Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1174 - Legacy Secured

Chapter 1174 - Legacy Secured

Chapter 1174: Legacy Secured





Chapter 1174 – Legacy Secured

Borrow 200,000 crystals and return 300,000?

Phoenix Rain wore a surprised expression as she stared at s.h.i.+ Feng on the screen. She felt as if she were getting to know the man for the first time.

A first-rate Guild was already considered quite wealthy if they had a stockpile of 60,000 to 70,000 Magic Crystals.

Yet, s.h.i.+ Feng wanted to borrow 200,000 Magic Crystals right off the bat. Moreover, he intended to return them with a 50% interest. This was twice as high as the market interest rate.

Magic Crystals were not Coins. It was impossible to purchase Magic Crystals in bulk on the market. Guilds could only purchase a small amount from Workshops or adventurer teams. Aside from that, Guilds had to rely on their own members to raid Dungeons and collect them gradually.

In Phoenix Rain’s opinion, although Zero Wing owned a goldmine like Stone Forest Town and business in the town’s Battle Arena was booming, it was impossible for Zero Wing to earn 300,000 Magic Crystals within five days, yet all she saw when she looked into s.h.i.+ Feng’s eyes was confidence and serenity.

“Do you intend to bid for the Bronze Tablet?” Phoenix Rain could not help but ask.

“That’s right.” s.h.i.+ Feng did not try hiding it. After all, it was easy to guess with a moment of thought.

Seeing s.h.i.+ Feng’s serious expression, Phoenix Rain shook her head. Chuckling, she said, “I advise you to give that thought up. Even if I lend you 200,000 crystals, you won’t outcompete them.”

While 350,000 Magic Crystals was an astronomical sum to even the best first-rate Guild, the Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds that had come prepared had not yet reached their limit.

In her opinion, Zero Wing must’ve earned a lot of Magic Crystals in the earlier compet.i.tion. With the Guild’s stockpile, they should roughly have around 180,000 or 190,000 Magic Crystals. Even if s.h.i.+ Feng borrowed 200,000 crystals, he would only have 390,000 Magic Crystals or so. There was simply no way to compete against the other superpowers.

By her estimates, they would only have a chance of securing the Secret Spellcasting Technique if they had 420,000 Magic Crystals.

If possible, Phoenix Rain wanted to borrow 180,000 Magic Crystals from s.h.i.+ Feng. After including her own 250,000 Magic Crystals, she might have a chance at competing against the other Guilds. However, she still needed to make preparations for Thunder Island, so if she did borrow the Magic Crystals, she wouldn’t be able to return it within a short time.

“I still have 260,000 Magic Crystals. After including your 200,000, I think I’ll have enough.” s.h.i.+ Feng understood what Phoenix Rain was trying to say. Smiling, he continued, “If it truly is impossible, I can only admit defeat.”

Four hundred thousand Magic Crystals should be the various superpower’s limit. Even if they had more, it wouldn’t be too far from that number.

While a Bronze Tablet was inferior to a Silver Tablet, it had a much lower entry requirement.

Silver Tablets required players to be capable of drawing Intermediate Magic Arrays. Bronze Tablets only required players to be capable of drawing Basic Magic Arrays. As for Golden Tablets, s.h.i.+ Feng a.s.sumed that players would be required to draw Advanced Magic Arrays to enter.

Even someone like himself, who was quite familiar with magic arrays, could not draw an Advanced Magic Array. Even if he obtained a Golden Tablet, it would be nothing more than a paperweight. On the other hand, if he had a Bronze Tablet, his Guild members could use it.

Hence, obtaining a Bronze Tablet was very important to Zero Wing right now. Even if he was not certain he could win the bid, he needed to try.

“Two hundred and sixty thousand? You have that many?” Phoenix Rain gasped. She never thought that Zero Wing would have even more Magic Crystals than her. Immediately, her lips curled into a smile as she said, “Let’s do it like this: I’ll lend you 250,000 crystals. I won’t ask for any interest, either. Just pay me back in full in five days. However, I want ten slots to enter the Bronze Tablet. We’ll split the slots into two months, with five people entering each session.”

Secret Technique Tablets could only be used once a month. Even if she obtained one, she would only enter it once. A player would reap the most benefits from a Secret Technique Tablet during their first entry. Afterward, a player would gain less with each subsequent visit. The tablets’ greatest advantage was that players could use it repeatedly.

She had bid for the Bronze Tablet mainly to improve her strength before the contest on Thunder Island began. She did not particularly care about the benefits she could obtain during subsequent entries.

“Deal.” s.h.i.+ Feng agreed without hesitation.

The Secret Spellcasting Technique was intended for magical cla.s.s players. Throughout Zero Wing, there were only a few magical cla.s.s experts qualified to enter the Bronze Tablet. Ten slots over two months would be enough.

Following which, both sides quickly signed a contract. Phoenix Rain then had Blue Phoenix deliver the Magic Crystals to s.h.i.+ Feng.

While this was happening, the Secret Spellcasting Technique’s price had risen to 394,000 Magic Crystals. The various large Guilds in the first-floor hall were astounded.

Although they had long since known that their Guilds were no match for super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds, they had not realized that the gap would be this ma.s.sive.

“d.a.m.n it! Just who is competing against me!?” Thousand Miles bellowed as he glared at two other rooms.

Currently, the tablet’s price neared his limit, yet Hidden Soul and Yuan Tiexin showed no signs of giving up. Yet, Hidden Soul and Yuan Tiexin still showed no signs of giving up.

After taking a look at the Magic Crystals in his bag, Thousand Miles shouted, “Four hundred thousand crystals!”

“Four hundred and four thousand crystals!” Hidden Soul declared, maintaining her calm composure.

“Interesting.” At this moment, Yuan Tiexin laughed and yelled, “Four hundred and ten thousand crystals!”

Immediately, the auction hall became a battlefield for these three people, the atmosphere growing extraordinarily chilly.

“Four hundred and forty thousand crystals!”

Thousand Miles no longer planned on holding back as he directly raised the price by 30,000 Magic Crystals. He hoped to scare Hidden Soul and Yuan Tiexin off.

“Uncle Yuan, the price is already at 440,000 crystals. This is far above the tablet’s actual value,” Purple Jade said.

The Secret Technique Tablet would ma.s.sively benefit players. However, the Secret Spellcasting Technique was only Bronze rank. In reality, a tablet for that technique should only be worth around 300,000 Magic Crystals. It was simply not worth 440,000 Magic Crystals.

“I understand,” Yuan Tiexin said. He had simply bid 410,000 to probe his opponents’ limits.

In another room, Hidden Soul frowned.

Let’s give it another try. If it really isn’t possible, I can only give up.

Hidden Soul also felt that the price was a little too high. Immediately, she shouted, “Four hundred and forty-four thousand crystals!”

“d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it all! Why hasn’t he given up?! We are already at 440,000!” Thousand Miles burned with rage.

If not for Miracle already having a tablet for the Secret Spellcasting Technique, he wouldn’t be willing to pay the astronomical price of 440,000 Magic Crystals. However, the Guild Leader had told him to go all-out for the Secret Spellcasting Technique. Hence, he had no choice; he even had to bleed his own stash.

“This must be that guy’s limit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have risen the price by just 4,000 crystals.” Even the Witch of the West herself was slightly anxious.

“Four hundred and fifty thousand crystals!” Thousand Miles decided to give it one last try. This was also his limit.

The moment Thousand Miles called out his bid, the venue fell deathly silent.

“Just when is he going to reach his limit?! Are Magic Crystals really that easy to obtain?!” The various Guild upper echelons in the first-floor hall lost their minds over this situation. Was such desperation really necessary for this stone tablet?

Hah… It seems I can only give up.

Hidden Soul smiled bitterly as she shook her head. She had never imagined that, despite bringing so many Magic Crystals with her, she would walk away empty-handed at the end of the day. If she had known this would happen, she would’ve purchased the Magic Knight Legacy.

Seconds ticked by. The auctioneer grew nervous on the stage. However, even after a long moment, no word came from Hidden Soul’s room.

“Four hundred and fifty-four thousand crystals!”

However, just as Thousand Miles thought that his opponent had given up, a new bid echoed from Hidden Soul’s room.

“How is this possible?!” Thousand Miles bellowed.

He simply could not believe this. Hidden Soul had been silent for so long, yet she had placed a new bid?

However, Thousand Miles had nothing more to bet. He had no choice but to watch as the auctioneer’s gavel descended again and again.

As the gavel descended for the third time…

The auction hall exploded with noise!