Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1179 - General Trend

Chapter 1179 - General Trend

Chapter 1179: General Trend





Chapter 1179 – General Trend

“Big Sis Rain, what happened?” Blue Phoenix asked when she noticed the strange expression on Phoenix Rain’s face.

“I just received news stating that Zero Wing already has a 3-star Guild Residence now,” Phoenix Rain said enviously. “With this, Zero Wing is now the undisputed number one Guild of Star-Moon Kingdom.”

Blue Phoenix was momentarily stunned when she heard this. Quickly, she reacted and said, “How is this possible?! Didn’t they say that 3-star Guild Residence Promotion Orders can only be obtained from the h.e.l.l Mode of Level 50 large-scale Team Dungeons?”

Although there was only a single rank separating a 3-star Guild Residence and a 2-star Guild Residence, there was a qualitative difference between the two. It was similar to Shops that were promoted from 2-star to 3-star status. For 3-star Shops, aside from having more Special Workshops, they also had the Basic Meditation Rooms that were very beneficial towards the development of In the case of a 3-star Guild Residence, the Guild would receive a qualitative improvement on all its existing benefits. A 3-star Guild Residence would also be capable of constructing buildings that were not available to 2-star Guild Residences.

Among them, there were two buildings of particularly significant importance.

One of them was the Employment Center.

Originally, the local NPCs would post quests in the quest area of the Guild Hall, and Guild players were free to pick up any of them.

Meanwhile, once a Guild established its own Employment Center, all quests commissioned to the Guild in the future would be placed in the Employment Center instead. In addition, the Guild Quests in the Employment Center weren’t only limited to the local area. Certain quests would even involve other NPC cities, which would give rise to the number of advanced Guild Quests.

However, these were still not the most important matters.

Once a Guild possessed its own Employment Center, it would also unlock large-scale Guild Quests such as a crusade against Orcs, or a.s.sisting nearby kingdoms in battles against foreign races. The amount of EXP and Coins one could gain from these quests was extraordinary. In addition, one could also obtain plenty of rare tools, weapons, and equipment.

The other building was the Training Room.

Unlike the Divine Colosseum’s Trial Tower, which required players to blindly discover and learn combat techniques, the Training Room allowed players to receive the system’s basic combat training from NPCs. This allowed players that had just joined the Guild to grasp basic combat techniques, as well as Skill-utilization techniques, within a shorter period of time. Thus allowing them to quickly go from being a new member to an elite member more quickly.

It should be known that Zero Wing was a Guild that walked the path of the elite. Currently, the Guild only had around 100,000 elite members. Over half of its members had yet to reach the elite standard. However, once Zero Wing possessed the Training Room, the remaining members would be able to promptly become elites. It wouldn’t be long before Zero Wing would have more than 200,000 elite members.

With so many elite players, even first-rate Guilds would barely be a match for Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, this was under the a.s.sumption that Zero Wing did not expand and recruit new members. If the Guild did a ma.s.s-recruitment, Phoenix Rain did not dare to imagine how frightening the Guild would become.

However, unlike Phoenix Rain, who was feeling envious of Zero Wing, the large Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom and the neighboring kingdoms were currently dying from anxiety.

Previously, although Zero Wing was known as the number one Guild of Star-Moon Kingdom, that was only a t.i.tle. Rather than Zero Wing, these large Guilds feared first-rate Guilds even more. This was because with the number of elite and ordinary members Zero Wing possessed the Guild would only be able to occupy a limited number of locations in the kingdom. Now, however, things were different. Now that the Guild had obtained a 3-star Guild Residence, whether it was the Guild’s elite member count or total member count, both would see an explosive increase soon. By then, Zero Wing would have enough manpower to occupy other NPC cities and capture more towns. Eventually, it would become a first-rate Guild in the truest sense.

“d.a.m.n it! How did this happen?!”

“Why did Zero Wing suddenly obtain a 3-star Residence?!”


The various large Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom were each suffering from a huge headache over this matter.

Previously, they had been celebrating over the fact that Zero Wing had defeated the Blackwater Guild. After all, with Blackwater having suffered such severe losses, it was unable to expand its influence and control over the various major cities at all. Meanwhile, in Zero Wing’s case, the Guild did not have the required manpower to dominate and manage other NPC cities. This had given them an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Ever since the war between Blackwater and Zero Wing, various locations in Star-Moon Kingdom had become war zones, as the various large Guilds all vied to take control of their own NPC city.

However, the current situation had greatly exceeded the numerous large Guilds’ expectations.


Inside Overwhelming Smile’s Residence in Maple City…

Due to Zero Wing obtaining a 3-star Guild Residence, Overwhelming Smile was forced to hold an emergency meeting.

“Youlan, are you trying to betray Overwhelming Smile?” Feng Xuanyang screamed angrily as he smacked his desk.

Just now, Youlan had actually had his subordinates transfer from Gale City and Twin Lion City to a border city on Star-Moon Kingdom’s western area. He had gone to great lengths in order to get Gale City and Twin Lion City up and running. Yet, shortly after he had built up some of his own foundations, without any warnings, Youlan had suddenly come and told him to go to a border city. Moreover, the city was a small one with a player population of around only 300,000. This was no different than stabbing a knife into his heart.

“This can’t be helped. I believe you should have a greater understanding than I do on what kind of functions a 3-star Residence possesses. Gale City and Twin Lion City are simply too close to White River City. Rather than waste time fighting against Zero Wing, it will be much better for you to focus your strength in a place that you can take complete control over.

“Furthermore, it is simply impossible to stop Zero Wing’s rise now. The higher-ups have already agreed on this point. Hence, they are having you go to a city on the western border. That place is very close to the Bloodhoof Empire. Currently, we have already taken control of over half of the empire. In the future, when players reach higher levels, we’ll be able to open a trade route between the Bloodhoof Empire and Star-Moon Kingdom.

Youlan was not affected by Feng Xuanyang’s angry bellows at all. In reality, she even secretly felt grat.i.tude towards Zero Wing.

Due to Zero Wing’s Residence getting promoted to 3-star status this time, Underworld had finally decided to give up on taking control of Star-Moon Kingdom and instead s.h.i.+fted to secretly developing its economy. Meanwhile, Youlan herself was transferred to Underworld’s true headquarters, the Templar Empire, and was tasked with managing Underworld’s trading firm. She could be considered to have truly set foot into Underworld’s upper echelon now.

When Feng Xuanyang heard that this was an arrangement made by the higher-ups, his whole person seemed to age several years.

It was obvious that Underworld no longer wished to waste time attempting to take control of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Meanwhile, aside from Overwhelming Smile, the various large Guilds based in the eastern region of Star-Moon Kingdom had also made similar arrangements. They all planned on s.h.i.+fting their focus towards the western region of the kingdom. As for the eastern region, they were naturally going to let Zero Wing develop it.


“Hahaha! The Guild Leader is simply too amazing! He’s actually managed to have the various Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom s.h.i.+ft their focus towards the western region in just a short moment’s time. With this, Zero Wing will have a much easier time taking control of the cities in the eastern region!”

Aqua Rose, who had just exited the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, was greatly excited when she received news of the latest developments.

Originally, she had planned for Zero Wing to gradually whittle away at the various large Guilds based in the eastern region of Star-Moon Kingdom before eventually taking control of the cities here.

However, the instant s.h.i.+ Feng revealed the 3-star Guild Residence, these various large Guilds all took the initiative to withdraw their forces without putting up a fight.


Inside an NPC town within the vicinity of Star-Moon City…

Currently, this town had already been occupied by Evil Beasts. The town’s surroundings were filled with Level 60-plus Evil Beasts. Among them, there was no lack of Chieftain and Lord ranked monsters. Meanwhile, the town itself was also enveloped by a ma.s.sive magic array, which gave off a frightening pressure. If s.h.i.+ Feng was here right now, he would definitely find this pressure very familiar. This was due to the pressure being emitted by the magic array having a strand of Divine Might mixed into it.

Meanwhile, two players suddenly appeared outside this town. These two people were none other than Abandoned Wave and Laughing Drunkard.

“Zero Wing, enjoy your fun while you can.”

When Abandoned Wave received the report regarding Zero Wing, a cold smile appeared on his face. He then walked into the town enveloped by the ma.s.sive magic array.