Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1392 - Hand Over Your Life

Chapter 1392 - Hand Over Your Life

Chapter 1392: Hand Over Your Life


Exodus Tales


Exodus Tales

Chapter 1392 – Hand Over Your Life

“So, this is the strength of Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild?”

“Just how high are their Attributes?! They killed MTs with over 40,000 HP in just two or three moves…”


The spectating independent players and those from the various Guilds had gooseb.u.mps as they watched equipment litter the battlefield.

In their eyes, the Star Alliance and Heaven’s Burial were only second to Zero Wing in Star-Moon Kingdom, and both were only slightly weaker than Zero Wing. However, it seemed that those a.s.sumptions had been a joke.

Although Heaven’s Burial’s 20,000 members were quite strong and were experts in the eyes of ordinary players, Zero Wing’s 1,000 members shredded these players as easily as paper dolls.

“Guild Leader, at this rate, Zero Wing will annihilate our men very quickly,” Daybreak Fog, who had taken command of the battle, reported. Her expression darkened as she watched the slaughter.

Heaven’s Burial had suffered over 4,000 casualties since the battle had begun.

Even when five or six Berserkers had changed at Zero Wing’s MTs, they had failed to block the MTs advance and lost over 10,000 HP in the attempt. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s MTs only lost around three or four thousand HP as the enemy bombarded them with spells and arrows. The majority of these MTs had blocked the attacks, further reducing the damage they received. The Guild’s healers easily kept up with the small amounts of damage.

“Zero Wing! You asked for this!” Fury burned in Singular Burial’s eyes as he watched s.h.i.+ Feng take out his healers. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he growled, “Send in Lightning Blade and Broken Flow! At worst, we’ll give up on the Frost King for now!”

“You want to use that now?” Daybreak Fog was momentarily stunned. She had never imagined that they would use their trump card to deal with Zero Wing.

“That’s right. I want to see if Black Flame can keep his composure as we murder his experts!” Singular Burial sneered.

He had to admit that Zero Wing’s army was indeed frightening. Even Heaven’s Burial had only collected 200-plus Berserk Skill Books thus far. There was no competing with Zero Wing’s 1,000-plus members. Anyone without a Berserk Skill in this battle was nothing but cannon fodder; at most, they could slow the enemy’s advance. They’d be lucky to kill 100 Zero Wing members before they were eliminated.

However, Heaven’s Burial had not been sitting on its hands.

“I’ll notify them immediately.” Daybreak Fog understood Singular Burial’s reasoning.

If they could deal a heavy blow to Zero Wing’s expert army, they could deal a blow to Zero Wing itself. After all, it was not easy to nurture experts. If those experts lost their weapons and equipment, it would take a long time to find suitable replacements.

“Blade, orders from the Guild Leader. We’re to take action,” Broken Flow said. He wetted his lips in antic.i.p.ation as he watched Zero Wing’s members approach.

“We’re actually using it against Zero Wing?” The Guardian Knight, Lightning Blade, frowned.

Suddenly, every member of Broken Flow and Lightning Blade’s 100-man expert team pulled a purplish-gold potion from their bag and drank it.

As the potion took effect, these players’ eyes became bloodshot, and their muscles bulged. Their auras also intensified. A vicious bloodl.u.s.t overtook every player.

These players promptly activated their Berserk Skills, increasing their Attributes further.

“Kill him! Teach Black Flame the meaning of despair!” Singular Burial grinned wickedly as he watched the expert team rushed to meet Zero Wing’s army.

After their previous fight with the Frost King, they had realized how powerful the Mutant Grand Lord really was. There was a reason that they had dared to return and challenge the Frost King once more.

The Secret Potential Potion Broken Flow and his team had just consumed was precisely that reason. This potion had been crafted from an ancient recipe they had found in an ancient ruin. Unfortunately, as the recipe required extremely rare and valuable materials, with each attempt to brew the potion costing over 20 Gold, they had only produced a little over 100 bottles.

When consumed, the Secret Potential Potion increased the user’s Strength by 120% and other Basic Attributes by 60% for five minutes. Although the duration was short, the potion had no side-effects. Moreover, its effects would stack with Berserk Skills.

When combining the Secret Potential Potion with a Berserk Skill, the results rivaled peak Twofold Berserk state.

Although Broken Flow’s team had only 100 members, every one of their Attributes was nearly on par with a Great Lord of the same level. This was why Singular Burial had dared to challenge the Frost King again. Unfortunately, he had been forced to use this trump card to teach Zero Wing a lesson.


The Level 44 Berserker, Broken Flow, used Charge and arrived in the midst of Zero Wing’s army. Tightening his grip on his greatsword, he executed Whirlwind Slash. Immediately, a storm brewed within a 12-yard radius, sending eight Zero Wing members flying. One s.h.i.+eld Warrior that failed to defend himself in time instantly lost over 30,000 HP.

The other experts from Heaven’s Burial joined the charge, penetrating Zero Wing’s army like a sharp blade. As the two forces met, these players forced the enemy a.s.sault to a halt, pus.h.i.+ng back and kill Zero Wing’s s.h.i.+eld Warriors and Guardian Knights leading the army.

“c.r.a.p, are these players from Heaven’s Burial monsters?”

“They’ve dealt over -30,000 damage in a single attack… Even a Level 40 MT couldn’t survive such a hit.”

“It’s no wonder why Heaven’s Burial dared to provoke Zero Wing. If Zero Wing’s members don’t have anything else in store, Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man expert team may take them down.”

The spectating players stared in shock as Heaven’s Burial’s expert team stopped Zero Wing’s progress. Zero Wing’s members had displayed astonis.h.i.+ng Attributes, yet Heaven’s Burial’s experts were stronger.

In a single exchange, Zero Wing had suffered dozens of casualties. The difference between the forces was clear.


“Guild Leader, I’m fairly sure that the potion Broken Flow and his men just used is the Secret Potential Potion the Secret Pavilion’s report mentioned. Based on the report, Heaven’s Burial had only gotten its hands on a little over 100 bottles after a lot of effort. Now that they’ve used this potion against Zero Wing, they must intend to give up on raiding the Frost King,” Purple Eye commented when she saw Heaven’s Burial turn the tides of battle. Smiling faintly, she said, “Zero Wing is in trouble. If this battle were in a jungle, they could buy some time until the potion’s duration ends, but they don’t have that option here.”

Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial’s mutual destruction would be the best possible outcome for the Star Alliance.

Although that wasn’t likely, Heaven’s Burial had dropped from the contest for the Frost King’s first kill.

“Black Flame has underestimated Heaven’s Burial. After all is said and done, Heaven’s Burial rose to its position in such a short amount of time. Why wouldn’t it have a few trump cards? However, we’ll have to thank Zero Wing for this. If not for Zero Wing, we wouldn’t have seen this trump card,” Galaxy Past chuckled. “Purple, tell Red Feather and the others to prepare. Once Heaven’s Burial’s Berserk Skills run out, send them into the fight.”

“Guild Leader, rest a.s.sured. We’ll collect the weapons and equipment they drop,” Purple Eye said, giggling.


Back in the battlefield, the tables had turned on Zero Wing, and they began to retreat to buy as much time as possible. After all, Power of Darkness had a very long duration. Ordinary Berserk Skills were no match for it. If they could endure until Heaven’s Burial’s Berserk Skills ended, they could reclaim the fight.

Suddenly, s.h.i.+ Feng turned his attention towards the enemy’s 100-man expert team.

Heaven’s Burial’s trump card had surprised him. If not dealt with properly, Zero Wing could lose this fight.

“Black Flame, you dare face me?! I’ll take your head!” After killing a Level 45 Berserker, Broken Flow s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards s.h.i.+ Feng as the man charged for him. Grinning, he led a dozen or so players to surround s.h.i.+ Feng.