Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1406 - Dominating Star-Moon Kingdom

Chapter 1406 - Dominating Star-Moon Kingdom

Chapter 1406: Dominating Star-Moon Kingdom


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1406 – Dominating Star-Moon Kingdom

“An Auction House?!”

“What?! Zero Wing built an Auction House as well?! Isn’t the design for it supposedly very rare?!”

“What a big Auction House! I recall that the Heaven’s Burial Auction House only has three floors. This one should have at least five!”

“Come on! Let’s go in and take a look!”

“Nice timing. I was originally planning on a trip to Red Iron Town to sell my items. Now, I can save myself the effort.”

The pa.s.sersby were momentarily stupefied by the appearance of the Advanced Auction House. For a time, they all thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

As for the Guild spies stationed in Stone Forest Town, they were utterly dumbfounded when they saw the Zero Wing Auction House.

Ever since Heaven’s Burial constructed an Auction House, the various large Guilds and superpowers had gone nuts searching for an Auction House Design of their own. Unfortunately, the design was simply too rare. Even now, there was no news of any Super Guild, or any Guild for that matter, successfully constructing another Auction House.

Shortly after the appearance of the Zero Wing Auction House, the nearby players rushed into the building.

As soon as everyone entered the Auction House, they were stupefied.

The reason for their reaction was the s.p.a.ce inside the building being much larger than what they had seen from the outside. The size of the first-floor hall alone could already rival that of a sports arena. The various decorations adorning the hall also made them feel like they had just entered a palace. The Zero Wing Auction House was much more luxurious than even the Auction Houses in most NPC cities and was only slightly inferior when compared to the Auction House in Star-Moon City.

Moreover, the Zero Wing Auction House had a total of seven floors. The first floor was meant for consigning items, the second floor for purchasing items, the third floor for bartering, the fourth floor for NPC Basic Auctions, the fifth floor for NPC Intermediate Auctions, the sixth floor for NPC Advanced Auctions, and the seventh floor for large-scale private auctions.

“Isn’t the Zero Wing Auction House a little too amazing?! There’s actually a bartering function available as well!”

“That’s nothing! There are even NPC-hosted auctions here! The Basic Auctions are held once every three days, the Intermediate Auctions are weekly, and the Advanced Auctions are every fifteen days! This is simply insane!”

“I’ve been to the Heaven’s Burial Auction House before—and it is far inferior to the Zero Wing Auction House.”

“The requirements for partic.i.p.ation in the NPC auctions are very stringent, though. Just the Basic Auction alone requires a minimum transaction amount of 150 Gold at the Zero Wing Auction House every week. Even expert players like ourselves would have difficulty meeting this requirement, let alone the 800-Gold per fifteen days and 5,000-Gold per month requirements for the Intermediate and Advanced Auctions. Zero Wing is simply too ruthless.”

“I don’t think that these requirements are high at all. Powerful adventurer teams should have no problem trading that much. If an entire adventurer team puts in the effort, it should be possible to sell 5,000 Gold’s worth of items within a month. These requirements are impossible only for individual players. In any case, it is pointless for individual players to partic.i.p.ate in the Advanced Auction since they’re too poor to afford anything there, to begin with.”

After entering the Zero Wing Auction House, everyone could not help but discuss the establishment with gusto. To independent players, bartering was undoubtedly their preferred method of carrying out transactions. The same was true for players belonging to the various adventurer teams.

Very quickly, news regarding the Zero Wing Auction House spread throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.

“What? Zero Wing actually has such an amazing Auction House?”

“This is wonderful! I have a few items I wish to barter. With this, I won’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of by the various large Guilds.”

“The Heaven’s Burial Auction House simply isn’t on the same level as the Zero Wing Auction House!”

“Hopefully, the Zero Wing Auction House’s processing fees aren’t too expensive. For the bartering function, I’m willing to pay as high as 15%.”

Posts about the Zero Wing Auction House went viral on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums, completely overshadowing the news of the Heaven’s Burial Auction House lowering its processing fees. Or to put it in another way, n.o.body was talking about the Heaven’s Burial Auction House anymore.

“How is this possible?” Daybreak Fog had a complicated expression as she read the latest report sent to her by her subordinates. At this moment, she was filled with shock, rage, and a little bit of helplessness.

The Heaven’s Burial Auction House was Red Iron Town’s foundation.

Originally, they had been prepared to use the Heaven’s Burial Auction House to put pressure on Zero Wing. Now, however, the tables were turned. With the appearance of the Zero Wing Auction House, all their previous efforts had instantly gone to waste.

Shortly after news of the Zero Wing Auction House started spreading, Red Iron Town’s player population quickly decreased by 20%. Moreover, this number was still climbing steadily.

One could not help but admit that the bartering function was simply too attractive to the majority of players.

Meanwhile, after the Zero Wing Auction House’s existence became public, Melancholic Smile followed s.h.i.+ Feng’s request, releasing an announcement that the Zero Wing Auction House would charge only a 1% processing fee on all transactions. In addition, players who became a member of the Auction House would have the processing fee for their first five items sold each day waived. Soon after, this announcement triggered another uproar on the official forums.

“Has Zero Wing lost its mind? It’s only charging such a small processing fee despite having such a great Auction House? Is Zero Wing not afraid of making a loss?”

“Such ruthlessness! Originally, I thought that Heaven’s Burial was already plenty ruthless. Turns out, Zero Wing is even more ruthless! With this, the Heaven’s Burial Auction House is definitely a goner!”

“Is Zero Wing planning on dominating Star-Moon Kingdom’s Auction Houses?”

At this moment, whether it was the independent players, adventurer teams, or large Guilds, they all could not help but gasp when they saw Zero Wing’s announcement.

Now, not only did Stone Forest Town have a teleport channel with Evernight City, but it also boasted an Auction House with a built-in bartering function. Moreover, the Auction House was charging only a 1% processing fee on all transactions. To players who frequently sold their items at Auction Houses, the Zero Wing Auction House was practically heaven. With such benefits available, players from the various NPC cities of Star-Moon Kingdom would definitely surge to Stone Forest Town.

At this rate, Zero Wing would truly dominate Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Big Sis Fog, what should we do now?” one of the players managing the Heaven’s Burial Auction House could not help but ask as she looked at Daybreak Fog.

Shortly after Zero Wing’s announcement, the number of players visiting the Heaven’s Burial Auction House had more than halved. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the establishment lost all its customers.

“Zero Wing!” Daybreak Fog practically shouted every syllable at the top of her lungs when she saw Zero Wing’s announcement.

With this, not to mention relying on the Heaven’s Burial Auction House to sustain Red Iron Town’s development, they would already be fortunate to get back their investment in the Auction House.

Aside from Heaven’s Burial’s upper echelon, the adventurer teams garrisoned in Red Iron Town were also filled with regret when they heard about the Zero Wing Auction House. So long as they remained garrisoned in Red Iron Town, they would not be able to set foot into Stone Forest Town. Like many other adventurer teams, they possessed plenty of rare items. Meanwhile, it would be a colossal waste to simply convert these rare items into Coins. However, they also did not normally have an opportunity to barter for other items, unless they were prepared to get taken advantage of.

Yet, now, despite such a good opportunity having presented itself to them, they had crushed it with their own two hands.

Meanwhile, due to the appearance of the Zero Wing Auction House, Stone Forest Town’s player population had suddenly increased by over 50%. Currently, the streets were packed with players. Among them, the visiting merchant players inundated Melancholic Smile with offers stating their willingness to sign all sorts of unbalanced agreements. Right now, she was already having trouble keeping up with the incoming calls and messages, much less do anything else.

“Guild Leader, I’ve just received the latest statistics! Currently, over 3,000 players have become a member of the Zero Wing Auction House! Moreover, this number is still rising rapidly! The transactions made at the Auction House have also far exceeded our initial expectations! Just the processing fees we’ve collected thus far have already exceeded 200 Gold!” A big smile appeared on Melancholic Smile’s face as she read through the report. Despite the Zero Wing Auction House opening for business just recently, the results were already so overwhelming. At this point, it was already safe to say that the Zero Wing Auction House would definitely surpa.s.s the Candlelight Trading Firm and Battle Arena in future income generation. “Guild Leader, it’s about time. Can we hold the auction now?”