Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1136 - High-end Building

Chapter 1136 - High-end Building

Chapter 1136: High-end Building





Chapter 1136 – High-end Building

s.h.i.+ Feng was dazed as he stared at the ancient bottle in his hand.

He had to admit that time could erode everything.

The gla.s.s bottle storing the Small Sailboat was extremely high quality, crafted of Epic ranked materials. However, the bottle had been in this Armory since the Great Ancient War. After so much time, even Epic materials would start to disintegrate.

As a result, s.h.i.+ Feng could only see the Small Sailboat’s information. He couldn’t actually use it…

[Hurricane Sailboat] (Small Sailboat, Mysterious-Iron Rank)

Maximum capacity: 150 people

Durability 1,000/1,000

Item storage when liberated: 8,000 bag s.p.a.ce slots and 100 non-bag s.p.a.ce slots.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Triple s.h.i.+eld: Absorbs up to 1,300,000 damage for 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Double Destruction Cannon: 2,000-yard range. Deals divine damage to a radius of 20 yards.

Cooldown: 1 minute

(Four cannons are currently equipped. Up to six cannons can be equipped.)

Additional Active Skill 3-

Hurricane Frost Field: Reduce the Movement Speed of all lifeforms and objects outside of the Hurricane Sailboat within a radius of 200 yards for 4 minutes.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Each activation costs 60 Magic Crystals.

Additional Active Skill 4-

Mana Conversion: Converts Mana into motion, increasing Movement Speed by 40%. Every 10 Magic Crystals consumed extends duration by 20 minutes.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill-

Braving the Winds and Waves: When sailing with the wind, Movement Speed increased by 50%. When sailing against the wind, Movement Speed is unaffected.

The Hurricane Sailboat has been severely damaged and cannot be used. Must repair the boat’s divine ruins before use.

It seems I’ll have to get Burning Abyss to fix it.

s.h.i.+ Feng sighed as he stored the Hurricane Sailboat.

The Hurricane Sailboat was no less valuable than a Fragmented Legendary item. It was even more valuable than the Swift Dragon Speedboat.

The sailboat was especially valuable right now.

Sailboats were very large. Not only could they partic.i.p.ate in naval combat, but they were also transportation tools.

Transporting cargo over sea was much faster and more convenient than on land. More importantly, transportation across the sea was much safer. This was especially true for the current G.o.d’s Domain.

Naval combat was different from combat on land. While players’ role in these battles was important, the s.h.i.+p they used was the more so.

In G.o.d’s Domain, a Mysterious-Iron Small Sailboat’ combat power made it practically invincible among current Guilds. The sailboat could even deal with troublesome sea monsters.

After storing the Hurricane Sailboat, s.h.i.+ Feng s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards the designs.

Although the designs were somewhat damaged due to the pa.s.sing of time, s.h.i.+ Feng could discern their information.

Four Towers of Elements!

When s.h.i.+ Feng saw these words, he froze.

“So, this is the famous Four Towers of Elements!” s.h.i.+ Feng’s eyes glowed with excitement as he examined the designs, nearly losing his grip on the papers.

While the Four Towers of Elements’ name seemed ordinary, in the various libraries around G.o.d’s Domain, it was also known as the Elemental Towers. The Four Towers of Elements was a defensive structure that combined four towers that harnessed the power of the four major elements: earth, water, wind, and fire.

If the Mana Tower was considered a mainstream defensive building, the Four Towers of Elements was a high-end defensive building.

However, in the past, he had only seen these towers in Super Guilds’ main headquarters. He had never heard of a lesser Guild owning one. In fact, only Super Guilds had known where to obtain them.

However, looking back at it now, s.h.i.+ Feng felt that those Super Guilds might’ve obtained the designs in the Fallen Ark. Either that, or the Midnight Tea Party had sold the designs to Super Guilds after obtaining them. Otherwise, the Four Towers of Elements would not have been so rare in the past.

s.h.i.+ Feng finally understood why the Main G.o.d System had activated the Mind s.p.a.ce System.

It turned out that it was because he was about to obtain the Four Towers of Elements.

As a high-end building, ordinary players could not construct the Four Towers of Elements. Only those who had learned the relevant could build them. Moreover, the relevant subcla.s.s requirements were exceptionally high. At the very least, one needed to reach the Advanced rank.

With this, I won’t have any issues defending the city.

s.h.i.+ Feng could not help but grin at the designs.

There were a total of four designs, the complete design for the Four Towers of Elements. With these designs, in addition to the Lifestyle players the Candlelight Trading Firm had already nurtured, he could definitely construct the towers.

Thinking up to this point, s.h.i.+ Feng began reading the list of required construction materials. This way, he could prepare.

“What?! These towers require Seven Luminaries Crystals?!”

s.h.i.+ Feng grew somewhat faint after glancing through the materials.

If the towers simply needed a few Seven Luminaries Crystals, he could have dealt with that. However, each tower required ten units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Constructing the entire set would cost him forty units of Seven Luminaries Crystal…

Constructing these four towers cost more than constructing an entire city.

In G.o.d’s Domain, one unit of Seven Luminaries Crystal was roughly the size of an adult’s fist. Generally, one only came across 0.1 to 0.3 units of a Seven Luminaries Crystal. One-tenth of a Seven Luminaries Crystal would sell to NPC merchants for around three to four hundred Gold. If sold to players, some had even offered 1,000 Gold in the past. However, even at such a price, n.o.body had been willing to sell their crystals.

If s.h.i.+ Feng invested forty units in his own Mind s.p.a.ce, he could increase it by forty cubic meters. This was enough s.p.a.ce for one person to live in.

Even though he knew of many areas where he could collect Seven Luminaries Crystals right now, collecting so many in such a short time wouldn’t be easy.

Suddenly, Fire Dance came online. When she noticed s.h.i.+ Feng’s sour expression, she asked curiously, “Guild Leader, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. He had no intentions of revealing the Four Towers of Elements.

The Four Towers of Elements were of the utmost importance. There wasn’t much benefit in revealing the information. Rather than letting everyone worry about the matter, it was better that they focus on what they needed to do right now.

Shortly after, Aqua Rose also logged in. Immediately, she turned to s.h.i.+ Feng and asked anxiously, “Guild Leader, what was on the stone altar?”

“A Small Sailboat,” s.h.i.+ Feng said. He then shared the Hurricane Sailboat’s information in the team chat for everyone to see.

Those that had just come online and saw the Hurricane Sailboat’s information were stupefied.

Although they weren’t very familiar with naval matters, they could, more or less tell, how powerful the Hurricane Sailboat was by its Skills.

The Hurricane Sailboat was practically a moving turret. If the four Double Destruction Cannons were lined up and fired together, their killing power would be absolutely terrifying. If the Hurricane Sailboat could be used on land, it would be invincible, not to mention at sea.

“Guild Leader, with this sailboat, we can start developing in a coastal city. With this sailboat and our resources, we’ll definitely get our own share of the pie,” Gentle Snow suggested after reading the Hurricane Sailboat’s details.

“That’s right. Guild Leader, the various large Guilds have already secured most of the available resources on land. We have to waste a lot of time and effort to contest for those resources. We might as well s.h.i.+ft a portion of our focus to the sea. There are not many cities out at sea, so the various Guilds are slow in developing their maritime strength. There are still a lot of locations free of Guilds’ control. With this Small Sailboat, we can definitely compete with the Guilds current in coastal cities.” Aqua Rose very much agreed with Gentle Snow’s proposal.

Both Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow were members of the Guild’s management team. They possessed far more information than others. The two of them had also considered the problem of the Guild’s future development. There were simply too few resources available on land, and it was time-consuming to contest for more. As for the sea, not only were its resources abundant, but the majority of the various large Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain were in the same situation as Zero Wing when it came to compet.i.tion at sea. Most Guilds were just starting to move towards the ocean at this stage of the game. One could say that they were all at the same starting point right now.

Zero Wing’s acquisition of the Mysterious-Iron Small Sailboat gave it a significant advantage over the other Guilds. Zero Wing could easily suppress their compet.i.tion’s fis.h.i.+ng boats and speedboats.