Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1166 - Asura Becomes Famous

Chapter 1166 - Asura Becomes Famous

Chapter 1166: Asura Becomes Famous





Chapter 1166 – Asura Becomes Famous

Only after the system announcement did the audience react.

“The compet.i.tion…. It’s over, just like that?”

“This is ridiculous! The Asura Battle Team has achieved another complete victory!”

After these three matches, everyone finally understood what high-level PvP truly meant. The duels today were on a whole different level compared to the PvP battles they fought before. Particularly, the experts of first- and second-rate Guilds were so excited that they had forgotten to breathe as they watched the match between Miracle Dragon and Gentle Snow.

However, they all had to admit that this compet.i.tion had completely exceeded their expectations.

Before the compet.i.tion had begun, almost no one had believed that the Asura Battle Team could achieve victory, much less a complete victory. After all, the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s strength was simply overwhelming.

Meanwhile, this upset had also caused many people to cry out in anguish. They all regretted not betting on the Asura Battle Team’s complete victory.

That was a one-to-nine payout rate they were talking about!

If they had wagered all of their Guilds’ resources, the returns would be unimaginable. After all, every player capable of entering the Dark Arena had extraordinary origins. It would not be difficult to collect several hundred pieces of excellent equipment, rare tools, and materials. If they had won the bet, they would earn back several thousand items. Just the thought gave them s.h.i.+vers.

After the compet.i.tion ended, the Asura Battle Team had officially been added to the various superpowers’ list of targets.

After Miracle Dragon left the stage, Alice walked up to him and asked in a soft, but serious, tone, “Miracle, you’re the face of the Guild. Why didn’t you go all out?”

She knew full well how powerful Miracle Dragon was.

Others might not, but she had seen his strength with her own eyes.

Miracle Dragon’s Six Extreme Slashes was far from his true power.

When Miracle Dragon activated his Berserk Skill, he could execute Nine Extreme Slashes. Although there was only a difference of three attacks, he could have defeated Gentle Snow, yet the Swordsman had not done so. As a result, the Evil Dragon Battle Team had lost the compet.i.tion. In addition, this wounded the Guild’s reputation.

“You think too highly of me. Although I did conserve my strength, do you think Gentle Snow wasn’t doing the same?” Miracle Dragon could not help but turn to the Asura Battle Team’s Snow G.o.ddess. Shaking his head, he smiled bitterly as he said, “Don’t forget, she, too, possesses a peak cla.s.s. Rather than exposing my Nine Extreme Slashes and forcing Gentle Snow to use her Twofold Berserk in return, we’d benefit more if I saved that trump card for Thunder Island. Don’t forget; Thunder Island is our Guild’s true target.”

Hearing Miracle Dragon’s explanation, Alice understood.

While everyone believed that the strongest aspect of peak was the lack of shortcomings, in reality, the true power of peak was their ability to use Twofold Berserk. In fact, she hadn’t bothered to use Twofold Berserk against s.h.i.+ Feng and Violet Cloud because she wanted to surprise the various Super Guilds in the contest for Thunder Island.

Thinking up to this point, Alice s.h.i.+fted her gaze to s.h.i.+ Feng, her expression tensing.

Could he possess a peak cla.s.s as well?

Alice suddenly recalled the scene when s.h.i.+ Feng had sliced apart the Flame Monarch’s fireb.a.l.l.s. s.h.i.+ Feng definitely had not achieved that feat simply by relying on a single Berserk Skill. After all, he was only a Tier 1 player, not Tier 2.

If this was true…

Then Zero Wing really was terrifying.

Despite being an upstart Guild in a small kingdom, Zero Wing had two players that wielded Peak Legacies. Even Miracle couldn’t say the same.

“They won?” Inside a VIP room, Purple Jade’s eyes burned with fighting spirit and frustration as she looked at Gentle Snow.

Originally, her goal was to defeat the Sword Freak Miracle Dragon. Now, however, Gentle Snow had defeated that old monster, and she was only a few years older than Purple Jade. Moreover, Gentle Snow had never experienced any superpower’s system training. This realization wounded Purple Jade’s pride.

However, it also rekindled her hope.

At the very least, she now knew that someone from the younger generation could defeat Miracle Dragon with a sword.

“Zero Wing is truly an interesting Guild. They keep surprising everyone.” As Yuan Tiexin watched s.h.i.+ Feng, he recalled his first meeting with the young man. The youth, who hadn’t been worth mentioning, had grown into an expert that even he feared. It really made him wonder if he were getting old. “Jade, let’s go. The Dark Arena’s auction is likely about to start. We need to send our items over.”

Purple Jade nodded in response. She then followed Yuan Tiexin and left the VIP room.

In another VIP room, Nine Dragons Emperor was extremely pale. He paled further when he noticed Phoenix Rain’s grin. Although the woman hadn’t said anything, he felt as if she had plunged a knife into his heart.

Miracle! That bunch of tras.h.!.+ They made me lose so many resources!

Although he had mentioned that he had only bet a small amount of unimportant resources on the Evil Dragon Battle Team, in reality, he had wagered plenty of excellent weapons and equipment. Among them, there were over 50 pieces of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment…

Currently, even independent expert players were only around Level 39 or Level 40.

Despite the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion frequently mobilizing their members to kill Field Bosses of higher levels, they had a very small stock of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment.

Yet, he had lost over 50 pieces in the blink of an eye.

With 50 Level 40 Dark-Gold items, he could easily employ ten peak experts.

However, what annoyed him the most was the fact that Phoenix Rain had made a fortune.

Just the thought of Phoenix Rain gaining the equivalent of nine Epic mage robes was enough to drive him mad.

“We’re leaving!”

Without speaking to Phoenix Rain, Nine Dragons Emperor stormed out of the room with Martial Dragon.

“Hahaha! Big Sis Rain, Zero Wing is simply amazing! They actually achieved a complete victory against the Evil Dragon Battle Team! Not only have we earned a fortune from out bet, but we also got a huge haul from the compet.i.tion’s total bets! With this, we won’t have to worry about needing resources for the compet.i.tion on Thunder Island!” Blue Phoenix exclaimed excitedly after Nine Dragons Emperor had left the room.

“We have indeed won this time. However, the contest on Thunder Island is key,” Phoenix Rain said, smiling faintly.

This victory was only secondary to her.

What truly impressed Phoenix Rain was the strength that Zero Wing had displayed today. With the resources she had obtained today, they definitely had a chance of occupying two monster encampments.

However, inside another VIP room, when Abandoned Wave saw the Asura Battle Team win, he started to laugh like a lunatic.

“I’ll let you celebrate for now. Soon, however, you will fall from heaven straight into h.e.l.l.” Abandoned Wave wore a sinister smile as he watched s.h.i.+ Feng and the others.

However, as Abandoned Wave was about to leave the room, he suddenly noticed a familiar figure in the Asura Battle Team’s rest area.

This person was none other than the commander of Miracle’s Purgatory Legion, Thousand Miles.

Thousand Miles showed no anger over the Evil Dragon Battle Team’s loss. On the contrary, he wore a friendly smile as he approached Gentle Snow.

Abandoned Wave was shocked.

Every time he had spoken with Thousand Miles, the man wore an indifferent expression. Thousand Miles didn’t respect him at all, yet the man smiled at Gentle Snow. No matter how Abandoned Wave looked at it, he found it odd.

“h.e.l.lo, I am Thousand Miles, a Vice Guild Leader in Miracle. I watched the entire compet.i.tion, and I have to admit that your performance was dazzling. May I ask if you would be interested in joining Miracle?

“If you are, I guarantee you that you’ll immediately be elevated to the position of Guild Elder and will be promoted to vice commander in the Purgatory Legion. In the future, you might even become a Vice Guild Leader.”