Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1052 - War Approaches

Chapter 1052 - War Approaches

Chapter 1052: War Approaches





Chapter 1052 – War Approaches

Yuan Tiexin had antic.i.p.ated seeing an expression of fear on s.h.i.+ Feng’s face after his explanation.

However, even after some time had pa.s.sed, s.h.i.+ Feng’s expression remained unchanged.

“Aren’t you worried about Stone Forest Town’s safety?” Yuan Tiexin asked. “You should know that Black Ridge Town is only a short distance away from Stone Forest Town. If those monsters take action, they need only ten hours or so to gather at Stone Forest Town’s entrance.

“With the strength of those monsters in addition to Blackwater’s various experts, it is impossible for you to hold them off without Level 150 guards, using just the Defense Turrets you’ve built. I believe you also know that the attacks of those turrets are very easy to see through—and are short-range. At long distances, elite players will be able to avoid their attacks. Not to mention, even the most inferior of those monsters possesses the standards of elite players. The turrets will pose practically no danger to those monsters whatsoever. You should understand what those monsters are capable of.

“If Blackwater takes action now, Stone Forest Town has no chance of winning!

“If Zero Wing sells the Magic Tower Design to our Secret Pavilion, we can provide you with a kingdom with a very safe environment to develop in. It will be enough to let Zero Wing recover back to its peak within a short time. Right now, the longer you delay your decision, the greater the losses you will suffer.

“Hopefully, Zero Wing makes a decision soon. If you wish to negotiate the conditions, contact us at any time.”

Following which, Yuan Tiexin left the VIP room together with Purple Jade.

In Yuan Tiexin’s opinion, s.h.i.+ Feng could not make a decision on such an important matter. The youth definitely needed to discuss things with that mysterious Guild Leader of Zero Wing, Black Flame.

“Uncle Yuan, has Pantheon really joined hands with Blackwater?” Purple Jade could not help but ask.

Pantheon was a bona fide Super Guild. If it had indeed entered into an alliance with Blackwater, Zero Wing would have no chance of victory whatsoever in the upcoming war.

Although Zero Wing had a lot of powerful experts for an upstart Guild, in front of Pantheon, a Guild whose history spanned several decades, that number of experts was not worth mentioning.

The war this time would be different from when Zero Wing went up against the Star Alliance’s elite army and the experts of the Flower of Seven Sins.

Previously, Zero Wing’s weapon of war had caught the Star Alliance’s army by surprise. The Star Alliance’s elite army had no way at all of defending against it.

Currently, Pantheon could easily annihilate Zero Wing’s experts by dispatching any one of its core legions. Moreover, Pantheon’s resources were far superior to the Star Alliance’s. The Super Guild would have no problem taking out a few weapons of war.

In fact, just recently, Pantheon had relied on weapons of war to take down a town heavily protected by the dark forces, instantly establis.h.i.+ng its position in an empire.

Right now, Zero Wing’s future was like a mirage that could disappear at any time.

“This information has already been confirmed. As long as Blackwater starts moving, Pantheon will dispatch three of its core legions to support Blackwater. If Zero Wing doesn’t come to a decision in time, it will suffer even greater losses later on,” Yuan Tiexin said, nodding. “Hopefully, Zero Wing decides as soon as possible.”


“It seems I’ve truly underestimated the Blackwater Corporation.” s.h.i.+ Feng revealed a bitter smile as he scrutinized the information from Yuan Tiexin several more times.

Not to mention the current Blackwater Corporation, even in the past, despite the corporation having had such a late start in G.o.d’s Domain, it had still managed to develop a Super Guild within a short time.

Moreover, he never imagined that Pantheon would actually stick a hand in Star-Moon Kingdom’s business.

With Zero Wing’s current state, the Guild truly did not possess many means of retaliation. It could only rely on the Magic Tower to defend Stone Forest Town now. However, defending against so many monsters was impossible with just a single Magic Tower.

Fortunately, the situation was still salvageable.

At the very least, he had found out the Blackwater Corporation’s trump card in advance. Even if Blackwater decided to take action right this instant, its armies would need over ten hours to reach Stone Forest Town.

Following which, s.h.i.+ Feng contacted Melancholic Smile and instructed, “Melancholic, have everyone return to the Candlelight Trading Firm right now. I have something that I need you all to do.”

“But, Guild Leader, we still have quite a lot of time remaining. It would be a huge waste if we return now,” Melancholic Smile argued, reluctance written her face.

Living in t.i.tan City felt like heaven. Their technical skills improved significantly every day. Advanced Lifestyle players also emerged in their group one after another. It would truly be a huge loss to leave the Holy City before their time was up.

“Relax. You all still have chances to visit there in the future. Hurry up and have everyone return.” s.h.i.+ Feng could very much understand what was going through Melancholic Smile’s mind.

However, they were in a race against time. In any case, he had the evolved Holy City’s Emblem. There would be many more chances to send players to t.i.tan City.

“Really?!” Melancholic Smile immediately revealed an ecstatic expression. “Alright, I’ll notify the others right away!”

After s.h.i.+ Feng was done dealing with matters on Melancholic Smile’s side, he immediately instructed Aqua Rose to begin collecting the building materials needed for the Magic Tower. As for the necessary funds, he had her sell off the Lands near the teleportation house.

Although the value of those Lands had yet peak, he had purchased them very cheaply back then. Once they all sold, he should be able to earn over 10,000 Gold at the very least.

After s.h.i.+ Feng left the Blue Moon High-cla.s.s Bar, he rushed to the Battle Arena without hesitation.

As advanced NPCs were responsible for the entire management of the Battle Arena right now, the income of the establishment was stored inside the Battle Arena itself. If he wanted to use the funds, he had to make a personal trip there to collect them.

Currently, the Battle Arena was crowded with players. From afar, s.h.i.+ Feng could see many players surging into the building. Due to this scene, he suspected that had he not made the Battle Arena large enough back then, the structure might really have burst apart by now.

After s.h.i.+ Feng entered the Battle Arena, he noticed that the establishment’s original interior layout and decorations had transformed beyond recognition. The place looked nothing like when he had first constructed it. The splendid scene was reminiscent of the Auction House in the kingdom’s capital. Many window counters dotted the first-floor hall with a sweet and beautiful clerk manning each counter.

Among these window counters were some specialized ones that catered only to members. Members of the Battle Arena could simply use these empty counters to register for a combat room instead of braving the absurdly long lines at the regular counters.

s.h.i.+ Feng did not stop on the first floor. Instead, he headed directly to the fifth floor.

The fifth floor of the Battle Arena housed not only combat halls and personal rooms for tournament winners but also a warehouse and meeting room controlled by the NPC managers. These places were off-limits to outsiders and ordinary NPCs.

After entering the warehouse, s.h.i.+ Feng turned towards Cook, the middle-aged man currently taking account inside the warehouse, and asked, “How is the operation of the Battle Arena coming along?”

Cook had 78 points in Wisdom. Among the ten advanced managers s.h.i.+ Feng hired, Cook had the second highest Wisdom. In terms of management capabilities, he was superior to even Aqua Rose. For example, he had negotiated the prices for the interior decoration of the Battle Arena all by himself. In the end, the NPC managed to outfit the Battle Arena with the most luxurious decorations using the least amount of money in the shortest possible time. If this task had been left to players to handle, they would have needed more than two days to achieve similar results.