Players would also go through resources such as Stamina, Concentration, and Mana far faster than outside of the ruin. Without preparing, a team could easily waste the opportunity.

“Big Sis Rain, it’s almost time to depart, but Zero Wing isn’t here yet. Should we contact them?” Blue Phoenix asked anxiously.

Although every team entering the Historical Site would have the same amount of time, the sooner they entered the ruin, the sooner they could secure the First Clear.

Glancing at the time, Phoenix Rain noticed that they only had 15 minutes before the Sunset Forest opened.

“Alright. Give them a call,” Phoenix Rain said.

Just as Blue Phoenix pulled up her communication interface, a large group of players rode through the Residence’s entrance. The moment these people arrived, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members in their way instinctively parted to open a pat as the pressure the team radiated swept over them.

“Zero Wing?” A cold glint flashed in Nine Dragons Emperor’s eyes when he saw s.h.i.+ Feng at the head of the group.

Due to Zero Wing, the resource towns he had invested in had been destroyed. Although Zero Wing hadn’t captured the two towns, they had flattened them. They would be incredibly expensive to rebuild.

Even if he had the funds, Zero Wing could simply destroy them all over again. As a result, he had been forced to watch as those two resource towns had gone to waste.

Nine Dragons Emperor wanted nothing more than the Guild’s extermination.

“Zero Wing’s members are so high-leveled!”

“c.r.a.p! Isn’t that the Flame Witch?!”

“Look! She’s Aqua Rose! Didn’t she defeat the Shadow Dragon Legion?!”

“The Phoenix Pavilion Master is amazing! She actually hired Zero Wing’s members! The compet.i.tion for the Historical Site’s First Clear will be interesting.”

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members in the courtyard erupted into a fevered discussion as Zero Wing’s members walked into their Residence. Everyone had heard of Zero Wing’s experts.