Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1396 - Frost King

Chapter 1396 - Frost King

Chapter 1396: Frost King


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1396 – Frost King

“Guild Leader, we’ve struck gold!”

“Why are Heaven’s Burial’s weapons and equipment such high quality?”

The several core members tasked with compiling the list of the harvested weapons and equipment could not help but gasp when they saw the final numbers, excitement flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes.

In this battle, Heaven’s Burial had suffered over 10,000 casualties, and Zero Wing had lost over 300 experts.

Fortunately, they had won the battle, so they could retrieve the majority of the weapons and equipment their companions had dropped. The lost levels were the only real loss. Of course, after considering the 10,000-plus weapons and equipment Heaven’s Burial had dropped, Zero Wing had come out making a profit.

But they hadn’t expected so much profit.

Even s.h.i.+ Feng was surprised by how wealthy Heaven’s Burial’s members were as he read the item list. Overall, the quality of Heaven’s Burial’s equipment nearly rivaled Zero Wing’s. Some of Heaven’s Burial’s core experts had even better equipment than Zero Wing’s main force members.

The four Epic Weapons and Equipment pieces Heaven’s Burial’s experts had dropped was the proof of this. They had also dropped over 400 Level 40 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Normally, players only dropped one item upon death. Hence, the likelihood of a player dropping their best weapon or piece of equipment was very low, likely less than 10%.

I really underestimated Heaven’s Burial’s foundations.

s.h.i.+ Feng was inwardly astonished as he gazed at the four Epic Weapons and Equipment.

The various large Guilds had been enthusiastically collecting Epic Weapons and Equipment, but they weren’t easy to obtain. Even Grand Lord ranked Field Bosses had very low chances of dropping them. Normally, players could only obtain an Epic item from high-rank quests or opening Dark-Gold Treasure Chests.

Hence, most large Guilds had very few Epic items at this stage of the game. Even first-rate Guilds were lucky if they had five or six, yet Heaven’s Burial had dropped four such items. One could just imagine how many Epic items the Guild actually had.

What s.h.i.+ Feng didn’t know was that the majority of Heaven’s Burial’s Epic items had come from Beast Emperor, who had gone to great lengths to obtain these items for the Guild. He wanted to help Heaven’s Burial’s main force grow stronger. Unfortunately, he had only benefitted s.h.i.+ Feng.

Among the four Epic items were a single weapon and three pieces of equipment. The weapon was a greatsword meant for Berserkers called Thunder Blade. The greatsword’s Attributes were superior to Fire Dance’s Epic ranked Petrified Thorn. The other Epic items included two cloth armor pieces and a piece of plate armor. One of the cloth pieces was a headpiece called the Eye of Arnos, while the other was a set of robes named the Fluctuation Robee. Both pieces of equipment focused on increasing the user’s Basic Attributes. As for the plate piece, it was a breastplate for s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Berserkers called the Indestructible Breastplate.

With these four Epic items, his top-tier experts would have an easier time with their Tier 2 Promotion Quests.

“Quick, look! The Frost King is coming!”

While Zero Wing had rested after the battle, a commotion shook the forest some distance away from the snowy plain. Agonizing cries filled the chilly air, startling the Guild and independent players as they shuddered.

A moment later, a five-meter-tall figure burst through the trees. The figure was a frost giant in crystalline armor and wielding two frost sabers. This monster was none other than the King of the Frozen Scar, the Frost King.


[Frost King] (Elemental Creature, Mutant Grand Lord)

Level 54

HP 260,000,000/260,000,000


Everyone’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when they saw the Frost King’s stats.

“How is this possible?! The Frost King has leveled?!”

“c.r.a.p! He has 260,000,000 HP! How can a Grand Lord have so much?! He’s even tankier than a Mythic monster of the same level!”

“Why does it feel like the temperature has dropped?”

“Can a team of a thousand players really defeat a monster like that?”


Once they saw the Frost King’s stats, fear tore through the crowd. Even the various large Guilds that had come to raid this monster panicked as the Frost King’s stats were far beyond their expectations.

As the Frost King approached the ma.s.sive crowd of players, some Guild experts felt an invisible pressure weigh down their bodies.

Some Guilds began to hesitate, reconsidering the raid.

Based on their reports, they could only raid the Frost King using 1,000-man teams. If more than 1,000 players were within 1,500 yards of the Frost King, the Boss’s stats would increase substantially. The more players there were nearby, the greater the Frost King’s self-buff would be. He would very quickly grow beyond players’ capabilities.

Staring at the Frost King’s current information, however, many of these players didn’t know if it was even possible to take the monster down with only a 1,000-man team.

The pressure radiating from the Frost King was just too strong; this Boss might even be able to suppress Mythic monsters. This pressure would significantly hinder players’ combat power in a fight.

“What a powerful pressure! No wonder why Heaven’s Burial planned to use zerg tactics against him.” Purple Eye also felt the Frost King’s pressure bear down on her as it approached. However, rather than worry, excitement and antic.i.p.ation made her eyes sparkle.

Based on the prior reports, they knew that the Frost King was very powerful. As a preventive measure, the Star Alliance had dispatched over 20,000 members and intended to use the most common strategy to deal with Field Bosses—zerg tactic.

Only, the Star Alliance intended to use a tactic that was slightly different from those in other virtual reality games. Since G.o.d’s Domain’s Field Bosses grew stronger when a certain number of players was within range, it wouldn’t be wise to dispatch all of one’s forces during the raid. Instead, they would send in a limited number of players, keeping the remaining forces on standby. When someone died, they’d send in another player to the fallen player’s place. This way, a team could continue the raid with the optimum number of players, slowly whittling the Boss down.

As one of the most common strategies the various large Guilds used to raid Field Bosses, it was the reason that these Guilds preferred to kill Field Bosses over Dungeon Bosses.

If they lacked quality, they could make up for it with quant.i.ty!

Furthermore, the more powerful a monster was, the better loot it would drop.

For a horrifically powerful monster like the Frost King, needless to say, his loot would be awe-inspiring. The Frost King’s first kill would also grant access to Evernight City.

“It seems that the Frost King belongs to us this time.” When Galaxy Past saw how powerful the Frost King was, he began to laugh.

He had worried that Zero Wing would be a powerful opponent for the Star Alliance, but the Guild didn’t seem capable of raiding the Frost King at this point. Zero Wing had only sent a little over 1,000 members to the Frozen Scar. The Guild’s few reinforcements weren’t enough to take down the Frost King.

Even if Zero Wing called for more reinforcements now, the Star Alliance would’ve long since defeated the Frost King by the time those players arrived.

Suddenly, the Frost King, who was 2,000 yards away from the nearest group of players, released a low, wordless shout, and a human-like sneer appeared on his face as he stared at the players from the various Guilds. Then, he vanished. By the time he reappeared, he was less than 500 yards away from the Guilds. Since well over 1,500 players were now within range, the Frost King’s Basic Attributes instantly skyrocketed.

The Frost King raised his sabers and swept them at the players before him.

Two energy beams shot forth from the sabers, devouring the army of players. Everything in the beams’ path froze instantly. In the blink of an eye, frost covered the world in a 1,000-yard cone before the Boss. Every player caught in the attack had transformed into an ice sculpture. Even MTs who had activated their Lifesaving Skills had lost their lives. Only a few players with quick reactions and Invulnerability Skills had survived.

In just one move, the various large Guilds had suffered over 2,000 casualties…

“Impossible! How is the Frost King’s perception range so wide?!”

“How are we supposed to withstand such destructive power?!”

Everyone was astonished. The Guilds that had intended to defeat the Frost King with zerg tactics, in particular, felt faint.

Abruptly, the Frost King charged into the nearest crowd, ma.s.sacring the players. Despite so many players desperately trying to hinder and attack the Boss, the Frost King’s Movement Speed was simply too high. Not only did the mutant easily dodge the incoming attacks, but he also dealt horrific damage. With a single stroke of his saber, the Frost King could create a groove in the ground that extended for over 50 yards, killing dozens of players instantly.

Even when the occasional player’s attack struck the Frost King, they couldn’t deal more than -500 damage. The Frost King’s Defense was almost more powerful than Mythic monsters of the same level.

In contrast, the Frost King’s HP had increased to 500,000,000. Now, its battle recovery alone could heal 5,000,000 HP every five seconds…

After a short moment, the various large Guilds had been wiped out, suffering extreme losses. Only a small number of lucky players had escaped the Frost King’s wrath.

“Guild Leader, are we still going to raid it?” Purple Eye asked, her expression darkening as she watched the various large Guilds fall.

“d.a.m.n it! Why did things end up like this?!” Galaxy Past frowned as he watched the Frost King’s unstoppable rampage. The Boss had actually taken advantage of the Guilds’ plans to use zerg tactics to strengthen itself. That was simply unheard of. “Retreat! Pull away from the Boss!”

Immediately, the Star Alliance’s members fled from the battlefield, not daring to linger.

After a few more moments, only a small number of players occupied the previously crowded plains as most had fled to the Frozen Scar’s entrance.

“Everyone’s gone?” s.h.i.+ Feng muttered as he glanced at the crowd by the Dungeon’s entrance. He then swept his glance towards the Frost King, who had calmed. Smiling, he then said in the team chat, “Alright, let’s move out.”

He had guessed that this would happen. After all, even he had only dared to come this far after thorough preparation. It was only natural that the various large Guilds, which had very little understanding of Mutants, would end up like this.

Hearing s.h.i.+ Feng’s words, his Guildmates’ excitement grew. They followed after s.h.i.+ Feng and slowly approached the Frost King.

The Guilds and independent players at the entrance noticed the movement.

“What’s Zero Wing trying to do?”

“They’re insane! They’re going to fight that thing?!”