Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1205 - Kingdom Transformation

Chapter 1205 - Kingdom Transformation

Chapter 1205: Kingdom Transformation





Chapter 1205 – Kingdom Transformation

The Golden Stigmata was originally a tool for s.h.i.+ Feng to search for the Seven Treasures.

Previously, when he went to Lake Heart City, a clue relating to one of the Seven Treasures had appeared. However, the signal had been brief, disappearing after a moment. Fortunately, he had already gotten a lock on the NPC wielding that treasure.

Only, as Countess Katie Green was too powerful for s.h.i.+ Feng right now, he did not want to alert the NPC any more than he already had.

Since entering G.o.d’s Domain, s.h.i.+ Feng had already been to quite a few places. However, he had managed to find only one clue relating to the Seven Treasures so far. Despite that, the instant he touched the Soul Orb, it had actually triggered a reaction from the Golden Stigmata. How could he not get excited over this?

This was also the reason behind s.h.i.+ Feng’s decision to give up on entering Demon Island for now and return to White River City first.

After all, the Soul Orb was an item that dropped upon death. The ancient ruins on Demon Island were extremely dangerous. With the Demon G.o.d’s aura causing the monsters on the island to go berserk, the risk of death was simply too high right now. It was much better if he returned to White River City for the time being.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng said his goodbyes to Pa.s.sing Monarch and agreed to meet up with him tomorrow at the Sea’s End.

Meanwhile, on Demon Island, the black-clad Ranger Chen Xu, who had just met up with Brute Spear’s group, nearly had his eyes fall out of their sockets when he saw Brute Spear sending off s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

“Boss Brute, are you letting them go, just like that?” Chen Xu could not believe this was true. “We lost a lot of men to them.”

As Demons, they lost three levels each time they died. Just the number of Flower of Seven Sins members killed by s.h.i.+ Feng alone numbered over 70. If their superiors were to find out about this, they would no doubt receive severe punishment. After all, turning ordinary players into Demons was not an easy task.

“We can only consider ourselves unlucky this time,” Brute Spear replied.

“Boss Brute, even you weren’t able to defeat them?!” Chen Xu asked in shock.

Brute Spear was a peak expert in the Flower of Seven Sins. Moreover, every one of the five others in the Berserker’s party was stronger than Chen Xu. They should be more than capable of dealing with s.h.i.+ Feng, whose Berserk Skill was on Cooldown. Moreover, Brute Spear had already been enn.o.bled into a Baron Demon. In terms of overall strength, he could already be considered a Tier 2 player. How could he possibly not be a match for s.h.i.+ Feng?

Brute Spear turned around and asked, “Do you know who that peak expert is?”

Chen Xu shook his head in response. s.h.i.+ Feng had been wearing a Black Cloak the entire time. Hence, Chen Xu had failed to discern any information about the Swordsman. Pinpointing his ident.i.ty through his cla.s.s was also impossible. After all, there were just too many Swordsman experts in G.o.d’s Domain. Not to mention, many of the Swordsman experts that entered G.o.d’s Domain were not that famous.

“He is Frost Eye!” Brute Spear smiled bitterly.

“What?! That’s the guy the higher-ups have been searching for all this time?!” Chen Xu could not help his surprise.

Ordinary players might not be familiar with Frost Eye, but he was a famous existence among the superpowers of G.o.d’s Domain. Even the old monsters of the Flower of Seven Sins had praised him endlessly, wis.h.i.+ng to recruit him into the organization.

“No wonder he was so strong!”

When Chen Xu recalled the scene where s.h.i.+ Feng had instantly killed Hammer and the others, he found the idea plausible. After all, Frost Eye was someone capable of the upper echelon of a Super Guild right in the middle of the Guild’s main headquarters and even getting away safely. It would be a piece of cake for someone like that to kill experts of Hammer’s standards.

“Alright, go inform the higher-ups. Tell them that I already have a way to make contact with Frost Eye. Also, send in a detailed report regarding the previous battle. As for the matter regarding Demon Island, the rest of us will handle it,” Brute Spear commanded.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

After returning, s.h.i.+ Feng immediately noticed that the atmosphere within the city had become slightly tense.

“Those Red Players are simply too arrogant! They actually dare take action within NPC towns now! Thanks to that, the loot my team got from the Boss we killed is all gone!”

“Your team is simply too careless. However, after the new expansion pack was implemented, the Dark Guilds and Red Players have indeed become more proactive. Several other teams have likewise gotten ambushed and suffered severe losses.”

“I wonder which b.a.s.t.a.r.d triggered this expansion pack. I heard that the other kingdoms and empires are in similar situations. New dark towns and cities have also been popping up one after another throughout G.o.d’s Domain, allowing Red Players to exchange for many nice items there.”

“Exchange items?”

“That’s right. Although the exchange rates are very fraudulent, requiring three Secret-Silver Weapons to exchange for one Secret-Silver Weapon or Equipment of the same level, the exchanged weapons and equipment are more suited to oneself. Some normal players have even begun commissioning Dark Guilds and Red Players to help exchange items for them now.”

“Isn’t that awesome? Our team has many weapons and equipment we can’t use. Rather than sell them for money, it will be much better to exchange for items that are more appropriate for us.”

“Do you really think it’s that easy? So far, the only place that has such an exchange center in Star-Moon Kingdom is Evernight City as the only dark NPC city within the kingdom. Those who aren’t Red or Dark Players are prohibited entry. Moreover, if you want to exchange for high-ranking weapons and equipment, you’ll need to have enough Reputation with the city as well as fulfill certain conditions. Ordinary Red Players can exchange for Bronze Weapons and Equipment at best. I heard that only Dark Players can exchange for Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment.”

“It seems we’ll have to be more careful in the future. Now that these Dark Guilds and Red Players have such a convenient source for items, they will surely become more proactive in the future.”

“That’s right. Currently, some NPC towns are no longer safe from Red Players. I don’t know what kind of item those Red Players have managed to get, but they’re actually able to evade detection by NPC guards for a short time. Unless they’re standing very near an NPC guard, the latter won’t sense them at all.”

Many independent teams and players were discussing the recent expansion pack and its consequences in the open-air bar of White River City’s Teleportation Hall, and they were unanimous in hating the new expansion pack.

Initially, the range of activity of Dark Players was not particularly large. After the implementation of the new expansion pack, however, new dark towns appeared in the vicinity of the various NPC cities. Moreover, these dark towns were all very powerful. The NPCs ruling them were usually above Level 100—existences that current players couldn’t go up against. As a result, this situation immediately expanded the range of activities of Dark Players significantly.

They’ve begun moving already?

s.h.i.+ Feng had never imagined that these Dark Players would take action so quickly.

While the Demon G.o.d’s Disturbance expansion pack was indeed a blessing to Dark Players and somewhat of a disadvantage to ordinary adventurer players, it wasn’t as though the expansion pack was a pure liability to adventurer players. Adventurer players similarly had a way to benefit from this expansion pack: crusades!

Along with the rise of the dark forces, many Dark NPCs that had previously hidden themselves would become active. As these NPCs were considered enemies of normal players, normal players could kill them without suffering any repercussions.

As long as players managed to kill these NPCs, aside from being able to obtain weapons and equipment just like the loot from a Boss, there was also a certain chance for these NPCs to drop Seven Luminaries Crystals, an extremely valuable item to both players and NPCs. Unlike Field Bosses, some powerful NPCs would collect Seven Luminaries Crystals.

This source of Seven Luminaries Crystals could also be considered the greatest reward to normal players from this new expansion pack.

After s.h.i.+ Feng was done eavesdropping on the conversations of other players, he returned to the Candlelight Trading Firm and entered a Special Forging Room before carefully taking out the Soul Orb.

“Please don’t disappoint me.” s.h.i.+ Feng then activated Omniscient Eyes on the Soul Orb. Omniscient Eyes was one of the two Active Skills of the Golden Stigmata, and it allowed one to see through everything and discover certain things that were not visible on the surface.